Wednesday 24 June 2020


Time to welcome one and all to WOYWW for another desk share day -  as ever the week  has completely whizzed by but I still can't be bothered to try the new blogger  - perhaps if I ignore it long enough it will just go away!

I had a panic on Tuesday morning when I realised I didn't have a birthday card ready to send to my cousin who's birthday is Thursday, the day before mine (we're a year apart)  so I had to make a card before work to get it in the post

I used one of the Paperartsy hares that was already stamped out I just had to add some colour and layer it onto a card mount.  Super speedy and thankfully I remembered to photograph it before sticking the envelope down!
In hindsight I don't like the colours I used but it was too late to re-do it so it had to go!

I've still been getting a lift to and from work, but have booked a time slot at Kew for Saturday morning so will be getting the train and test out travelling in public again!  I am so looking forward to it; after all these weeks.  I was going to keep it secret till I got there and posted some photos but I have had some more problems with my phone this week (thankfully sorted again, replacement battery seems to have worked...) so just in case I'll tell you now!  
Till next week, happy WOYWW and look out for flower photos! 

I'll leave you with tonight's quite subtle sunset

Wednesday 17 June 2020

WOYWW 576 all change

Welcome to another desk share day - this week really has whizzed along!  Time to gather at Julia's for
 the change bit refers to my desk -  back in the office. socially distancing from colleagues - not in my usual office as I share that normally but for now in a room on my own, as is anyone else working physically in the office.  (I have been getting a lift to and from - with masks - so I don'thae to get the bus yet)

It is good to be back seeing people daily though!

I had to stage the next picture though, as I forced a bit of crafting on Tuesday evening, I couldn't bear the thought of another week with nothing to show!

so I took a bit of leftover masterboard and stamped a couple of the Paperartsy chickens.

kept the colouring simple to not clash too much with the background.

I think they were quite pleased to see me back in the office as my boss gave me some flowers

I couldn't find a decently shaped vase to suit them, so they are a bit "plonked" rather than arranged.

There were also some gorgeous clouds on Tuesday night which I will leave you with

I really liked how the tips of the clouds over the buildings appear to have been highlighted.

I have just realised I didn't swap to the new blogger to try this post,  as I said I would...

ah well,  next time maybe!

Now that I am back in the office, visiting will have to wait largely till I get home - see you then!

Wednesday 10 June 2020


Hello fellow deskers... another week has come and gone... time once more to meet up with Julia and the gang at the Stamping-Ground for our regular weekly desk share....

thank you all for your kind words last week - the bruises on my face have nearly gone now and the stitches from my arm were removed last week, have a nice neat scar which is healing well!   No more dizzy spells and I am trying to take gentle exercise (walking up and down the road daily) 

I haven't done any crafting (of course!)  yet so there isn't really  a desk to share...
but I did take some close ups of the flowers I got as they were looking (and still are)  beautiful and you now how I love my flower photos...

the lilies are opening now and smell wonderful (I know not everyone likes the fragrance of lilies, but I do)

 I had a second bunch delivered as well last week, from another crafting friend, which are also gorgeous

You may remember (especially if you follow me on Facebook) that some neighbours at the end of the road took some photos of as many of the residents as they could on the VE day weekend, and on Sunday they dropped round with a copy of our individual photos for everyone and a montage of all of us

They are sending some digital copies to me but for now I photographed the photos...
 me on my doorstep! 

they seem a really lovely young couple (they have 2 small boys)  and it was a very touching thing to do - certainly a plus to the lockdown
is bringing neighbours together

As I said to them when they delivered the photo it is as well it was before not after, my mis-hap!!

I'd better leave it here - happy WOYWW!

Wednesday 3 June 2020

WOYWW 574 - the explanation

Dear deskers, I am sorry to have left you with so little information last week.  I honestly expected to be home to update the post.  (I wrote it at 8pm and scheduled it as always for midnight Neet)

Lots of you follow me on Facebook so know what happened.  But for the record, here it is. It's a bit of a long read, sorry.

I had eaten my dinner but when I took the tray out to the kitchen, had a dizzy spell and fainted.  I came too, on the floor surrounded by a broken plate and blood pouring from a big gash on my arm
and from my nose.. I can't have been knocked out for more than a few seconds
(look away if you don't like gore!)

Once I had cleared up a bit and stopped the bleeding, I rang 111 and they sent an ambulance.

I knew the arm would need stitching but as I say, thought I'd be back a couple of hours or so later... but an ECG in the ambulance showed an irregularity in the heart trace.. (don't really understand this bit)

Got to hospital (almost made them stop before going inside so I could take a photo of the gorgeous sunset!) where they seemed more worried about my heart than either my nose or the arm...

Several hours later and having had a chest xray and head scan (big bump on my forehead but no damage internally)  and repeats of the ECG and blood tests and.....

the black eye developed nicely overnight...

They finally got round to sewing up my arm....

I was moved to a different room off A&E ; was nearly allowed home but the Doctor decided to arrange an echocardiogram of my heart so I was moved to a holding ward elsewhere...

The Echo took place on Wednesday afternoon, I called a friend from work who came to fetch my keys and collected some bits from home for me

I ended up in hospital till Friday when they did a heart CT scan which also failed to show the cause for my dizzy spell or any major heart defect (phew!!)  I was put on a heart monitor for 24 hours on Wednesday/Thursday as my heart rate was a bit erratic and they started me on beta blockers.

So I came home on Friday afternoon, and will get an appointment at some stage for an MRI to check the heart again.  I spent the weekend hoping I wasn't going to have another dizzy spell (so far so good)
at the advice of my good friend Emma, (a nurse) I removed the bandage from my arm to let the scar breathe.... neat sewing!

On Monday however I developed a rash (I assume in reaction to the tablets)  and had a phone appointment with a Doctor from my surgery who at the time of writing (prepping this Monday night in case anything untoward happens again!!) is checking with the hospital Doctor and has suggested for tonight I don't take the tablet and she will talk to me tomorrow. **
I worked as normal today (Monday) from home.... trying to get back to normal.
so that brings you up to date.  Hopefully from here on the news will be all good!

** Update Tuesday - I spoke again to GP from surgery and also the  Dr from the hospital who confirms it is an allergic reaction to the tablets, has changed the prescription and new tablets are being delivered on Wednesday

I did have a lovely surprise though - a knock at the door produced these from several of the Paperartsy FB group most of whom are good friends

so, no crafting (by me anyway, the Dr did a great job with his needle!)  - and I am sorry to have worried you last week.

Had more happy mail too - this lovely card from Twiglet (Jo) and Wipso (Annie)  thanks ladies! 

Just realised I haven't said why I have shown all this - it's Wednesday (well will be by the time you see this) and desk sharing time...
WOYWW  once again - head to Julia's for the link and other much more interesting desks!!

All being well, I will visit you this time!