Wednesday, 27 May 2020


this will be short as I have bashed myself up a bit and waiting for 111 to call me back..

It's time for WOYWW though and desk sharing time

had another play at the weekend, this time with the chickens

Will try and add to this later...  I' m ok though don't panic.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

WOYWW 572 - happy birthday to us

We made it to another anniversary - who'd have thought when Julia started this weekly blog hop with a simple question - "What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday" that we'd still be meeting, sharing and enabling after 11 years - 572 weeks later!

We normally celebrate by swapping atcs but with the Covid 19 pandemic still rife, and causing havoc with daily life, Julia thought it best not to over-burden the postal services.  Instead she set a challenge - find and finish a project - a UFO or as some like to call them, an unfinished symphony.

Well I showed you a canvas I had a couple of Christmasses ago, that hadn't been touched.  I doubted that I would a) want to do it; b) start it or c) finish it....

Well ye (and me) of little faith...

I had some better photos saved on the computer but blogger won't add them!

That was Saturday afternoon - I used my Pitt Artist pens (indian ink)  which I love, and need some more colours!

Although I don't really enjoy colouring per se, I did have a couple of fun hours doing this, you were all right!

I was on a bit of a roll then and on Sunday had a play in my journal
for some reason blogger won't preview the photos that are stored in my google photos file but will actually add them - hopefully when I publish this you will be able to see them too!
I had hoped to add some more photos but can't persuade blogger to play  nicely so will leave it at that!

Happy WOYWW to us all and especial thanks  to Julia for keeping it going all this time, and to everyone who has taken part, shared desks (11 years on and I am STILL on the floor...)  and enabled* week by week...
*light bulb moment... I have enabling for you..
chickens!  I haven't used any of these yet - maybe by next week.
where was I...  thanks to the friendships, both real and virtual and the support and the encouragement

See you next week for the start of year 12! 

Wednesday, 13 May 2020


Time to meet for another WOYWW - week 571, the week before the 11th anniversary of this wonderful weekly desk sharing event.  Julia has all the details and link here. 
Instead of swapping atcs like we usually do, we aren't doing that this year, so we don't overload the postal service as they have enough to do.
Instead, Julia suggested we dig out a UFO (or in my case a project I haven't even started) and finish it by next week...

I am dithering (as usual)  and dug out this canvas picture that needs colouring...
it was a Christmas present a couple of years ago ...

dithering because I am not sure whether to use paints, pens or markers..

dithering because I am not really keen on colouring...

You also see my masks that arrived from Annie which are gorgeous.
I just need to adjust the elastic a little as they're a bit loose

So that is my very unproductive desk this week... haven't been in a crafty mood this week.

I haven't been taking daily exercise, but I do walk to the bedroom window to check out the sunsets...

these were Tuesday night.

there have been some great skies.

Come back next week to see whether I even start the picture let alone finish it!

Till then I hope you are all staying safe and keeping well or recovering if you've been ill.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020


Morning deskers... Another Wednesday, another day in lockdown... Time to share our crafty spaces once again with Julia and the gang at the Stamping-Ground... 

Thank you all for your sympathy over the phone mis-hap!  Luckily:

all is fixed and working!

I am sure you're not surprised that my screen saver is Kew!

also, the goodies arrived last week too...

and I used one of them on a birthday card
(I know,another one!)

 I made a background using Seth's stamps for Paperartsy (most of them are his mini designs, but the cross is from the big set )

and then added some die cut flowers

I need to get this written and in the post in the next few days

Julia is also thinking about the WOYWW 11th anniversary - her post here 
in case you missed it has some ideas.

Now to find a project to work on!

Till next week, happy WOYWW, stay safe! 

Wednesday, 29 April 2020


I am running out of witty ways to start my lockdown WOYWW posts... Like so many of you I haven't been "out" for weeks - 19th March is when I started working from home and once a week shopping....

Let's just jump straight in, it is Wednesday and the day of the week where we share our crafty spaces with Julia at the Stamping-Ground and our friends....

I had an accident on Saturday.... I was heading outside to sit and read and enjoy a cup of tea....
I managed to drop my phone.... at the time of writing  - I am waiting for the local phone repair outlet - which is fortunately open as it doubles as a vape shop - to get a new screen in - it's due in today  Hopefully that will cure it (at the moment I can't get the screen to turn on although I can hear notifications and things so it's not completely wrecked .....)

I made a couple of birthday cards for some friends in early May which I've got in the post ahead of time due to delays that are understandably experienced and I am going to take a risk and share them here as although they are both crafters, they aren't deskers... and so probably won't see this.

