Wednesday 26 October 2022


 week 699 - wow!  another milestone next week in the blog-fest fun that is WOYWW   Join the fun at the Stamping-Ground    I can't quite believe it's November next week... 

Before that though, is this week's desk.  

I finished last week's journal page -  combined the Halloween (bats) with the autumn leaves 

when i was doing the page above and trying to darken the top circle I poured out too much ruby paint so used it up on my A5 journal - I still love this journal size even though the pages are quite thin

added some more brush strokes and some stencilling ; on the left page is one of Dina's face stamps, on the right some of her collage tissue. 

As usual, I have yet to finish it...

Was lucky at Kew last Saturday that the rain held off (but had rained a lot beforehand so my feet got very wet)  

the mushrooms were out in force too
and the entrance was covered in the most gorgeous red of the Virginia creeper

Thanks for looking,  I'll be round to catch your desks soon (although once again possibly not until after work)

Wednesday 19 October 2022


 Not sure how it's Wednesday already again - but here we are meeting for another WOYWW - week 698.  Do come and join in the fun.  

You'll be surprised that not a lot of crafting has gone on since last week... just a start to another journal page.  i suppose it's better than nothing.

there was already the sage green stencil (reverse stencil actually, from the leftover paint on the stencil from something else)  on the page

I took one of Dina's stencils which has lots of different circles on it and used one of the larger ones with a graduating orange colour 

added some black blobby dots from another Dina stencil... and kind of got stuck! 

the intention was to do more on Tuesday evening but Bake Off won out....

the orange paint I used is one of the newer colours, Tangelo, from Dina's range,  and added varying amounts of white, before realising I should have started top right with the  most orange, so had to try and darken it!  

It has struck me since that it has a kind of halloweeny feel to it, not that I really "do" halloween, so might have to try and use that to finish it off.

Last Saturday was another beautiful autumn day at Kew.. check here  

lots of shadows... double shadows as regular Kim and I often walk round together now..

I'm the bulky one on the right with my large rucksack full of lenses and stuff I lug around with me!

Having seen the forecast for this weekend (and indeed, the next one too) I am not sure there'll be many shadows - more umbrellas!  

but it wont stop me going and getting out in the fresh air!  

Happy WOYWW  - see you soon!  

Wednesday 12 October 2022


 Here we are again, gathering for another week's desk sharing extravaganza with Julia at the Stamping-Ground.  As usual the week seems to have flown by...

I've got a part -done journal page this week -  just haven't found the right quote or words to go on it.. to be honest not even given it a thought since Sunday when i made it.. that's what you get when you shut the journal before the page is done!

it's on the cotton rag watercolour paper in the original Dina journal
which holds up to paint and sprays really well.

Last Saturday, the late entry to Kew felt odd after so many weeks of 5am alarm calls, but the weather was glorious and the gardens looked stunning 

although the new display to celebrate Mexico was a bit.... not really sure about it!!  

the Day of the Dead area was however very moving.

but autumn is being gathered in... 

and the sun on "my" fountain was spectacular.

thanks for looking, see you soon,  

Editing.   Just seen the terribly sad news on Julia and Jan's posts about the lovely Debbie Rock's passing.  She was such a kind, generous lady and the WOYWW community and her much loved family, husband Phil and nephews. will all miss her terribly.  Rest easy, gorgeous lady.  

Wednesday 5 October 2022

WOYWW 696 - didn't we have a lovely time the day we went......

to Bangor.. no, no, Radbrook. (showing my age there with the song reference)     ok so I will start with an apology as this will be a very photo heavy post as I haven't had time since I got home to write a separate post for these photos.   Julia was kind enough to drive Cindy and I there (we got the train down to Andover where we set off on Friday afternoon. A long wet journey but we settled into a very nice Air BnB that Julia found

in the morning we headed to the hall to help Jo and Annie set up

the cake table...
crafting tables set up
can't forget the banner

once all was ready there was time for a cuppa and early cake before the deskers arrived.

Annie's hubby Doddy chatting to Julia 

Sarah (in the black) Angela (Felix the Crafty Cat) with her back to me, Dee (who drove Christine)  Angela and Eva (the other side of the desk)

Cindy and Neet
Caro, Annie and Julia
and a better one!

some opening announcements from Jo 
being carefully listened to!
then it was time to get on although still lots of milling and chatting!  

I did a journal page for everyone to sign again, this is the third time I've done it now (creature of habit)
and took it round the tables for people to write in
waiting for inspiration!  
even Annie and Jo had some time to craft

you can't mistake Christine with her pink hair
Eva - Sarah is trying to get her to start a blog.  

towards lunchtime, Jo's daughter Maxine (Tilly Tea Dance, needle felter extraordinaire) popped in , it was lovely to meet her

Pear Shaped Chris's turn to sign...
and when everyone had finished...

it's a lovely way to remember a great day.
time to get lunch laid out
before the gannets pounce! 

afterward sit was time for more chatting

then some group photos - with Jan and Gordon away celebrating their ruby wedding in Scotland, we got Chris's husband Tony to take some of all of us but I grabbed some too

there will be one somewhere with me in! 

a bit later I was astounded to see Julia doing some stitching,  she said it's the first time she's ever sat down and crafted at our crop!

so had to record it...

after we drank a toast to dear departed friends, but especially our lovely Shaz, it was time for more chatting.  we had a raffle too and raised some money for a great local charity 
to finish off the afternoon I managed another journal page!

phew, if you've made it this far, well done!  

Once again, thanks to Annie and Jo for organising, sorting the food,  to Julia for the driving, every desker newbies and regulars, for making the journey, for a great day!

Happy WOYWW  

just realised I haven't linked why we're here and where you can find us... head to Julia's for more stories of the crop 

forgot to add the lovely atcs, tags and items other deskers had taken - I failed miserably
so thanks,one and all