Wednesday, 28 July 2021


 Another week has flown by and it is once more time to hang out at Julia's for WOYWW  

Once more I have a very unproductive floor space to share... I've been working on a birthday card that I can't share yet 

but here's a teeny sneak peak!  

and a look at a journal page worked from last week's Dina Wakley supporter video session starting on the horizontal line... 

to create a horizon line.  which she developed into a loose landscape 

I've more or less copied the basics of what she did, just to get my eye in as it were. 

to finish with, the "desk" shot - taken from the sofa!  

the foreground is filled with some of the journals I'm currently working in! 

As always I'll finish with the link for Kew from Saturday 

Just before I go I'd like to wish Jan a hugely happy birthday for Sunday - hope you have a fabulous day and are spoiled rotten.  

to the rest of you - happy WOYWW!  

Wednesday, 21 July 2021


 Welcome to another Wednesday Workdesk... even less going on than last week!  Head to Julia's for the link up and tour the world's work spaces.  

all I've done this week is play on some collage tissue from a Dina Wakley supporters video session -  but not yet got round to doing anything with them
so instead there's a sideways look at some of my stamp storage... the 4 boxes with the pile of stamps on top are my Paperartsy stamps,  the wooden boxes behind contain my wooden stamps (there are lots and lots - and that's not all of them)  

It's been far too hot to do anything creative (and my weekend was taken up watching golf and the F1 after I got home from Kew on Saturday)

We had a heavy rain storm on Tuesday evening with thunder but it's still as muggy as anything.

I'll be a bit late visiting - none at lunchtime this week as we are having to go to a "photo shoot" at work to have updated photos taken for the company website - we've had lots of new staff join since the last ones were done.  Not looking forward to it at all!!

Leaving you as ever, with the Kew link - thanks for looking and I'll see you soon.

picture from the Temperate House

(Fern Tree - Jacaranda Mimosifolia - it's not a fern!)

Wednesday, 14 July 2021


 Are you here again, already?! Welcome, then for another WOYWW  - desk sharing day.  Julia has all the details . 

didn't remember till after dark to take any photos so had to use the flash.

as you can see, piles of stuff surround my working space on the floor....
Most of the weekend was taken up with either Kew or sport so there wasn't a lot of time for crafting!

this page is turning into a mess and not at all sure it won't get painted over entirely!  

I wish you could have smelled the roses on Saturday - even in drizzle 
pics from last week's trip here  

the forecast for the coming weekend is much warmer and sunnier 

happy WOYWW !  

Wednesday, 7 July 2021


 Can't believe it is Wednesday again already and time for WOYWW   the day we all share and bare our crafty spaces..

Not a lot has been going on here, craft wise..  I dabbled a bit in two of my Dina journals 

the one on the right isn't finished, words required and the background will have something else added to it eventually
just playing with the new spray colours

again, will add some words

some abstract patterns (based on a recent Dina supporter video on facebook)

There was a wet (partly) trip to Kew on Saturday last week - pics here as ever!  

(centre of a passionflower in macro)

The COVID numbers keep going up but restrictions will be eased in a couple of weeks.  well that makes sense huh!  We've had scares and one likely positive at work (though not in the office I work out of ) but we continue to take precautions and soldier on!  

Good luck to England tonight in the Euros semi-final (international football-  or soccer if you must - tournament which along with the tennis has kept me occupied for a couple of weeks!  ) 

Happy WOYWW  to you and I'll be along to visit when I can.