Wednesday 28 February 2024


 Another Wednesday, another month done, just about... another Wednesday another new goodies reveal...

Happy WOYWW indeed!  head to Julia's for the link to the rest of the desks. 

Dina this time.. new stamps and stencils 
you can't really tell from the first photo what this is -  a branchy mask and stencil - a revisit on a long sold out design that is re-introduced 

Not had chance to play yet, they only just arrived. 

page in the black Dina journal from the weekend, playing with the new Dina colours again.  
and a page in the kraft journal too

I actually tore out a sheet of the Dina Collage Sparks collective  - A6 sized double sided pieces of Dina's art to spark your imagination.. I decided it was time to USE one of them... I added to it with a stamped image (right hand side of the front here), one of her male figures stamps) and some transparency (get me, using those as well!)  
the trouble with double sided pieces of art or patterned paper or whatever, is you have to either sacrifice one side, or find a way to add it to your substrate so you can see both sides...  I used a strip of the Dina sticky back canvas tape (first time using that too... what's wrong with me!)

i quite liked the colours on the kraft page (mainly the new mustard paint)  that I didn't want to totally cover that up so instead of using the Dina circles stencil that would blot out the colour, I drew round the circles instead... 

It just remains to link Saturday's trip to Kew and the orchids again 

well ok, I know this isn't an orchid, but I love the purple! 
these are orchids though!  

Have a happy desk-hop and see you soon!  

Wednesday 21 February 2024


 Wow, it's Wednesday again, must be time for WOYWW 

What have you been creating this week?  

I'm still of a bit of a card making kick

and journal play too...

the new Dina Wakley paint colours are really pretty!  

Kew on Saturday was  as usual, lovely.  Kim managed to get there as she is down to one crutch and getting mobile again, and after several long months it was great to catch up in person rather than What's App 

hopefully Mary Anne will be able to see the bigger chameleon - made from mosses and pieces of plant   .  
we found some beautiful funghi under the tree ferns in the Temperate house 

Thanks for looking, happy WOYWW  

Tuesday 13 February 2024


 Here we are again, Wednesday - time for another get together with Julia at the gang at the Stamping-Ground. 

It's been a kind of card making week - well Sunday; seems to be my only crafting time these days. By the time I get home from work and eaten, all I want to do is slump in front of the tv. 

I used the new Paperartsy products mainly although the centre piece is from a previous Paperartsy release that i'd not inked before...
you can see I like that numbers stencil lots!

the dragonfly is from a Tracy Scott Paperartsy release from a year or (more) ago.. again not used before!
then I played more in the journal - the numbers stencil again!!  I stamped loads more different numbers over the page, and the new Paperartsy birds -  I don't like the way this page turned out I wish I;d left it at the numbers!  
started another couple of journal pages too... 

was quite a productive Sunday!  

Kew on Saturday was another walk round the orchids mainly but outside, lots and lots of crocuses.   
the smallest of the chameleons in the display is so cute!
had it not been so muddy from the week's rain I would so have laid down on the grass to get closer to the crocus "carpet"

I wish you all a happy WOYWW and Valentine's day if you celebrate, with your loved ones.  See you next week. 

Wednesday 7 February 2024


 I have to start by talking about the tragic news about Zoe's son.  Zoe was a big part of WOYWW for a long time and we followed her son Keagan's career as a jockey with interest.  I was stunned beyond belief to see via Facebook and then on the BBC website, about his untimely death in a race at the weekend.  I cannot begin to know what Zoe and the rest of her family are going through.  

I am sure all deskers who knew Zoe will feel the same.

So, desk time then... I had another delivery in the week - the last for a while I think. (probably)

some new paints from Dina, very pretty colours!  
The blue would be right up Zoe's street (her beloved Bristol Rovers'  team colours) 

the page I didn't share last week for fear of having nothing this week, got wrecked and painted over in black gesso before adding some of the new colours, just to test them!  
I carried on in my A5 sized journal...
and made a couple of cards...

the colours on this one were whilst I was watching Liverpool (sadly losing) on Sunday, they were playing in our purple away strip....

