Wednesday 26 August 2020


 Morning happy deskers - another week has flown by and it's Wednesday again, time for What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday... week 586... head to Julia's for the link and info... 

Another week where there has been no crafting.. apart from one tiny little stamped image...

I used a stamp from aDina Wakley set and cut it apart, to finish the journal page from last week 

so in the absence of any crafting, I'll share a few photos from last Saturday at Kew - if you want to see them all, head here

I was thrilled to see my old friend, one of the Chinese Water Dragons on Saturday!

thanks for looking, hopefully (possibly) next week there'll be some crafting to share!!

Happy WOYWW  

Wednesday 19 August 2020


 My week off flew by, even though I did nothing - it was far too hot for going out anywhere so apart from some shopping I just - did nothing!  So before you know it, it's Wednesday again and time to share our crafty spaces with Julia at the Stamping-Ground

Towards the end of the week I managed a bit of a play in my journals  

in my square 8x8 journal I played with the stencil I showed you a few weeks ago

used distress oxides layering colours

then added some stencilled figures

and doodled some marks with a Posca paint pen

It's finished apart from a caption of some kind

I always think a journal page needs a caption of some kind

haven't had the time or energy to find the right one yet though

I did another page with the wavy flower stencil to match - or complement - the pink one from last week, too.

this time stamped it straight onto the journal page

By the weekend after some impressive rain and thunder it was cool enough to take my weekly trip to Kew - pics here   I was in my element with all the raindrops!

I'll be back again next weekend, as I have another time slot booked.

I will visit your desks probably after work, we're short staffed this week and it's busy so not getting a lot of time at lunch to stop! 

Wednesday 12 August 2020


 Morning fellow deskers and welcome to another WOYWW    It's that time of week when we meet at the Stamping-Ground with Julia to share our crafty spaces

It has been far too hot to do anything much on my week off, not got round to sorting the  Paperartsy stamps yet and I am glad I didn't book any timed slots anyway I would normally go on a week off, it would have been unbearable to be out and about - shopping was bad enough.  the main reason I didn't book anything (apart from the forecast which was thunderstorms that haven't happened yet,) was to avoid travelling on trains that will be busier than the Saturday ones to Kew

I did play with one of the new stamps from last week though in my journal 

when I was out on Monday I went into Smiths and bought a few extra Pitt artist pens including some metallic ones

the Sizzix package is a metal plate for die cutting intricate dies and according to friends who have it, works a treat 

Last Saturday's trip to Kew can be seen here  

I left before it got too  hot!

I'll drip around to your desks soon!  

Wednesday 5 August 2020


so, new blogger has landed on my browser and is insisting on being used today! I did toy with going back to legacy blogger but as it says it will only be available till later this month, seems no point...

anyway, it's Wednesday, and that means only one thing.   It's nosy day... WOYWW  with Julia and friends... time to share our crafty spaces.  
my goodies arrived!  

you know I can't resist JoFY stamps and stencils and a last release before Paperartsy relocate to France, wasn't to be missed!

I haven't had time to play with them yet, they have at least made it into the index binder

I have had to buy some more storage boxes for my Paperartsy stamp sets

I like to keep them sorted (in stamp set number order of course) by designer so I can easily find the ones I want... but the boxes are getting a bit full so when I was out on Sunday I went into the Works and bought some more..

this time they had Peter Rabbit designs and I got two for £10 -you can see the pile behind them -
you can see the "overflow" on top of the stack of 4 that are already pretty full 

I will hopefully get them organised next week - I am off work for a week's holiday - nothing planned, just a break from the office; and the boxes will need re-organising with the contents.

hopefully I will be able to share them next week!  

well the new blogger seems to be fairly easy to use, I appear to have re-sized and placed the photos and scheduled the post... let's see what happens when I hit publish!! I have pre-viewed it and it all looks pretty similar to previous posts! 

I look forward to visiting your desks tomorrow and seeing what you've been up to!

I nearly forgot to link last week's trip to Kew- it's here as usual