Wednesday, 17 August 2022


 Welcome back for another WOYWW -I'm writing this on Tuesday evening where it has cooled down sufficiently to be wearing proper clothes!  


I cut out the faces from last week and added them to a journal page -  as usual it's a work in progress, I meant to finish it this evening but was watching Kew, a Year in Bloom on Channel 5

I've had an email from the production company to say I'll be included in the episode going out on 30th August (the orchid one)  eek!  

It was hot as they promised at Kew last Saturday - pics here 

(I left when it hit about 30 degrees around 11.30) 

and as I mentioned I had another time slot at the Tower for Superbloom - as they have been talking about on social media, the heat has done for a lot of the flowers and there wasn't much left to see (unless like me you like seedheads!)  Pics of those here 

the cosmos were good though, and the sunflowers 

I left there when it hit 30 degrees too! 10.30 in the morning.... 

thanks for looking and happy WOYWW  

Wednesday, 10 August 2022


 Wow, Wednesday again already!  Time for another get together at the Stamping-Ground for WOYWW...

I hope you're all keeping well and surviving the heat.  Not happy to see the temperatures creeping up again this week!  

so this week I bought some (more) new stamps launched by Dina Wakley on the 1st.

I stamped them on some cardstock 
and then used one of the faces in a journal page
slightly staged shot whilst watching the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games - have really enjoyed watching, mostly the athletics, but also the diving  and I caught some highlights before I went to Kew last Saturday of the rhythmic gymnastics which was fabulous

this is a close up from the shot above... one of the sets of stamps over a painted swatch.
the intention was to have it in a journal page by now.... ah well.  

Not my idea, saw it on you-tube.

and finally, if you didn't see it on Saturday, the link for last week at Kew.  

hibiscus, the size of a dinner plate, growing outside the Palm House.

I'll be round when i can  - but may be later than usual as it is hair cut/colour after work so I'll be home late.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022


 Wednesday again, can only mean one thing -  time for WOYWW with Julia and the gang.

Thanks for all the comments last week

I had a couple of cards that I needed to make last week, so have actually something to share today!

I started with Dina Wakley paints sponged through a stencil (Paperartsy)  

I knew I wanted something over the top
so added some Posca paint pen doodling

one of these is a birthday card and the other an anniversary card for my brother and SIL  

I also played in my A5 journal too

distress oxide stencilling and stamping in similar toned archival inks

I was delighted to get back to Kew on Saturday after my covid absence -  photos here 
don't you just love this sunflower!!

Thanks for looking, and happy WOYWW .  I'll be over soon!  

Wednesday, 27 July 2022


 Happy Wednesday deskers!  It's been another quiet week here, no crafting done again - but time for WOYWW  despite that.   I had to work from home all of last week due to Covid - but it was a very mild dose and I didn't really feel ill at all, luckily.   

I am back at work now,  still tested positive on Sunday but got a call Monday to say go to the office as I was symptom free.  I've gone back to masks on buses and in shops though, better safe than sorry.  I was obviously getting complacent up in London playing tourist.

So, let's see what I can share this week, as I haven't got any crafting...

so some pics of some of my stamp storage  along the wall... 
I've shared them before, and you can't tell that the wooden Ikea boxes which are stacked 4 high in places are double stacked in front of one another (and no, I don't use the contents of them often!)
and the "desk"  space.  journals still sat on the craft mat,  tickets from London still on the mat,  piles of ink pads and paints all over the place...

I can't even share a link to Kew as I didn't go on Saturday - whilst by then I'd isolated for 5 or 6 days, I decided to stay home 
It felt so weird not getting up at 5 and heading out soon after 6.

the one good thing about working from home was not having to step outside during the 2 days of the 40 degree heat even though I was failing to stay cool working!

Thanks for stopping by and this week I will be at Kew, come sun, rain, snow, hail, whatever!  

Wednesday, 20 July 2022


 Hello, welcome to WOYWW  time to join Julia and the gang again - there is even less on my "desk" this week..

two reasons - one several of you saw on FB - 

yep, it got me!  tested on Sunday after feeling when I got home from Kew on Saturday that I had a cold, sore throat... but no...
I reckon it must have been Wednesday, in London that I caught it, it was one of the hot days when I only wore the mask on trains, not inside the Abbey or anywhere else....

so I've been isolating at home, and now working from home,...  

the hottest day ever in the UK  so this is my workspace today (well Tuesday as I write this)  ... 

it's been following me around the room trying to blow air - hotter than I would like - at me...

the only plus side of working from home is that i didn't have to go outside to get TO or from work!

I'm hoping it will go soon - I don't feel bad now, the first day was pretty coldy but no aches and now it's like the end of a normal cold.

so hopefully I will be negative by Saturday or I will have to miss Kew!  

so I'll leave you with the link to Kew from last Saturday 

and a happy sunflower to cheer us all up. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2022


 Welcome to another week's sharing of our crafty workspaces.... mine is bare... well not bare 

but shows signs of where I've been spending my time that I've had off work

I haven't done so much as pick up an ink pad all week

I have been here - 

twice!  Saturday and Tuesday
(Kew, obviously)  

and here 
(Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival) - last Thursday

and here 
Superbloom at the Tower of London - a spectacular display for the Platinum Jubilee)


and here 

St Paul's Cathedral   (Monday) 

 each day out has a post on my photosbyh blog if you have time - but there are lots of photos on each one!  

and by the time you read this I will probably be somewhere else, or on the way somewhere else, for my last day off before returning to work

not sure yet where!

the days out have been shorter than I would normally do as we are in the grips of a heatwave and I wanted to be home before the intense heat each day (apart from Hampton Court when I was out longer )  

Back to work on Thursday, till then Happy WOYWW  and see you at Julia's  

Wednesday, 6 July 2022


 As has been mentioned once or twice round these parts... it's Wednesday again, already!  Which means it's WOYWW again already! Always a great day of the week, time to meet up at Julia's to share our crafty spaces; this week sees me looking forward to a week off work after today. 

I got some new stamps last week, released on Thursday, delivered on Saturday (always great service from Stamper's Grove)   Alison Bomber for Paperartsy

I had to have a play with them at the weekend, in between tennis, cricket, F1 ....

I used the rose hip sets on a journal page
and the brambles set too 
then I played with the distress sprays (uncharted mariner and villainous potion)  and then stencilled the same colours over the top
before adding some focal points , those funky peeps again and the words which are Seth Apter for Paperartsy

so that's me this week -  just time for the Kew link 

I probably won't get any time for visiting at lunchtime tomorrow as I'll be racing to get work finished before my week off so will catch you in the evening.

happy WOYWW!