Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Well last week flew by even faster than usual, and it was so quickly time to go back to work... I had several nice days out once I got home from my friend Lin's in Poole which was also lovely (although we could have done without the rain on the Monday)   It's time for WOYWW at Julia's again!

Whilst there she had to go into Hobbycraft so it would have been silly to sit and wait in the car....

the make up sponges aren't from Hobbycraft, they are from Primark and very good blending they allow too!  (I got those once I got home)  I wish I'd got a set of the pens in black now - these are shades of grey but I am sure I'll find some somewhere else.

 I had to make a couple of birthday cards at the weekend, this one is for my boss's birthday (today )
I used Oxide sprays and the blending sponges to add some oxide ink - very impressed with them using oxide ink

this is on a 8x8 base - it's a big stencil in the background!
and this is a smaller card for another work colleague on Friday.

This was a quick make as I had already got the meeces stamped and coloured and the background was in my scraps box, part of a leftover masterboard.

I am trying to resist Paperartsy this week, they have another new set of paints stamps and stencils being released... I am hoping to get to the end to see them all before splurging (let's face it we all know I WILL splurge eventually!)

I also had a bit of a play in my journal whilst I was off work - several pages but none finished 
This is the one I like most so far...
I was still on a pastel kick at the time with Fresco paints and similarly toned archival ink stamping.

and this one was one I started at Lin's - it felt really odd crafting in someone else's space without all my own things at hand - although we share a lot of the same things we like.

so I kept getting stuck with how I wanted to proceed with things!

this was another page I started there and lost my way on!
collaged background, used a transparent white paint over the top, stamped some characters.

since I got home I've added some Oxide sprays in light colours and got stuck again!

It's a very bad photo as the light is already on and I can't get the phone flash to fire!

a big thank you to Neet for linking me last week although I was in the end home and up to do so myself!
I'll leave you with the link to Kew from last weekend  and my days out in London here  and   here 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019


I am probably not here... I am probably scheduling this post!  However, it is time for WOYWW at the Stamping-Ground again.
slight change of plan, am home... editing my scheduled post!

I have spent  a few days by the sea with my friend Lin in Poole.  Was hoping for good weather.

managed to add this from my phone to the post I started before I went...

this was on Saturday afternoon down at Poole Quay where we enjoyed an ice cream - it was a bit sunnier and definitely warmer than it looks in this photo!

the post I had scheduled included this photo..

I was still playing with the new Paperartsy Fresco paints from last time! I really like the pastel shades they've introduced this time round.

but we had some play time at her huge table in her craft room.

the last time I stayed this also doubled as guest bedroom but as her son and his girlfriend are now living in their own flat, their room is the spare bedroom - so more room to play!

 I''m working in the journal I took with me and Lin is prepping for a craft show she's going to in a few weeks
 she will kill me for including this but probably won't see it....

I took the mice stamps with me and added some of the ones I'd already coloured to this page (and indeed, one to the page I called finished last week!! )

Lin said this mouse went well with the page, as he was coloured in the right colours.

we did get out and about a bit with my camera, but they will be in a post on photosbyh  later - if I get them sorted tonight (Tuesday night)  I will add the link here (done!) 

till then, happy WOYWW

Wednesday, 4 September 2019


Morning deskers.  Once again it's Wednesday and time to share our creative crafty spaces for Julia and the gang at Stamping-Ground for WOYWW 
After last week's poor showing here I had to make sure I have something to show this week (especially as next week I will be away and may not get to join in  on time, unless I get something scheduled to cheat with!!)  
So I spent a bit of time at the weekend playing in my journal 

the finished page - yes FINISHED  

 now for some step by steps.

my new Fresco paints from Paperartsy were looking accusingly from my craft mat at me, so it was time to try some out..

love the blue, called Summer Sky and the light purples are lovely

 also used some of the new JoFY stamps which are just fab - this week I used them as flowers not faces!  (see last week if you don't know what that means!)

 and added the lovely purples and pinks
 and the Cloud 9 (a gorgeous off white) for accents
and splatters - although they are very subtle and I may add some black ones too.   so not finished after all then....

last week's Kew link here    obviously with me being away from the weekend means there'll be a gap in my visits... hope my feet don't take me in the wrong direction!  

Have a great WOYWW  - see you at a desk near here soon.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019


As the saying goes .... whizzbang  it's Wednesday!  or will be by the time you read this and time to check in again with Julia and the gang for another WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday)...

