Wednesday 25 October 2023


 Welcome deskers. Wednesday again, time for WOYWW   

I did some more layers to last week's journal pages.  (not finished, needs a title or a quote.

Around the neon circles I'd done last week I added some stencilling  - paints this time, Sky and Heather.  and stamped some little dots in black and white (which is gesso)  I found one of Dina's stamps that was slightly curved so it would fit round the circles.  Shame I didn't have one that curled the other way round for the top layer of circles! 

The journal is Dina's small square kraft journal, BJ; I've never handmade a journal ! 

I've ordered the 4 sets of new stamps that Dina launched on Monday.... so they should be here for next week's desk!

Kew on Saturday was.... wet.  Not, luckily as wet as Scotland or most of the rest of the country... I feel so sorry for all those people who've been flooded out.  

water literally dripping of the berries

I love this path when it's been raining hard, the puddles show such gorgeous reflections of the Temperate House

I don't think this coming Saturday will be quite as wet... but it's still forecast to be  wet 

Jan, I think 3 years till I get my state pension.  Am hoping I might be able to stop working before then though!  

Thanks for looking, and I'll catch up with you soon.  Happy WOYWW  

Wednesday 18 October 2023


 Another week has gone in a flash and it's time again for WOYWW.  


I did stamp out some Christmas sentiments for trimming and adding to the images from last week - once I cut them down!

I decided to do some in coloured ink to tone with the colours in the masterboards that I'll be cutting up, although mostly I stamped in black. 

I also started playing in the small kraft journal 

I cut some circles from a sheet of collage tissue (Dina Wakley)

and added some neon to them - the orange and pink are the paints and the yellow is the gloss, because I couldn't get the yellow paint out of the bottle and couldn't be bothered to go and find a pin to clear the nozzle.

I've been too tired after work since to add to the page. 

Saturday's trip to Kew was chilly - it's definitely autumn now, but at least it was sunny (this weekend will be chilly and wet and no hint of sun at all!)

the colours are really developing in the trees. 

the lake was especially beautiful  

Hope you are all well, I will be round to catch up with your crafty spaces soon. 

Wednesday 11 October 2023


 Time again for WOYWW - desk sharing day with Julia at The Stamping-Ground.  

I bet you're expecting me to say I've done nothing (again) but you'd be wrong..

I spent a little while on Sunday - and it didn't take long at all -  making some backgrounds   (A4 sheets of card)
using my go-to Magenta (wood mounted of course) stamps
for Christmas backgrounds.
I don't think they were intended as Christmas designs, but they always give me that impression and I use them year after year for this purpose

Mainly because it's quick, and you can vary the colours you use so much

and can cut them up to get LOADS of bits to mount onto card blanks. 

a few quick seasonal sentiments and Bob's your uncle...or he will be!  

Next it's Kew... Saturday (down here in the South at least ) was beautiful, I know Scotland had lots and lots of rain.

this was taken through the gate waiting to be let in.

stunning colours. 
low down shooting again.

Thanks for looking, ad happy WOYWW 

Wednesday 4 October 2023


 Hello, deskers, welcome to October...and welcome to WOYWW 

so, following on from last week's daubing of the neons, I carried on, on both pages.

on the left I added some more  neon gloss,  from the dropper - dripping blobs this time. added some stencilled paint (sky) and on the right page I used the neon paint through a stencil - it's a much more subtle neon over the white gesso

some collage tissue pieces and a couple of stamped figures.

I fully intended to have added a quote to the left page to finish it, but Sunday was taken up watching the Ryder Cup golf (go Europe) and ... that was it.

Saturday was the last "early" at Kew, at 8am - I shall miss the fabulous light at that time but not the 5am alarm time. 

I seem to have picked purple for my Kew highlights this time! 

this is the centrepiece of the new autumn feature "Queer Nature" in the Temperate House

Kim had her operation to pin her ankle finally on Friday and was allowed home on Tuesday - awaiting some aids to help at home whilst she recovers - crutches (although i hope they sent her home with one pair) and a grab rail for the loo, etc 

Thanks for looking, and I'll catch your desk soon,