Wednesday, 31 July 2019


as Julia says... Whizz and it's WOYWW  day again.... since we last met we've had the hottest day ever recorded in the UK and then I got soaked at Kew on Saturday.....
It was far too hot last week to do anything but I did have a bit more of a faff about on a journal page at the weekend.

 the page I shared that I had started last week - shades of purple have had some added layers of spray stencilled on top of stamping.

then I added some fibre paste through the same stencil over some of the shapes, and dripped some of the pink and purple sprays into the drying paste.

I did put some more paste on top of the drips and it's absorbed the colour a bit.

It needs a focal point and some text of some kind... maybe by next week it will have been done!

the two bottles to the right of the journal are new...(enabler alert!) - I got a couple more of the newest release distress oxide sprays; although one of them seems to be missing it's mixing ball, so the supplier is sending a replacement - bit shout out for great service to Joanna Sheen for that - never used them before but am very impressed, not only with the original speed of order but also responding to my email query on a Sunday! 
I only ordered from them because I was curious after receiving my birthday gift from them of some of the oxide sprays and had a look at their website - very good prices and a very low total to qualify for free postage. 
I will be using them again! 

I realised I forgot to give you the link to Kew in last week's post but here is the one from the wet visit...  
as you see it was so wet I had to go and buy a brolly  (you may well ask why on what was going to be such  a wet day I didn't take one with me.... there is no sensible answer!)  

Wednesday, 24 July 2019


Happy Wednesday to you all - it's already time to gather for another desk sharing meet up at Julia's 
I enjoyed the rest of my week off work, and am mighty glad that it wasn't as hot as it is going to be for the rest of this week!
 I finished the journal page I'd started last week, using some of the new Paperartsy stamps that came
I nearly forgot to show you!

then I got an email to say the Tim Holtz transparent wings I'd been waiting for, were back in stock.....

and put an order in...


about the only other crafting I did on my week off was a bit more of a play in my journal.

I'll be late home to visit your desks as I have a hair appointment (not ideal on one of the hottest days of the year!)  but will find you soon..

Wednesday, 17 July 2019


(I am sticking with my count of the desk weeks..)  Hello deskers,  it's time again for another WOYWW 
I am on holiday from work this week and so far had a day in London (here)  and Kew with my cousin (here) so far I haven't had any time to do any crafting - although we are forecast a wet day on either Thursday or Friday, so it may happen then.

Last week I said I'd ordered Seth's new "minis" for Paperartsy and they duly arrived...

and I have had a little play with them on the journal page we last saw on the desk last week under my birthday balloon stars.
 I started playing with the stamps, using inks in the same colours as I had been using with the stencils -  picked raspberry and mermaid lagoon distress oxides

then I added some more stamping in hickory smoke
then using watering can and vibrant fuschia

I have added a stencilled layer of modellng paste (little squares) to complement some of the stamping - but it is very hard to photograph as it's picked up some of the ink colour

and that, deskers, is as far as it has got.

no idea what stage will come next...
I might try and enhance the stencilling so it shows up more, or I might just add a focal point

Whilst I have been waking (no alarm) early during my week off, it would be typical (when I want to),  if I sleep in tomorrow (writing this Tuesday night)  but will link when I do, and visit when I can - am intending another day out but it was SO hot today and forecast to be again on Wednesday, might not be very sensible to have another day out in full sun!  Happy desk day!

Wednesday, 10 July 2019


It's time to share desks again, with the gang over at the Stamping-Ground.  
My desk is somewhat bare this week, nothing much happening - was out the whole weekend,

Kew on Saturday     


Hampton Court Garden Festival on Sunday.

this one's just for Jan! 

I have dismantled my birthday cards and thrown out the flowers, thrown out the deflated helium balloons...
but couldn't throw away the stars that were acting as anchors.

they go quite well with the next journal page wip, but are much too chunky to use in a journal, so I will have to think of something else for them...

the leaflet at the back is a promotional thing that came from Kew and has several great pics and bits of articles inside that I want to use in the journal, collage fodder don't you know.

I have got next week off work,not got anything particularly planned, will have a day out here and there;  just a break from work will be good! 

I am sure you all have much more interestng things on show - and hopefully I will next week as I've just ordered some Paperartsy "mini" stamps designed by Seth Apter that were released today. (Tuesday night) and all being well they will be here by next week's desk day! 

Till then, happy WOYWW  

Wednesday, 3 July 2019


Hello again and happy desk sharing day - thank you all so much for the warm birthday love you shared last week!   Let me give you the link to where you need to join in - here, with Julia
There are quite a few photos this week (not as many as when I go to Kew though,don't worry!) - hope I'll be forgiven!
I opened my gifts before I went to work (although the red envelope propped up is my gift from work)

some of the latest release distress oxide inks, some new versafine Clair inks and a Paperartsy stamp set

The work gift - 
it's a voucher for a VIP day out at Anfield (home of Liverpool fc for the non-football fans amongst you)   this can be taken anytime in the next 12 months, I just need to log online  and book it up.

 lots of you saw these pics on Facebook - at around 3.30 I was taken to our new (no longer new, we've had it 2 years)  office where I was greeted with this

afternoon tea party time!

pink champagne and dainty sandwiches and cakes, and of course scones and jam and cream (or cream and jam as you choose)

and a birthday cake too!

As you can see in the photo above this, I "saved" one of the napkins to do some mixed media art with!
there's the gift bag on the desk with my prezzie!

it was a very lovely way to finish off the afternoon!

I brought home some of the balloons and also had some flowers to get home too - luckily I didn't have to manage all this on the bus, I got a lift from Monica (my boss) !
a beautiful pot of lilies - which I stood on the window cill in the photo where every time I came out of any room or inside the front door, was hit by the scent (I know not everyone likes the smell of lilies, but I do)

a really pretty bouquet of flowers and a pot gerbera

they are now in the living room, getting wafted about by the breeze coming through the window!

(although the purple ones are starting to deflate now)

the flowers were a gift from the hairdressers downstairs from work where I have my hair done; which was really lovely of them.  I only have this photo I took on my phone and unfortunately given the extremely hot weather we had a the weekend they are starting to fade already.

and I had to take the cards down to photograph - I have only included the hand made ones

only one is from a desker though - the middle bottom row, made by Shaz but sent by Jan - two for the price of one!!

in the interests of keeping a bit shorter (oops)  I won't include the close ups of the cards, hope you can see them well enough  I am sure you'll recognise some of my favourite companies designs amongst them!

And finally (to coin a phrase) is the finished journal page that was on the "desk" last week,

I used some of the birthday gifts to finish it off with!

Right, I had better stop here, or I'll be excluded
Happy WOYWW everyone and see you soon!

and finally, finally, the link to Saturday's Kew (yes in 30 plus degree heat!)