Wednesday, 20 September 2023


Welcome back for another WOYWW.  Desk sharing day... 

I had a play in my white Dina Wakley journal with the neon paints 

I stamped one of Dina's faces onto a blank transparency (using stuff again!!)  

added some  collage tissue pieces to the page.  
I made a birthday card for my boss

and ordered and received the new neon glosses (they have stopped calling them sprays, and are changing over to droppers rather than sprays due to the clogging problems)

you can at the moment still get spray attachments separately but gradually the droppers will replace them on all the glosses sold. 

The rest of my week off passed in a flash.

I went to London and took the planned tour of Buckingham Palace and really enjoyed the Coronation displays.  The robes were magnificent and the embroidery on the Queen's gown was superb.

unfortunately although not surprisingly you can't take photographs inside.  

this is the back garden where they hold the Garden parties. 

Saturday was another lovely visit to Kew 

the cygnets are growing so fast and losing their grey baby feathers -  the neck looks so soft,  but I wouldn't want to stroke it, I bet they've already got a nasty nip if they fancied!

I'll be heading back again on Saturday although it looks as if my Kew buddy Kim will be missing for a while - she's managed to break her ankle and is in plaster. 

We have a work team meeting which runs over lunchtime so I'll be late visiting those of you I can't do before work.

Happy WOYWW and see you soon 

Wednesday, 13 September 2023


 I am at the half way point of my week's holiday from work. which means it must be Wednesday.. and WOYWW   

I had a few things planned for this week (more of that later) and so finished off the journal page from last week, at the weekend in advance for sharing.   (Kyla,  the leaves on the other page you commented on,  they're from a mask/stencil set, by Dina Wakley)  

took a couple of close ups
the figures are Dina's transparencies, I decided to use some rather than just store them up!  

and some other bits - collage tissue pieces and scraps from a Dina live FB workshop from months (12 plus probably) ago....

so the week off... Monday, as planned, an extra trip to Kew after the late Saturday due to the fun run.  

Tuesday (today, as writing )  NOT as planned and as explained in the blog... meant to be Wakehurst, a Kew members coach trip... short version,  I missed the coach...

for WOYWW day I may just stay in bed....   Thursday I have a slot booked at Buckingham Palace as part of their summer opening, but you're not allowed to take photographs.....(till you get to the garden)  

So, depending on what I decide to do or not do on Wednesday I'll catch your crafty spaces very soon!

Tuesday, 5 September 2023


 Happy Wednesday, deskers.  time for another day desk hopping with Julia  

once again there's not a lot been going on, but I started another couple of journal pages 

neither anywhere near finished

and I prefer the one on the right, as the left page didn't go quite how I (didn't) planned.
there's a layer of stencilling under the top layer that didn't work (no photos)  so it got covered up

we'll see what happens next!  

and because I have't shared the mass of boxes for a while here they are once again.  

the 4 big (no, 5, I can't count) all have Paperartsy stamps in 
behind that are my original storage boxes - double stacked - all with my wood mounted stamps in. (apart from the other boxes elsewhere in the room....) 

it all needs a good sorting out, but it's the kind of job you can't start unless you can finish as it will get worse before it gets better... so best to leave it as is!!

Saturday was of course, Kew 

I'm sure you can tell this is a sunflower
gorgeous colours.

this coming Saturday we can't get in till 11 am as it's the second of the year's half marathons run in the gardens and given that the day is meant to be really really hot that is a pain!  
I'll probably still go though!

Thanks for dropping by, happy WOYWW and see you soon.  
Julia is away so has published early so I  am linking early.  

Wednesday, 30 August 2023


Not sure how it's Wednesday again already, let alone the last Wednesday in August... but here we are, meeting for WOYWW once more...the day we meet to share our crafty spaces or projects.

I had a bit of a nightmare at the weekend as when I got back from Kew I couldn't get the photos to download from the camera... an update by Microsoft had stopped the app that reads the photos from the camera transferring (i think....)  I was all set to have to take the computer in to be "looked at"  on Tuesday (they couldn't do it on Saturday)  but I faffed about on Sunday after I'd stopped panicking, and re-installed the old version of the app and ... bingo.

anyway I am rambling.  Once I'd belatedly got Saturday's Kew trip blogged, I had some playtime on Monday....