The first weekend of Kew's Orchid Festival was fabulous  lots of colour in the Princess of Wales conservatory...

the animals the team makes always make me smile

main display.

I'll be back again this weekend.

I will be late home from work today, so if you're not a very early desk poster, I'll be round when I can! Happy WOYWW 

Wednesday 31 January 2024


 The last Wednesday of January - who stole that month?!  Welcome along for another round of WOYWW with the deskers at Julia's  

I had my new goodies come.... both on the same day, one to work (too big for the letterbox) and one at home (did fit the letterbox!)  

all courtesy of Paperarty's new releases and Stampers Grove for speedy service...

I put some of them to play straight away (well at the weekend)

a journal page
a  card (I need a birthday card for a friend but not sure she'll quite appreciated being labelled "aged to perfection" although she is the same age as me!) 

another journal page... I was watching You Tube and saw one of the Paperartsy followers playing with the new stamps from Seth - the words particularly.

she had inked the words in (black ink) and then added some of the paint - I used the tomato and the rusty fresco you spread a bit of paint over a surface (she used an acrylic block I used my craft mat) and then stamp the stamp onto the paint before transferring it to your journal page  - only tried it on the "tortured texture" words  but like the grungy effect and will be using it again. 
then I finished the pink page from last week - added a few bits to the little tag and fixed the tag to the page. 

I did start another page but I think this is enough for one week - and besides, I might not do anything this weekend and will be forced to stage a desk next time!! 

I also had a nice morning at Kew, it turned sunny and almost felt mild!  

the witch hazel is coming out nicely

Next Saturday is the first day of the orchids festival so there will definitely be colour then!

Thanks for looking, will catch your desks very soon.  Happy WOYWW.   

Wednesday 24 January 2024


Happy Wednesday deskers,  I hope none of you suffered damage from Storm Isha (or Jocelyn who is hard on Isha's heels...)  that means it's time for WOYWW again 

I had a bit of a play in the small kraft journal again at the weekend 

I added to the blue page.. 
and added some more to some "waste" paint on the adjoining page 
there's a small tag started to add to this page but it didn't get photographed!
I made a birthday card for a friend (she won't see this so it's ok to share it) 
the background is a sheet of paper that I overstamped  and the butterfly is stamped on tissue 

Neet, you wanted to know about the Sacred bamboo plant that I shared last week ... luckily, Angela (Crafting with Jack) checked it out and left a comment which I've copied here  - thanks, Angela.  

I had a look for you: This Flower Essence is for opening and aligning the main chakras to receive light energy. It helps us be a heavenly bamboo, a wonderful, flexible pillar of light. - Helps us stay grounded in our divine identity especially during spiritual growth spurts.

It’s not at a bamboo and the berries are poisonous to people." 

it is a member of the berberis family and it's true name is nandina domestica (that's my contribution! )

 I had a much happier day at Kew on Saturday, no more January blues - you can see all the pics here   it wasn't as cold as I anticipated (or perhaps it was all the layers)

the pond was frozen - it had been a very cold week!

It will have thawed out by now.  

Thanks for looking, happy WOYWW 

There will be new goodies next week, Paperartsy are on a new release week (ordered from both of the first 2 days, one more to come...)  They are also celebrating 20 years of business... and I am probably responsible, given how much of their stock I own!  


Wednesday 17 January 2024


 We find ourselves at Wednesday again, WOYWW day... head to Julia's for the links   

I hope you are all keeping warm, it's turned a tad cold hasn't it!  Luckily we've had no snow here, and not meant to.  

there is a wide angle view of the floor-desk  today. 
I was playing around in the small kraft journal at the weekend 
I did mean to finish the page before today's WOYWW but ....
why break the habits of the last few weeks!

Saturday was a very grey day at Kew and I was feeling as grey as the day, so didn't take many photos - hopefully the coming Saturday will be brighter and with more colour! 

there were a few pops of colour....

berries on the Sacred Bamboo  (I must find out why it's called that)

and the bright yellow Mahonia

thanks for looking - it's likely I'll be late visiting, unless you link before I head to work,  as I probably won't get time at lunchtime to stop by.

Happy WOYWW!