I used as the background the painty masterboard I had made some weeks ago

I am still waiting for my crafty goodies too, that I ordered the weekend before last..  although as I am prepping this ahead of time I may be able to edit this post!   They are on the way so sat in a sorting office somewhere I suppose...

Continue to stay safe, stay home and save lives... we mustn't give up now. I do enjoy the photos of the walks some of you (us) have been able to enjoy - and  am every envious of the beautiful places you live... it just isn't pretty round here!!  But don't stop sharing them.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020


Another week in lockdown has flown - had the total of one hour out of the house (for food shopping) and hardly any time spent crafting.   
It's time for another WOYWW though - the day of the week when it is time to share our crafty spaces..

I did get a quick journal page done though - background with Neocolour II crayons and sone stencilled leaves.

then I added a couple of images - the birds are by JoFY and the "monster" by Elena for Paperartsy
the text is a Dina Wakley stamp

one day last week whilst I was having my short lunch break I found the postman had been - a lovely card from our lovely Julia

It fair cheered me up! 

and that's about it for me this week - some enabling has been done - I watched a Facebook Live on Saturday evening (or it may have been Sunday, who knows!)  and an order is being prepared... hopefully it wil be here for next week's desk sharing! 

See you all soon - sending virtual hugs to you all and hope you are staying safe (and recovering to those who are poorly) 

Wednesday, 15 April 2020


It's time for our weekly meet up at Julia's for WOYWW  where we share our desks (floors)  and what's kept us sane in the last week of lockdown...
obviously the new goodies arrived during Wednesday but I saved them to share today...

You may have seen on FB that I have put some of them to use already over the long Easter weekend..

another Kew themed virtual walk

I also spent some more time enjoying the warm weather responsibly (stay at home, save lives)
it's a one brick-width wall but just about room to lie down!

I also enjoyed the shadows of my Philadelphus (mock orange) on my book as I was reading it

Back to work (home-working)  now so no more time to sit and enjoy the outside (and it's got colder too)  or day long crafting when I want to - but it was good whilst it lasted..

hopefully next week I'll have something else to share (craftwise, not been shopping !)

Take care, stay safe and happy WOYWW

Monday, 13 April 2020

more journal pages

In between sitting on the garden wall reading and enjoying the sunshine,  I have been carrying on in my new journal

Pages still inspired by Kew (and using some new stamps)  and a more random page.
this first one reminded me of the tulips buried in the grass under the cherry trees

(seen here with the Chihuly last year)

I added some words later

then I wanted to do one with the new JoFY stamps

both of the above I have shared on FB so apologies if you've already seen them

This one however hasn't yet! 

 I started it yesterday ((Easter Sunday)  adding scrapes of purple paints (Frescos of course)

and added some stencilling with archival ink
 then some more stamping this morning
 and the big JoFY flower outline

I added a touch of purple pen (Ecoline) inside the outlines
and some words -  these are from a Lin Brown set but I used the big "dream" from the JoFY set, trimming off the rest of that sentiment -
it felt important that we dream big for tomorrow! (or the next day, or post-lockdown

thanks for looking

Stay home, stay safe, save lives.

Friday, 10 April 2020

Lockdown journalling - Kew - Virtually!

I read something online somewhere (facebook I think, but who knows, everything blurs into one)  that suggested if you are having trouble sleeping to take a virtual walk in a favourite place.

I tried it the night before last and again last night (no prizes for guessing where...)  and it really worked.

As I drifted off to sleep last night, I thought, I must journal that.... so I have!

 I took some of the newer blue and green Paperartsy Fresco paints  (they haven't made it into the storage boxes yet so were easy to grab)

and "painted " a sky and grass
I stamped some branches (Lost Coast Designs)  in Peat Moss archival ink

 and added some wildflower/grasses  - mixture of stamps by Lin Brown for Paperartsy and Lynne Moncrieff for That's Crafty -  and archival inks in Dandelion, Peat Moss, Olive,  and Warm Breeze by Versafine
 I wrote on my page to remind me what this is about...
 added a delicate background script (Lin Brown for PA)  in Watering Can

and some splatters

So maybe today will be a Good Friday after all, even if I can only visit Kew in this way!

Wednesday, 8 April 2020


Well here we are again,  Wednesday and time for our desk sharing fun -day with the WOYWW gang .  Although I will be working so I'll catch up later...

Last weekend the weather was lovely (and people are still going out and congregating; the idiots)  but I did have an hour sitting on the wall outside (no chairs I can move outside)  reading a book... Jan might recognise it

it's my comfort read series, my  Desert Island Discs books...
I have read and re-read them so many times

ignore the hair, it needs cutting and re-colouring!  going to be a long 3 months!

a bit later on I cracked open the new journal.

 no real ideas, but I had to have something to show you today

So I played with the hares.. 

do you want a close up?

