Wednesday 27 May 2020


this will be short as I have bashed myself up a bit and waiting for 111 to call me back..

It's time for WOYWW though and desk sharing time

had another play at the weekend, this time with the chickens

Will try and add to this later...  I' m ok though don't panic.

Wednesday 20 May 2020

WOYWW 572 - happy birthday to us

We made it to another anniversary - who'd have thought when Julia started this weekly blog hop with a simple question - "What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday" that we'd still be meeting, sharing and enabling after 11 years - 572 weeks later!

We normally celebrate by swapping atcs but with the Covid 19 pandemic still rife, and causing havoc with daily life, Julia thought it best not to over-burden the postal services.  Instead she set a challenge - find and finish a project - a UFO or as some like to call them, an unfinished symphony.

Well I showed you a canvas I had a couple of Christmasses ago, that hadn't been touched.  I doubted that I would a) want to do it; b) start it or c) finish it....

Well ye (and me) of little faith...

I had some better photos saved on the computer but blogger won't add them!

That was Saturday afternoon - I used my Pitt Artist pens (indian ink)  which I love, and need some more colours!

Although I don't really enjoy colouring per se, I did have a couple of fun hours doing this, you were all right!

I was on a bit of a roll then and on Sunday had a play in my journal
for some reason blogger won't preview the photos that are stored in my google photos file but will actually add them - hopefully when I publish this you will be able to see them too!
I had hoped to add some more photos but can't persuade blogger to play  nicely so will leave it at that!

Happy WOYWW to us all and especial thanks  to Julia for keeping it going all this time, and to everyone who has taken part, shared desks (11 years on and I am STILL on the floor...)  and enabled* week by week...
*light bulb moment... I have enabling for you..
chickens!  I haven't used any of these yet - maybe by next week.
where was I...  thanks to the friendships, both real and virtual and the support and the encouragement

See you next week for the start of year 12! 

Wednesday 13 May 2020


Time to meet for another WOYWW - week 571, the week before the 11th anniversary of this wonderful weekly desk sharing event.  Julia has all the details and link here. 
Instead of swapping atcs like we usually do, we aren't doing that this year, so we don't overload the postal service as they have enough to do.
Instead, Julia suggested we dig out a UFO (or in my case a project I haven't even started) and finish it by next week...

I am dithering (as usual)  and dug out this canvas picture that needs colouring...
it was a Christmas present a couple of years ago ...

dithering because I am not sure whether to use paints, pens or markers..

dithering because I am not really keen on colouring...

You also see my masks that arrived from Annie which are gorgeous.
I just need to adjust the elastic a little as they're a bit loose

So that is my very unproductive desk this week... haven't been in a crafty mood this week.

I haven't been taking daily exercise, but I do walk to the bedroom window to check out the sunsets...

these were Tuesday night.

there have been some great skies.

Come back next week to see whether I even start the picture let alone finish it!

Till then I hope you are all staying safe and keeping well or recovering if you've been ill.

Wednesday 6 May 2020


Morning deskers... Another Wednesday, another day in lockdown... Time to share our crafty spaces once again with Julia and the gang at the Stamping-Ground... 

Thank you all for your sympathy over the phone mis-hap!  Luckily:

all is fixed and working!

I am sure you're not surprised that my screen saver is Kew!

also, the goodies arrived last week too...

and I used one of them on a birthday card
(I know,another one!)

 I made a background using Seth's stamps for Paperartsy (most of them are his mini designs, but the cross is from the big set )

and then added some die cut flowers

I need to get this written and in the post in the next few days

Julia is also thinking about the WOYWW 11th anniversary - her post here 
in case you missed it has some ideas.

Now to find a project to work on!

Till next week, happy WOYWW, stay safe!