Wednesday 28 October 2020


Time to assemble and report for desk duty once more.. Julia is waiting at the Stamping-Ground for us.. 

I had a little play with the crackling campfire ink pad over  some strips of collage tissue

over the tissue, I added a layer of gesso and then added some texture paste through the stencil of the faces. (stencil and tissue by Dina Wakley)

I did add some crackle paste before the faces but it's not crackled hence adding the faces.  I tried another pot of crackle paste... that had dried up....

I used the crackling campfire and picked raspberry distress oxides, spritzed with water and blotted.   Neet is right, she commented last week to say what a strong colour that orange is!  It's ok blotted off though. 

at that point I stopped,  will add more to it at some stage

Just before I went to bed on Sunday I put in an order with Stampers Grove for some more stencils (ok, so I have an addiction!)  having watched a lot of you tube videos on Sunday when I kept seeing stencils I liked... some of which I found available and some I haven't yet tracked down..

Anyhow, 10pm order submitted,  came home from work Tuesday to find...

the service from the Stampers Grove is really excellent!

and we all know, given how fast the weeks go, it will soon be the weekend and i may have time to play!

I was meant to be buying a new pot of crackle paste!!

No doubt that order will go in soon...

which just leaves me to leave you the link for Kew last Saturday - cloudy but wow the colours, I do urge you to check them out! 

Looking forward to your desks - no doubt you've all been busy making Christmas cards!  

Wednesday 21 October 2020


 Another week, another desk share day... Wednesday is time for WOYWW  

I forgot to show you last week, the coaster that came from Jo's talented daughter Maxine, Tilly Tea Dance..based on one of her gorgeous sunflower designs and a pretty card with  note too.

I can't bring myself to use it yet !

There is enabling to be done, too.. 

the new Paperartsy stencils and (finally succumbed) to the new Distress oxide colours..

and another one by CraftersWorkshop, thrown in for good measure.  

I opened the leafy stencil you couldn't see last week, it;s actually a mask and stencil so you get positive and negative images

I had a quick play, (photo looks out of focus, not sure how. unless it's my eyes!)

was just trying it out, it's not meant to be anything fancy.
I think I'll use ink rather than paint next time.  
all the fronds on the leaves are quite delicate too, I can see it may tear easily if you apply paint or ink too roughly

Saturday was a Kew day of course - no sun, but no rain either (yay)  

the colours are getting better and better!

hopefully, London won't be put into more severe restrictions too soon so I can enjoy them as long as possible! 

thanks for visiting - I may be late getting back to you as work is insanely busy and I haven't been getting much of a lunch break this week 

Wednesday 14 October 2020


 And here we are again.  Wednesday.  Which means the best day of the week (apart from Saturdays at Kew, sorry Julia) WOYWW  with Julia and the gang. 

I'm in enabling mode again today as my latest splurge goodies arrived...

2 more stencils and some stamps, plus a couple of stabilo all pencils (finally! been wanting these for ages)

the stencil you can't really see is a stencil and mask set - a leafy shape

I tried to take a close up 

but not sure you can see it still... you'll have to wait till I use it!

I added some more to the page from last week
in the hopes that adding to it would hide (in my eyes) the bit at the top I didn't like 

I used the faces stencil and the quote from one of the stamp sets as they seemed to go together

I also used a white posca paint pen to outline one of the sets of leaves stencilled 

I stamped one of the other images on the second page I'd started last week..  No I don't know where this page is going yet! 

I have yet another order placed too (in a bit of a spendy mood at present, can you tell!!)  hopefully that will be here for next week's desk share!

I'll leave you with the weekly link to Kew... no rain this week luckily - or very little.  Pics here   and a teaser or two

one of my favourite autumn views from Kew
and  some of several funghi patches I found on Saturday

I'm hoping for an equally enjoyable visit this Saturday coming

Making the most of it in case London joins other areas in the country under tighter COVID restrictions... if you find yourself unable to go out and mix with friends and family I feel for you.

Wednesday 7 October 2020


 Morning deskers... that was a super fast soggy week!  

Once more it's Wednesday and time to share our crafty spaces with Julia... 

I managed to use some of the new stencils although I made a bit of a hash on the first page...

but it's only paint on a page and there's always next time...

the face is a piece of a previous purchase never used before, some of Dina Wakley's faces collage tissue.

the second play with the flourish stencil was more successful... 

I gave in and ordered some of Dina's new stamps from Art From the Heart and am waiting for them to send them ... hopefully will be hear for next week..

I spent a wet couple of hours at Kew on Saturday - in fact the rain wasn't as bad as I had expected (good job I didn't go Sunday.. a friend at work's husband was running the London virtual marathon in all that rain... )
but,even in the rain, Kew is beautiful!  
there is a new exhibition on called Paradise Lost by Dutch artist Jan Hendrix which I am going to spend more time exploring over the weeks to come..

I bought a scarf (I am addicted to Kew's scarves)  as a souvenir...

I am so tempted to buy another and hang it on the wall!

I'll catch you up and see what you've been creating soon ..