Wednesday 27 December 2023

WOYWW 760 -Christmas

 Happy WOYWW fellow deskers, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations and if they are continuing, I hope they are remaining so.  

I went to my brother's for the day and we had lots of food and drink, none of which I had to prepare (even better!)   Since I came home on Boxing Day I have cooked my own roast dinner and am looking forward to leftovers! .  

there was a pretty tree
gift opening 

Richard got a good flame going on the pudding 

he used quite a lot of brandy!

I had some nice presents,  chocolates, a book I'd seen that I thought would be interesting and a gift voucher and the calendar from my  boss.

Needless to say no crafting has been done since last week!

I am hoping if the weather remains decent, to visit the Tower in London and check out their Christmas celebrations. 
In the meantime, Happy WOYWW and wishing you all the best for the New Year.  

Wednesday 20 December 2023


It's time for WOYWW  - It's beginning to look a lot like...... 

well I suppose Christmas... cards are posted (meant to photograph the pile waiting to take to the post box.. forgot)

haven't wrapped the presents, so can't share them.... 

Went to the office Christmas party... Neet wanted party pics... I can't copy the group photo of us that was shared on FB and the photos I took didn't come out very well...  so here's the link to the FB post I shared on my page.. hopefully (it worked on my Kew post so hopefully it will again here but if not the link to the Kew post is below) it was a James Bond themed evening at Epsom Downs racecourse  so nice and local,  and great fun. 

before we left the office we had a quiz and exchanged our Secret Santa gifts - this was mine. 

having finished with Christmas cards there was a bit of time to play in a journal again without feeling guilty!  

first layer, some of Dina's collage tissue,

some red paint (Paperartsy, translucent so the tissue peaks through)
smudged some whiteish paint (also Paperartsy )

and then I ran out of time/inspiration....

Kew on Saturday after the party was a good dose of fresh air... not that I was hung over, i don't drink a lot...

good to see some early snowdrops - always new growth in evidence!  
Whatever you do at Christmas I hope you spend it with people you love (or if it's family, people you tolerate... joke!) and eat, drink and be merry!   I am going to my brother's and it's always lovely for someone else to cook!  
Happy WOYWW,  Happy Christmas and see you next week!

Wednesday 13 December 2023


 Hello again fellow deskers.  Wednesday dawns again.  time for WOYWW .   It's quite scary how fast the weeks are going..

so I did succumb to some new Paperartsy mini stamps (designed by Alison Bomber) and whilst I was buying them, well, oops, the reindeer so loved by Angela fell into the basket too.

They arrived on Thursday last week.  

I made a card for my brother and sister in law.

I tried to crackle the background but the crackle paste didn't  -  er  -  crackle. It's been a while since I used it so forgot if I needed to put a layer of something underneath it, rather than straight on the card.

still, the fussy cut reindeer are nice! 

as for my other cards, they are written and in the post.  I have a few to finish off for hand delivering, to neighbours and some friends at work.   that's this weekend's job.

Saturday was a very wet start to Kew, but the rain very kindly (and unexpectedly) stopped at 10 at opening time... it was forecast to last until mid-day so I was grateful.  A puddly blog post here  

but I did find some colour even if the sun didn't appear until I was on the way home...

I may be a bit later than usual to visit today as I am off work for the day, thought it about time I did some Christmas shopping....  
wish me luck, I don't have many to get but no idea what for those I need...   said brother, sister in law....  

I did think about going to London (and seeing the lights at the same time) but decided against it, Kingston will do fine, I am sure....   this coming Friday is the office party, and then it's Kew on Saturday; hopefully I will wake up in time..  (I know I will, I never sleep after a night out!0  

Wednesday 6 December 2023


 Welcome again deskers. Another week has flown by and it's WOYWW time again.  

There's been very little happening here, I didn't finish or write my Christmas cards although I have bought stamps ready for posting!   It is my intention to get that done at the weekend.  

I caved in and ordered a couple of new Paperartsy stamps (minis) at the weekend end (and the reindeer, Angela!)  but they are in transit so not able to make an appearance today...

I fussy cut out some leaves from the images I stamped a few weeks ago and added them to a journal page - having splodged a bit of paint around on it first!  

close up 

of course it's not finished,  when are they ever!

Saturday was another cold visit to Kew but at least it was dry (if not sunny)   I think the weekend coming will be back to wet
almost fluffy seed heads

mahonia for some winter colour.  

That's me for this week, happy WOYWW and hope you're more ahead of the game with Christmas than I am!