Now, I know I suggested there would be crafting to share after our Bank Holiday weekend .... but what with one thing (the intense heat) and another (a thrilling if tense, day watching the Ashes test match)  not a lot got done...

apart from a little bit of meece colouring!!

I used Sharpies.   but didn't have a very  pale grey or even any browns..
so I stopped.

I also mentioned in my Kew post (here) having come across (two weeks running) our very own Kyla's abandoned art

which I left behind again - partly because I am intrigued to see if anyone does pick it up - but partly because I knew it was there before I came across it so it feels like cheating if I were to bring it home.

I am really hoping that the weather cools down again during the week so I don't melt again at Kew on Saturday, and maybe get to do some proper crafting before we meet again!

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

WOYWW 533 the mega enabling edition

not that I am trying to steal Shaz's crown or anything.  First, let me point you to Julia's for the link you need to join in this fun desk-fest...

so,  enabling...I blame Paperartsy...totally and utterly  and Country View Crafts for such good service!
 these were the first to arrive, that I pre-warned you about last week....they were waiting for me when i got home from work on Wednesday

sorry about the shadow over the photograph... hadn't noticed that before

when I saw the set on the right (under the shadow!) I saw a face and had a play as soon as I could (excuse the appalling colouring in, the light was bad that evening and I hadn't put  my reading glasses on!)

this was just to try them out, not meant to be a work of art!
 then close on their tail were some "mices"

designed by Elenazinski 
i fell in love with them immediately although waited a WHOLE DAY before ordering them!

they arrived in mega -quick time too!
I have got as far as stamping them out (ignore ink smudges  that was me not noticing I'd got ink all over the acrylic block)

then at the weekend Paperartsy announced 8 new colours of Fresco paint...
there was no delaying on ordering those, and they came on Tuesday to the office
as you can see, the mice haven't made it off my craft mat yet!

good job we have a bank holiday on Monday I might get a play day!

Kew link for the Kew fans is here...

I have a new phone so will try and get to visit some desks at lunchtime if it will allow me to comment, otherwise catch you after work!

Wednesday, 14 August 2019


So here we are again... Wednesday.. Whizzday.   WOYWW ... join in the fun at Julia's The Stamping Ground - time to share our crafty spaces and what we're up to. 

You all had some good suggestions for last week's nearly finished journal page but I haven't taken up any of them (yet)! 

I have however done a new one...
 the base background was already there, with the "waste" sprays on a stencil ; where you just lay the inky side onto the journal..(no picture)

I then added some stamping (a script stamp by a Stamp in the Hand which I know Julia loves as we've both talked about it many many moons ago) and which hasn't been used for almost as long!
I stamped in two directions, using yellow ink and purple ink
 then added some circles (paperartsy)  and stamped some Dina Wakley figures on a piece of tissue, 

I actually stamped twice, first in Dusty Concord distress oxide ink but it wasn't quite the right colour for the focal point so I inked again in Thistle archival ink and stamped (very carefully) on top... then fussy cut the tissue.
and added the text, which are both from the same Dina set

I've run the thistle ink pad round the edge of the pages, but the light is poor tonight so it hasn't shown up.

I may yet add some more texture to this but for now it's done

I'm (impatiently) waiting for some new stamps-  Paperartsy sprung some new releases on us (me) starting Sunday with JoFY and her fabulous funky flowers... so there are 3 sets and 2 stencils being processed by Country View Crafts as we speak (I was online ordering before I'd finished reading the blog post announcing them......)  so they should be hear for next week...
By then I may have succumbed to some more orders...  we'll see! 

This weekend coming is meant to be wet so may have to take the brolly with me to Kew - but here's the link to last week's visit in the (windy) sunshine!

Wednesday, 7 August 2019


well this is going to be a short post .... another week has flown by and it's time for desk sharing day... with Julia and the gang for WOYWW..

I nearly didn't have anything to share at all today but I was sitting looking at the journal page from last week, and the paper dolls that I'd pulled out of the pack thinking I could use them...
there are a few challenges around right now with "eyes" as the theme and I had a rummage through a box of Paperartsy stamps.

I still think this needs something else so I'm going to ponder it a bit longer! 

time for the Kew link.... lots of Chinese Water Dragons last week - full post is here  but here are some quick pics to tempt you. (there were flowers as well of course!) 

this is one of the baby ones...

they are fascinating creatures and make my day when I see one - let alone 4 like last weekend!

this article tells you a bit more about them