Wednesday 28 September 2022


 Welcome back for another Wednesday's WOYWW  - the pre-crop edition. Have managed to book train tickets now just need to decide what I am going to bring to craft with at the crop!   Will be trying to travel light for once....ha ha!  

I spent some time at the weekend trying to get my Dina gloss sprays to  er-  spray -  and created a few backgrounds that may or may not make an appearance on Saturday depending on what makes the suitcase!  
I was rummaging through the box of pre-stamped Dina images and collaged a journal page together,  as I was determined to have something to share this week for a change!

Last Saturday was the final Kew early opening of the season (well it runs to the 30th )  and of course I was there for that 

will really miss the gorgeous low light in future weeks

I'll be really busy at work today (partly because of having a couple of days off but mostly because of the crazy things happening in the mortgage market at present meaning we are madly busy)  so won't be visiting until after I get home,  but happy WOYWW and see you then!  

Really looking forward to the crop, too, and catching up with those of you able to make it.  

Wednesday 21 September 2022


 Morning deskers.  Happy WOYWW to you all.  

I feel since last week all I have done is watch TV - I certainly haven't been crafting!  

I found myself watching the live stream of the Lying in State for ages, on and off.  I didn't manage to catch sight of Sarah though!  I hope your feet have stopped aching Sarah!  

The coverage of our wonderful Queen's funeral was just perfect and all the people who took part and organised it should be very proud of the show they put on.  Britain really does do pageantry and pomp well.  I barely moved all day.  

so, I don't really have a desk for you this week, it's another staged one

I bought another paper today  (Tuesday as I write this) which was as you'd expect, full of photographs from the day.  

the pall bearers who carried the coffin at various stages were amazing

but perhaps the most impressive were the sailors of the Royal Navy who pulled the Gun Carriage Perfectly in time, not a foot out of place. 
I still have the funeral march music in my head as I look at this picture.

this is an image I borrowed from the official press photos.

Saturday morning was Kew 

thanks for looking - I will try and having some crafting to show by next week!!  

Wednesday 14 September 2022


 Happy Desk Day -  a week since we last met, but what a week it's been!  

The news from Balmoral was sudden and devastating and since then I have done little but watch the coverage of the events, well planned, heartfelt, incredibly moving, and just right.  I was surprised at how affected I was by the news, after all, 96 is a great age and it wasn't totally unexpected.  But somehow, I think we all thought Her Majesty would go on  - if not forever, well, for longer! I feel so very sorry for King Charles and the rest of the Royal Family having to grieve in the glare of the world's media and send them my sincere condolences.

My desk today is unashamedly staged! 

I don't usually buy newspaper any more, but wanted to have something to keep.

You may have seen I took to my journal after paying my respects at Buckingham Palace on Saturday morning 

my A4 Seawhite journal,one of my favourite stencils, and a simple message.

Whilst at Buckingham Palace, I got spotted on BBC news...

I had been watching to the presenter, John Maguire, interviewing visitors but hadn't realised I was in shot, till a work colleague What's App'd me 

I haven't totally decided if I am going to go up to London again to stand in what is going to be a very long queue to pass the Queen's coffin lying in state.  I think not, probably.  I know that Sarah is and wish her well. 

I did also follow on to Kew from London 

Please visit Julia's for the link to other crafty desks for What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Sunday 11 September 2022

Remembering Her Majesty

 The news on Thursday of the death of Queen Elizabeth II came suddenly, if not unexpected, given her magnificent age, and  I have like so  many since, been feeling very strange.  It is such a big adjustment to have a King not a Queen, so many of us  knew no other monarch than Queen Elizabeth.

I went to London yesterday to pay my respects and - well, to just be there, it felt like something I needed to do.  The atmosphere outside Buckingham Palace even at 7.30  in the morning, was unlike nothing I have felt before.  There was a quiet, almost hushed feeling,  Many people leaving tributes and others like me, just wanting to be there.  there are some photos on my other blog if you are interested

Today, I took to my journal.

The Queen was known for her strong Christian beliefs throughout her life, and whilst I do not necessarily share them, this is one of my favourite stencils, (Stencil Girl)  and I wanted to use it for my backdrop to the postcard I bought yesterday  (I don't have a printer to copy one of the many thousands of images that have been shared since her death, and I didn't want to cut one out of the paper I bought as a memento of this sad time)  

We will never see the like of Queen Elizabeth again, but I think we are in safe hands with King Charles III (how odd does that sound, it still doesn't seem real, although watching the TV coverage of the coffin leaving Balmoral this morning, it is sinking in)  

I send the entire Royal Family my sincere condolences (as you have to grieve in public) at this sad time.  

 Rest in Peace, Your Majesty. 

Wednesday 7 September 2022


 Morning  deskers, time for another week's WOYWW     We're edging closer to our crop, I must do some travel sorting!!   I have accommodation sorted thanks to Julia but right now no idea how I'm getting there. 

But first, some crafting!  I was watching YouTube on Sunday morning as I often do, in bed on my phone (useless, screen is too small for that really but I don't have a tablet or laptop). Anyhow, I saw something that inspired me and I was up and at it! 

the background on the journal page already had a gloss spray of the flowery stencil on it and I just went in over the top with more stencilled layers

it is a very loose interpretation of my visit to the Tower of London to see the Superbloom planting for the Queen's jubilee.  (pics of the real thing here)

I even used the foam alphabet stamps (Tim Holtz) for the first time yay!

then later on another page,

again, some of the pink background was already down,  leftover from something or other.

the faces were already stamped from an earlier session (a Dina Wakley supporter demo probably)

Had another lovely visit to Kew on Saturday - a first real taste of autumn mist in the air, just gorgeous!  pics here 

and as I shared to FB at the time - double shadows just for Julia!  (my buddy Kim from the regulars group on the left, me on the right)

both equally laden with camera equipment!  

Thanks for looking, happy Wednesday.