Wednesday, 28 December 2022


 Happy WOYWW everyone, (at least I think it's Wednesday and I think there'll be a WOYWW!)   I hope you enjoyed your Christmas.   

I don't have a desk to share today so I'll add a few photos from Christmas at my brother's.  

there were lots of presents under the tree - they took a long time to open as it is always one at a time rather than a free-for-all   
my niece likes to spread out present time!!
my brother opening one in between cooking dinner

the table was smartly laid - Christmas at my brother's is about the only time I eat at a table these days (can't get to my dining room table)

my niece and my SIL on either side at the front, my SIL's mum and dad and my nephew on the right.

brother is taking another photo at the same time...

I had rather an uncomfortable night on the air bed on the floor.... hence only staying one night (but my brother was driving his in-laws home today 
so wouldn't have been able to bring me home then too)

I had some lovely gifts, (plus a bottle of wine from my nephew which is missing from the photo)
the handbag is from my boss, the colouring book from someone at work at the rest from my brother and fmily.

Tuesday I went to Kew, pretending it was Saturday and confusing Julia, sorry!  

I'm hoping to get some time to craft today - I have to wait in for a new lens for my camera as when I got to Kew and tried to take the first photo, the auto-focus wouldn't work, and I could only take photos on manual mode.  Luckily although the camera is now several years old, the lens is still available and good old Amazon will deliver today! 

  I should at least be able to get to visit you all in a timely fashion and in the meantime will wish you a Happy New Year .  Wonder if 2023 will flash by as fast as 2022 has done!  

Wednesday, 21 December 2022


 Good morning fellow deskers and welcome to the last desk before Christmas....I'm still not ready!  

But, tis Wednesday, tis time for WOYWW  and time to meet Julia and fellow deskers to see what crafty wonders they've been up to...

I am sharing the "desk" this week, slightly stages with a wrapped gift ready to have a label added,  

and I folded a scrap of leftover masterboard I was using for Christmas cards, to fashion a little "purse" to hold a monetary gift for my niece.. loosely tied as I haven't yet got the cash from the bank to add to it!

had the light been better when I was rummaging in the ribbon box I might have found one that matched better....

I've had a last minute invitation to my brother's for Christmas (he's quite local, but due to Covid we've not got together for the last few Christmasses...) so my planned Christmas dinner for one will wait until I am home again.  It will be good to catch up with him, my SIL, niece and nephew and my SIL's parents.. 

Last Saturday was the last pre-Christmas visit to Kew (they are shut this coming Saturday, Christmas Eve)  and there was leftover snow and much beauty... here's a sneak peak in case you don't have time to visit the whole blogful!

the dogwoods round the pond were stunning in the wintery sun
loved the icicles on the statue's hand
my mate Kim and I did laugh at the gulls sliding on the ice on the lake as they landed! 

so that's all for this week,  just time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and good wishes for the new year - hope to see some of you next week in between the festivities.

thanks for visiting. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2022


 Well, another week has flown by and it is time for WOYWW again..

I don't have anything remotely crafty to share with you this week... nothing, nada, zilch..

I tried to photograph my window sills decorated for Christmas... this is the living room with the battery operated flashing lights (can't have ones that need a power supply as I can't clear the space to a socket...

forgive the reflections in the window, can't do anything about that ! 
the huge piles of crafty overflow supplies don't do much for the look either!

I decided to write the Christmas cards and post them after all, as I was starting to receive some in the post so figured that some "proper" mail was getting through the backlogs.. so fingers crossed!

Last Saturday at Kew it was really cold, and very frosty... 
the resulting photos were worth it though.  

the cold did for my phone though, the battery shut down and I couldn't get it to work until I was on the way home!  It has a habit of doing this though so I think it is soon time for a replacement.

Since then, we've had snow and oh, it would have been magical to be there in the snow (we've not had much, luckily so can still get to and from work, and, strikes apart, transport is still running 

I am looking forward to another visit of course this coming Saturday, which will be the last before Christmas as they close on the 24th and 25th.  

Hope to see some much more interesting crafty spaces from all of you, I'll be round soon. 
Happy WOYWW.  

Wednesday, 7 December 2022


 Welcome again deskers,  time for another WOYWW with Julia and the gang. 

I've kind of abandoned Christmas card prep as I don't think I'm going to post any due to the constant postal strikes and the pictures of all the mounds of undelivered post - according to a girl I work with who's husband is a postman, they've been told only to deliver packages and signed for post.

There's not much of a desk today as a result -  a rapidly wrapped Secret Santa gift as Thursday is our office party and the gifts need to be ready!

Don't even ask if I've done any proper Christmas shopping!

Saturday was of course Kew, a cold day but at least no rain.

monkey puzzle tree

ginko leaves
feeding frenzy at the lake 

Thanks for looking,  I'll be round to visit probably after work and probably after I've decided what to wear to the party (it's a meal at a restaurant so nothing over fancy, thank goodness)