I tore the masterboard in half and glued it to each half of the journal, having used another of Seth's new stencils (the one Julia thought looked like teeth...)  round the edges.  

I dithered for some time to think about a focal point and found a couple of older stencils of Seth's (they are all by Stencil Girl) including the large one which is just a small part of a 9x12 stencil.  There are some splatters on the page too but they don't show up very well.... 

Here's the link to the fateful Kew post (so pleased to be able to share it!)  

 the snail that freaked Elizabeth out last week, was still there, and so was this spider 
there was another burst of flowers on this cactus group in the Princess of Wales conservatory too. 
perfect timing!  

thanks for visiting, and I'll see you soon.

Happy WOYWW 

Wednesday, 23 August 2023


 Welcome again, deskers,  tis time for WOYWW .   

It's been another fairly unproductive week (what's new!)  

I added some stamping  layers to the background I started and shared last week....keeping to the same colours and keeping to Seth's stamps.

it's sat on top of the journal I intend to add it to.. either in pieces or in halves with something in the background.... not sure yet!

had intended to play with it Tuesday evening (i.e now)  but I am falling asleep so  not going to risk ruining it and will carry on flicking between the cricket and the athletics...

Saturday of course was Kew,.  my Kew mate Kim wasn't able to make it (she's having problems with gallstones ) so I was on my own.  

I noticed this teeny teeny snail on the centre of an echinacea flower... smaller than my little fingernail.    so cute!  
and in the Temperate House I loved these passionflowers tumbling down the outside of a beautiful terracotta pot.

Thanks for looking, happy WOYWW.   

Tuesday, 15 August 2023

WOYWW 741 (early)

 Time already for another WOYWW -  and indeed Julia has published early as she's off out and about early doors on Wednesday.. I stopped by for the link to find it's already Wednesday in Dunnit-land...

I have splurged again this week.... can't resist a stencil, and when they are designed for Stencil Girl by Seth Apter... well... what's a girl to do..

I'll make it a big photo so you can see nicely!   lots of Seth magic, mark-making favourites...

oh, and one of Alison Bomber's Paperartsy stamps launched a couple of weeks ago fell in too...

first off I played with the Dogwood Blossom stencil (not, you'll realise, one of Seth's!!) 

I had to search out a large enough piece of paper to get the whole image in... found a pad of newsprint paper gathering dust over yonder by the radiator.... perfick!

I used a make-up sponge (Primark specials) and 3 shades of Distress Oxide, including, topically given Julia used it last week, the pale Spun Sugar, attempting some shading with Kitsch Flamingo and Picked Raspberry.  and a splodge or two of Seedless Preserves which is a more purpley ink.

Had to trim it quite hard to fit it onto a journal page.
I intend to stencil some more of the flowers and layer them over the background.    eventually!

then it was time for Seth.... I used a variety of Versafine Clair inks  this time and several of his stencils but it's not progressed since this stage....

still it was a fun hour on Sunday morning...

Here's the link for Kew on Saturday  

the Broad Walk has huge drifts of echinacea and rudbeckia and i love them...

we've had some cracking sunsets the last few evenings too, though i can't see a lot of it from my bedroom window --  too built up, but
Tuesday  - loved the way the rays shone through the cloud

ok that's me done,  Happy WOYWW and I'll see you soon - 
thanks for dropping by!  

Wednesday, 9 August 2023


 With a flash it's Wednesday again and time to meet for WOYWW .  

The weather last Saturday was such that my mate Kim and I decided to leave Kew until Sunday so there was time to play on Saturday.

I'd been watching You Tube and some of Dina's videos and decided to decorate some tags that had been started months ago.
I don't have a sewing machine so used a pokey tool to make some holes to join the tags together with ribbon
we start with the covers

I wasn't going to take individual photos
but I can't work out how to load the video I took on my phone  - or at least make it play! 

Sunday saw the sun come out and it was Kew time...just beautiful! 

there'd have been none of these illuminated petals on Saturday
love the patterns on this leaf.

thanks for looking, and I will be along to catch up soon.