Wednesday 28 October 2015

WOYWW 334 - ribbon sorting galore!

Hello, deskers!  I am actually writing this and taking the necessary desk shots in daylight, as I have the day off (it's Tuesday as I'm writing ) after the weekend in Glasgow - check here and here for the write up... Anyhow, welcome to the WOYWW marathon for another week  I'll be back at work then!

the dreadful looking orange and purple tag on the workmat is meant to be for the swap on Saturday..not sure yet if it will make it!

I had to pop out shopping on Tuesday morning, and found a storage box that I thought might fit all my ribbons into....
 because this one is quite full.... and I have just bought that 100 metre bundle of sari ribbon... no way is that fitting in there.
 no, in the end, it didn't all fit in one... I put all the reels into the new box, together with some colour co-ordinated zip bags for the loose ribbons..

and the original box has the bundles that are on the cardboard holders you can buy them on at some shows.. the sari ribbon and the fibres I got at the weekend which I had meant to store somewhere else (but not sure where!) had to go in another box altogether!
so that meant having to shift things around on the top of the Ikea stamp boxes somewhat!!

Now I have got to think of what I'm going to bring with me to the crop on Saturday - will try and travel light!!

Monday 26 October 2015

Glasgow - SECC - Stitching Sewing and Papercraft show

So, you may have seen the other post from Glasgow, if not it's here  Lin, Emma Sam and I decided to try this show as (obviously) we'd never been before.  Took a fair old while on the train, but it was worth all the hassle.

Once we had finished with the art shops (we had to take Sam on Saturday morning as owing to her delightfully extended journey she arrived too late to go on Friday) we got the train to the SECC and the show.
 I've never been to the NEC in Birmingham, which is apparently much bigger.. anyhow, this is the gang
 let's start shopping!
 Knitted sock Christmas tree, it was huge!
 we stopped to watch a Pebeo paint demo and had lunch - we'd all got separated and I only found them again by accident.

I'd previously passed the Powertex stand, and seen some great textural items being demonstrated
 I promise I didn't see the "no photographs" sign (did see the "no videos" - oops!) but I've got them so I'm sharing them!
 we Sat and watched a demo (workshops had filled up fast) after lunch, and all ended up buying some to have a go!
 time for another sit down, tea and twitter catch up!!
 Sam guarding the bags while we had a loo break before going back to the hotel... yes, a successful trip I think you'll agree..

I only had "bunches of fibres" on my list... ahem...
 back at the hotel, we went to Sam and Emma's room for a show and tell.. the things we go to, to get the pictures for our blogs!  Sam has already posted hers here 

I think this was Lin's pile..
 Emma decided to share some of her sari ribbons... where's the end, Emma?!  Actually, where's Emma?!!
 my haul from the show. See, I did get my fibres!

I got a bundle of the sari ribbons too, in the purple/blue combi - should probably have got the orangey/red one too, they were £2.99 for a 100 metre bundle..  At this time my bundle was still neatly stored..
 Sam taking my haul.
 I promise this isn't as dodgy as it looks.  We got a tub of 3d flex powder to mix up with the Powertex product, and were going to share it out between us...
 Sam then tried (and eventually succeeded) in blogging her story.
 once home (at 11.30 on Sunday night) I quickly unpacked, only to make sure none of the powders or liquids had leaked in transit... oh what a mess!
my total haul, including the purchases from the art shops (if you're in Glasgow, we all recommend the Art Store in Queen Street, it's fabulous!!) The Cass-Art store in the same street, is also good, much bigger than my nearest one in Kingston.
 the pens and pencils came from the art shops we visited
 some close ups
sari ribbons still neatly rolled as you see.. they aren't any more.. I think that may have been a mistake!

Yes, another journal (the green spiral bound book) but this one's got black pages so that's ok!!
 and yes, it all went in the case on the way home..
and this was my little box of goodies I took on the train for some journalling - we did on the way up but not home. See, I can travel light crafty sometimes!

Thursday 22 October 2015

Pink- Tag and ATC Swap

I know I am meant to be packing for the Glasgow trip but it's nearly done...
Just time then to blog the "pink" atc and tags for the swap Sam's organising - they're already packed to take with me
Pink, for Breast Cancer awareness month of October.  Here's what I came up with.
 had trouble both last night and this morning with the light so the photos aren't the best!
 used Prawn on the left, and Bougainvillea on the right,under the crackle, and Rose (I think) on top
The flower on the left is stamped and cut and layered on tissue
 I had this base pink tag with the purple-y bubbles (gloss gel mixed with Eggplant I think it was, Fresco) - left from the Paperartsy gels fortnight.. so it seemed an ideal time to do something with it!

My favourite Dina stamp, on tissue and added, the 'inspire' is by Clarity
Teresa Green base tag, looks really patchy now.. Bougainvillea again for the JoFY trees/flowers - these are a favourite from the newish releases, and I love masking them to create a 'forest'.
Used an alphabet set to 'write' Think Pink on the tag.

