Wednesday, 21 February 2018


WOW! what a great weekend I had last weekend - two brilliant workshops (read about them here)  and time to explore Poole too (read about that here  - the weather was beautiful!)  and so very soon it is time for another desk hop extravaganza with Julia  (link here)

Took my desk shot from a different angle today, the stool I sit at the computer at...

You might be able to spy my set of Seth Apter embossing powders from Emerald Creek (in front of the Tim Holtz stamps
next to my scrub it mat)

I am really hoping to get to play with them soon - they came on Thursday as I was leaving for the workshops..

the journal that is open on the craft mat is my latest page for the France Papillon facebook challenge - two days or two layers behind with this one... must try and get at least one done now
My new WOYWW badge is also on the mat

I need to find somewhere to hang the face, and probably will have to mount it as the board is curving.
Standing in front of it, is a large duck I bought at Poole Quay, I used to collect ducks, but much smaller ones than this!  I can't resist a nice piece of wood, or a duck, however!

if you don't have time to read the full post about the workshops and want a closer look at the projects (I know some of you have seen them so forgive me)
I will add a couple of photos here
 this was my favourite of the two, by far..

 but the altered book

(Inside) was also great fun.

If you are looking for friendly workshops at a great price I can really recommend Brigitte at Let's Be Creative  in Rogate, Hampshire

Thanks for looking, hope you have a great week.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

A fantastic couple of days away - workshops with Antonis Tzanidakis

Just got home from a few days staying at my friend Lin's in Poole, and a great couple of workshops organised by Brigitte of Let's Be Creative with the very talented and very funny Antonis Tzandikis in Rogate. 

Friday afternoon was an altered book. 
 we were each given a book and started cutting out our pages...
 the other attendees were all regulars at the  barn but we were both made to feel very welcome and were soon having a right laugh...

Antonis showing us the next steps...

 stencilled some paste on the insides
 which we painted a creamy white...

the centre of the aperture is a clay molded piece that Antonis prepared for each of us while we were cutting our pages
 mine and Lin's books drying
 more air drying clay for the front cover.. made from a stamp
(Stampendous if you're interested)

 adding some colour...

seem to have got too messy to record the next few steps!
rusting went on...
 Antonis added some gold patina that will tarnish overnight...

the rusty front

 front and back
 and as if by magic, it is the next morning!

Saturday morning we drove back to Hampshire for day two - a fantastic workshop again with Antonis,
 where we were working with a large mdf board and a beautiful image...
 again Antonis showing and helping us with the first steps..
 a gorgeous grey green colour was applied...
 and some concrete paste....
 was great to see familiar faces (Nikki Acton and just behind her Brenda Brown)   sorry for catching you mid biscuit Nikki

 is it inside outside or up and down Antonis??

once the first layer of paste was applied it was time for a thicker layer with a feather stencil.

coffee break in the sun outside whilst the paste dried..

 the barn is in a beautiful setting
 then time to add colour, brown water colour,
 bit of mischief going on with a spray bottle..  payback for Nikki decorating the back of Antonis' hoodie...
 the finished piece
 time to clear up...
 and at home today.... need to find somewhere to hang her on the wall now, I love how it's come out
slightly different angle (and no flash) 


It was a great couple of days - you won't be surprised that I also got out and about with Lin and my camera to see some of the sights of Poole - head over to photosbyh shortly (need to eat my dinner first though!)  for those! 

Whilst staying at Lin's I slept in her craft room which doubles as a guest bedroom... on Saturday night I did a bit of late night doodling...
what a lovely room!

.. in my France journal for the facebook group challenge. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

WOYWW 454 - post show post

Hi happy deskers!  Last week got away with me and I know I missed some desks... this week I will try harder, but I am going away on Thursday; more about that later .  If you need to know where to go to link your desk, it is here

So, post show post it says... Sunday was the stamp show at Stevenage, always used to be one of my favourites, although like so many it's not what it used to be, so many bargain price stands (nothing wrong with bargains, obviously, but not at the expense of "proper" crafting)
As you may have seen in my report, however, my favourite company, Paperartsy announced that apart from Ally Pally they won't be attending shows any more... I am gutted, as that was the only reason I go to most of them

 the full pics from the show are here

but in case you missed it, these are my small purchases...


but that was Sunday and since then I have "tidied" ... well,  moved stuff around a uncover my craft mat

I used some of the new stuff, as I had to make a couple of birthday cards -
this one for my niece (she'll be 18, but this is such a cute duck I couldn't resist using it straight away!)
 and her mum, my sister in law...

JoFY stamps

(arrived on Friday, lol!)
they were a delayed pre-order
and this is what my desk looks like at the time of writing (Tuesday night)

train tickets, a small gift and a list of things I need to pack..

I am heading to Poole (Dorset) to stay with my mate Lin, on Thursday afternoon, and then on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, we are doing a couple of workshops with Antonis Tzanidakis - so I am really looking forward to that.

So, forgive me if I don't have time to visit all of you this week too!  I need to pack Wednesday night as I am working Thursday morning before I go.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Stamperama - Stevenage

So I just got home from the Stamperama show in Stevenage. 
Had a great time - much less eventful journey (there at least) than yesterday - getting home was a bit slower...
So whilst my tea cooks, here are the pics... mostly Paperartsy of course!

 I took quite a while to get round to getting my camera out, so the stall was rammed by then
 Raquel was doing make and takes
 you may recognise Jo (bottom left) and Wendy and Miriam (top right)   Lin and I didn't get round to doing it...
 Leandra and Lauren demoing...
 we did wander off to see what else was around... a few purchases were made...
 but as ever we gravitated back to Paperartsy....

 some of the artwork
 Lauren demoing with Elena's stamps and Tim's stamping platform...
She says I need one!

 Leandra demoing infusions directly applied to a stamp
and stencilled with paint
 we helped her with some cutting out...
 and she gave me her sample!
 mid afternoon, bit of breathing space around the stand

Leandra did drop one bombshell though, that apart from Ally Pally, they won't be attending shows any more, but concentrating on their wholesale side of the business.  So my PA fix in future will be online, or with whichever stockists take their stuff to shows! 

She also said it was OK to tell you all! 
Lin catching up with Kirsten...

 first part of my stash...
second part of my stash!

It was a fabulous day as ever, and lovely to catch up with PAtwits and buddies Lin, Jo, Miriam, Wendy, Kirsten and others I know by sight!