Since then, Paperartsy have started another new release of some stamps...
I "might" have ordered the new JoFY stamps and stencils which are on the way to me...  and I really like the Seth Apter stamps that were launched today (writing this Tuesday evening)
So far I've held off those...

That's it for me today - the new stash may be here by next week, delivery allowing ...see you soon and STAY HOME STAY SAFE 

Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Morning deskers and time to gather for another week's virtual gathering of like minded (read nosy) people - sharing our crafty spaces.  Julia is our fabulous host at the Stamping-Ground 
Lockdowns and self isolation don't stop WOYWWers having a good time.

Having said that, I had a real "down day" on Sunday but pulled myself together and created a journal page - see post below this (here)  

this was the page I made -
and I did feel better once I'd done it.

Not had time (ha ha, what a comedian - I  should say not MADE time) for anything else since... must get into crafting in the evenings again, after all the constant news specials/corvid updates on tv and radio ae doing my head in,  and no sport should mean I can crack on.... we'll see what next week brings shall we!

Hope you are all keeping well and following the guidelines and staying safe.  Sending you all a virtual hug. 

Just realised that today is 1st April.. well this is one April Fool we could do without... It would also have been (divorce apart)  my wedding anniversary!  (don't ask, it's a very long and now boring story!) 
Depending on how little of my "lunch break" I take, I'll visit some of you then and catch the rest later. 

Sunday, 29 March 2020

A journal page - Freedom Is a State of Mind

So we're on our second weekend of lockdown in the UK and after a week working from home and no-one much to talk to,  and the clocks going forward last night, it seemed a very "down" day today.

I forced myself to play in my journal though,  the square one again

 I didn't prep the page with gesso or anything, just took some of Courtney's new stamps from Paperartsy. and Versafine Clair inks in Monarch and Warm Breeze
 I stencilled some circles (a Finnabair stencil for Prima) in Cloud Fresco  and outlined them with black pen (no photo)

Sat and listened to "The Archers" omnibus on the radio before just going back to it again a few minutes ago...
Took a sillhouette stencil (Donna Downey)  and sponged with the Monarch ink over the background.

Rummaged for a sentiment - found a perfect one (Finnabair cling stamps, set is called Don't forget to fly)

outlined the pages with the same ink and a touch of black.

Thanks for looking - I do feel less miserable now!

Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Welcome to our weekly desk sharing - WOYWW.... and what a difference a week makes!

My desk today is a little different....

like so many others, working from home.   Far from ideal - need to do something about this if it is going on as long as feared... but at least it's a good job I held onto those two big boot boxes (you know how I love my boots!)  they make a reasonable surface to rest the work computer on...

The height is still not right though but we'll see...  I also did something weird to the camera setting on my phone and it now looks a little weird..

The weekend saw me finally clearing the old computer of the table (only been 2 years) and .... dusting..  and I cleared away a towering box of "scraps"  from in front of the tv... in doing so I uncovered something I knew I had kept ....recognise this LLJ and Julia?

the sign from the first WOYWW crop I attended.... (format of this photo is still how it should be!) 

I also got my childhood panda out for a cuddle, figured he'd been in the drawer under the bed long enough!   some of you saw him on FB on my mother's day post. (he's on the floor in the bedroom now, social distancing!!) 

I also stamped the giraffe stamp onto the green stripes I'd laid down in my journal... that being the sum total of the crafting since last week - just not in the mood!

all this spare time at the weekend (no Kew,  no football)  and I can't get into crafting...

Anyway, stay safe, stay home, and happy WOYWW .. I'll be round to visit when I "finish work"  (at least I'm home quick!)

try and have a good week and see you soon!

Wednesday, 18 March 2020


Welcome to a little spot of normality in a seemingly fast disintegrating world.... I'm not in isolation yet or working from home (but plans are being made so we can if need be)  but I am banging my head against a brick wall at the selfishness of some (lots of) people hoarding and clearing the shelves in the supermarkets.... I get we are all worried but really!! 

Anyhow, as I say, a spot of normality... it's Wednesday so it's time for WOYWW (what's on your workdesk? Wednesday)  head to Julia's for the link up (hopefully her internet issues are resolved for this week) 
No enabling this week but I did try out my new green Fresco paints... in my square journal (not broken open the new A5 sized one yet, suddenly not in the mood lol) 

I had intended to do something on top of this tonight (writing Tuesday evening as usual)  but here it is, plain and unadorned! 

I paid what will probably be my last visit for a fair while to Kew on Saturday... pics here - make the most of them!  For the time being they are staying open apart from buildings and structures but I guess that may change too if things get as bad as predicted. 

I'll leave you with some blossom to  brighten your day

happy WOYWW!