Bit rushed with this last tag, as I really wanted to take it with me, should have spent more time on it!

Wednesday 21 October 2015

WOYWW - again! - week 333

Well, what can I say? It's Wednesday, it's 5 to 5 and it's ... oh hang on, that's wrong... showing my age there. (used to love Crackerjack on a Friday!)   (those of you not of a certain age and not British will now think I've lost the plot but it was a great kid's tv programme from the... oops  60's and 70's (probably..)  so I googled it, it started in 1955 and ended in 1984.. obviously I don't remember the earliest episodes! )

So, moving swiftly on, it's time for another desk hop with Julia
I'll show you mine if... stop it!!
not a lot going on, (again!) and not Christmas cards either!  Some part done tags and atcs for a swap that I need to finish tomorrow

because they're not finished and not sent off for swapping I won't show them in detail here.

suffice to say the theme is pink (for breast cancer awareness month)
will try and remember to take some close up photos so I can share them when they're finished.

The top picture also shows my open journal (on the pile of "stuff" in front of the wicker basket) which has been sadly neglected for ages, but which I did start faffing about in at the weekend (putting off Christmas cards again!) That didn't get finished either..

The reason the tags and atcs need to be finished tomorrow is because I am away for the weekend with the girls I often go away with, Sam, Emma and Lin; this time we're going on a long train journey to the Stitching Sewing and Papercrafts show, which is happening in Glasgow... well, we fancied a change!!  and as Sam organises the swaps, I can take them with me! .... hopefully....
I know I don't do sewing or stitching, but I'm sure there'll be plenty to enjoy.  Watch this space!
I may therefore be very late getting to many of you to see what you're sharing on your desks so apologies in advance!

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Dragons Dream Team - Tag It On - Autumn Leaves

Hi gang, and welcome to another challenge from the Dragons Dream Team - Elizabeth is setting the theme this fortnight, and it is Autumn Leaves.

I started with a size 10 tag and some wrinkle free distress with Mowed Lawn mostly, and some green Bistre powders too.
I stamped the words which are from JoFY31 multiple times in black archival ink
 the leaves are die cut from a sheet of card which I painted randomly with various orange red and yellow Fresco paints - Brown Shed, Tango, Autumn Fire, Smoked Paprika and a little Guacamole and Limelight.

I then stamped a scribbly circle (EEG07 in black, all over the card, and infilled with dots (ELB24) in Red Geranium archival before die cutting the Tattered Leaves and movers and shapers (Tim Holtz) as many times as I could from the sheet (A4 size) (forgot a photo of this stage!)
 kind of randomly dropped the leaves on the tag and the glued them down, used 3d foam for some to get some depth.

close up.

Loved this theme, Elizabeth, especially as I made it a day after a(nother) trip to Kew to see the Autumn colour (check here!)

Hope you'll enjoy it too, and please join in - don't forget to use at least one real stamp and you do need a tag!


Hello fellow deskers, it's time for another snoop round our crafty workspaces. If you're  just landed from another planet you may not know what WOYWW is all about - so here is the place to check it out and link up.
And this is my floor today (again if you've just landed you may not know I work on the floor.. yes, my legs protest...)
 two versions of the same picture - one under electric light,
and one with the flash.. this is the more realistic one colourwise!

anyhow, new stash arrived today, couple of new stencils, couple of the newish distress inks and some "snowflake paste" from Finnabair's range for Prima.
thought if I was meant to be cracking on with the Christmas cards, that may come in handy!

On the craft sheet just behind the goodies, are the latest cards in progress.

you can't really see them, but it's a JoFy Paperartsy snowman stamp Hence the snowflake paste.. I expect it's just like any other white texture paste, but we'll have a play and see...
Going to call it a day, as my computer is being temperamental (old, "c" drive is nearly full, need an external hard drive to save my photos to... ) so I'll hopefully be able to link up in the morning!!

Wednesday 7 October 2015


Welcome, time for another tour of the world's workspaces.. Head Desker Julia has the linky tool
I'm hoping Julia will be pleased with me as I have finally started making my Christmas cards... at the weekend, and have done nothing to add to them since!
I started with my favourite technique, a masterboard of paint and stamping on tissue using the new Limited Edition Fresco paints, Professor Plum, Captain Peacock, Granny Smith and Teresa Green.
Some Chalk as a wash over the stamping, to knock it back so I could use them as a background
so, only 8, but it's a start..
The first sheet (with the tissue above) I cut into 4 to fit four card blanks (6x6 inches) and tore the edges

Used slightly different stamps but still from Paperartsy's new Christmas themed Hot Pick plates, for the second sheet and cut them to slightly smaller squares.
Sorry there's no close ups!

To the side of my workspace are two tags I received in a monthly swap I'm in - resist techniques was the latest theme.  I'll try and remember to blog the ones I made for the swap soon!

That's me this week, will come check as many of your spaces out as I can!