Wednesday 31 May 2023


 Good morning deskers,  tis Wednesday once more, and time to share our crafty spaces... join us at the Stamping-Ground   (Julia, your atc hasn't turned up in case you think I'm being rude not acknowledging it!  ) 

My space this week is somewhat uninspiring...all I have is some new stencils to share,  that came at the weekend.

and some new collage tissue.   

I haven't even taken them out of the packets to look at them but the tissue which is all alphabet based, is sure to be a favourite!

I had a couple of days out  over the Bank Holiday weekend,  Kew of course on Saturday  -  so much colour now, and it was delightful..  

carnivorous plants in the sunshine (through windows)
and the laburnum arch

then on Monday I went to the Tower of London - partly to see the re-imagined display of the Crown Jewels (no photography allowed)  but mainly to see the Moat and this year's Superbloom - wildflowers and that really did not disappoint!   I did put a post  on Facebook but managed to delete the link to the blog  - oops! (I have edited it since) 

they are intending to keep this going in the moat and they are learning about wildflower development , there were so many poppies, and loads of cornflowers.

thanks for visiting, I'll try and have some actual crafting to share next week!  

Wednesday 24 May 2023


 Welcome back, deskers, it's WOYWW time again and atc reveal time!  

The letter box has been busy this week.  lots of happy mail dropping through from the anniversary swap.

top left - Christine  top right Mary Anne - with extra bits and bobs!  I spent ages playing with Mary Anne's atc which is a multi-way atc and can be viewed in many ways. 

bottom is from Angela, Felix Crafty Cat
top is Cindy

bottom left is Kyla,  bottom right is Caro

top left BJ   top right, Tracy

bottom left Sarah   bottom right Diana  

and these are all from Lyn (Spyder) who sent some of last year's too.  

I have lost track of whether I have received all my swaps, so there may be more to come! 

I think you'll agree that everyone made some fabulous atcs this year.
to finish, Kew -  Saturday was a fabulous day (with my new phone which I didn't drop !  )
just one Kew pic to tempt you to the blog this week as there are lots of atcs.

Thanks for looking and happy WOYWW 

Wednesday 17 May 2023

WOYWW 728 - happy anniversary to us!

 Hello lovely people.  the time has come to celebrate our 14th anniversary of WOYWW, dreamt up by Julia to nose at people's crafty spaces...  14 years, 728 weeks later, here we still are!  

I forgot to photograph all  the atc's I'd made for the swap until most of them were sealed in envelopes and winging their way to recipients...
Just a few left, waiting for swaps - one for my partner (unless that happens to be one I've already despatched) and 3 spares if anyone would like.  

I found my badges and the WOYWW stand that Mr D made for us a long time ago...
I had some early mail too - Annie and Jo, Jan and Lynne.  

Jan, your envelope had come unstuck at some stage so I hope nothing is missing.  

I feel bad now for not sending anything with my atcs, just the plain atc...

If you read my post from Kew at the weekend  (or happened to see my FB comment)  you will know I had a bit of a disaster ... 

suffice to say, I now have a new phone as the "dry it out in a bag of rice" trick didn't work... yes, reader, it fell out of my jeans pocket (where I never put it!)  into the loo...... and promptly died..

Kew was lovely though!! 

what does What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday mean?  

14 years of desk snooping, enabling, sharing, caring and friendships made - loved ones lost too, sadly,  ... Julia, you can never know how much it means to us all that you keep this going (and with much more manageable numbers, truth be told than in days gone by)  but we are real friends now, thanks to you - and to Jan -  for getting us together at the early crops (I still have the floor  sign you made for me) - all the chatting, all the cakes (oh boy, the cakes!) and the hugs ; even some crafting... Thank you, thank you thank you.

thank goodness for FB photos!  I couldn't find a photo in the blog report of the first crop. 

Happy WOYWW one and all!  


Wednesday 10 May 2023


 Hello deskers!  time to join Julia at the Stamping-Ground for another WOYWW - just a week to go before the anniversary.  My atcs are ready and I still have some to swap. 

Did you watch the Coronation?  Wasn't it fabulous? We really do know how to put on a good show.  Beautiful music, costumes, bling, and the procession afterwards back to Buckingham Palace - what a sight! How the mounted musicians manage to ride and play whilst steering the horses with their feet, leaves me in awe!

But,  you're here to see a desk... or some crafting....

I made up a couple of birthday cards with the images from last week - this one is in the post -   

had to cut a bit off so it fitted the card blank - I remembered why I rarely use this gorgeous image now -   and added some splatters, because, why not...
the smaller image, was layered up.. and then didn't have a pre-made blank so had to go through the boxes of card to find a piece of blue card...

needless to say I now don't have an envelope to fit....

hey ho!  


My Kew day at the weekend, was Sunday - at least I didn't get wet -  

I do love an iris!  

Thanks for looking (hopefully this will save, my internet has been a bit iffy whilst writing this and keeps telling me it is failing to save..) 

I'll be round to see your desks soon.  

Happy WOYWW  

Wednesday 3 May 2023


Welcome back, one and all.  It's Wednesday again which can mean only one thing... time to share all our creativity in the last week with Julia at the Stamping-Ground...  well that won't take long!

I spent both Saurday and bank holiday Monday mornings at Kew (Monday saw the return of the members 8am early opening, which you probably remember from previous years I love, despite getting up at 5 am for...)  So an extra visit was made! 

I did stamp some images for a possible birthday card - did some heat embossing, for the first time in yonks  - although it turns out my black ink pad needs re-inking (don't have it's re-inker...) so didn't work very I swapped to a juicier deep blue pad... 

just need to turn them into a birthday card now! or 3, maybe 

I did finish the green/blue one I shared last time, but realise I've posted it without taking a picture of the final image .. ah well!

so, to the Kew bit... Saturday - glorious sun and blue sky - on this post  and Monday - grey and cooler - on this one 

several of you probably saw some of the peeks on FB or the posts already - thank you.

from Monday

from sunny Saturday!

Now don't all faint, but I'm not going to Kew this coming Saturday.

I will go on Sunday though, after enjoying the King's Coronation on Saturday (on TV, obviously, not actually there!).  It just isn't the same if you don't watch it live.  

Thanks for dropping by and I'll see you soon.