Wednesday, 20 March 2019


Hi deskers, it's Wednesday again, time to share our desks chez Julia.. who is probably sitting in the sun right now...
You all know I've been in a spendy phase, right?    err....

 first up, stencils (I mentioned them last week, and both lots arrived at the same time)

the top 3 are by France Papillon (I've got the small version of the circles already, but fancied the bigger ones too.)

the bottom three are from the Crafters Workshop - they keep on releasing fab new stencils!
the tree, in the middle I blame on You-Tube...

then, I got a newsletter from Country View Crafts that tempted me .....
these papers arrived today
10 double sided sheets of gorgeousness - plus the backs of the front and back covers. 

sorry about the glare from the light!  I didn't want to take them out of the packet. 

it's a set called Mechanical Fantasy.

I did a little more faffing with the A3 sheet that is currently a bit like a masterboard...
 more oxide splatters, I love the drips

some white to make it pop, some more stamping,

it still isn't done as a background, it needs some black I feel.

May not use it for die cuts now, may use it in journals, or some of it.

I also flipped it over to dry it from the back too, I like the back as well!

I had a bit of a play in a journal with some of the new stencils too, and the colour is largely mop up from above. 

so, that's me.  what have you been up to this week?  I'll drop by when I can (after work unless you're a real early bird!) 

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

WOYWW 510 - spray time!

Time already for another desk-day  for WOYWW  week 510.   follow the link to find out more (though I can't believe you don't know!)

Had some more happy mail, the distress oxide sprays landed.

they arrived at work at the end of last week and at the weekend I had a little play...
the green journal page lots of you liked last week,
I added some sprays (stuck to the blue and green theme,  used Peeled Paint and Faded Jeans)

for the dragonflies (using new stamps from a couple of weeks ago) I stamped onto the page (bumpy) and onto tissue and painted it with Fossilised Amber spray

then I used some mop up paper
 that I'd  been using under the dragonflies,

and just played.

  I like the drops I splattered on and let dry,

the colours are a little more intense in real life, although they are the paler colours I have used so far.

the oxide sprays seemed to dry quite fast which was good as it is only thin copy paper so I didn't want it to disintegrate whilst I was drying it

added some stamping in similar coloured archival inks

I'll either use it as a masterboard and cut/tear it up for other projects or I might use some of it for die cutting.   It will need a bit of gentle flattening as it's a little wrinkly!

Or, when my new stencils arrive (ahem)  I may add to it....
watch this space!

There was of course, a visit to Kew on Saturday (pics here)

Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Time for another WOYWW ..  time to gather at Julia's The Stamping Ground  and our desk-sharing day.
Thanks for all the comments last week  - can't show you a finished canvas, because - it isn't! 
There are a couple of journal pages that have developed a bit (I have decided to finish up the part-done pages I was working on last year for the France Papillon facebook group ALAD/ASAW (a layer a day/a spread a week) challenge that fell by the wayside...

this one is kind of finished (I think)

and this one most definitely isn't! 

Eagle eyed viewers (or fans of Paperartsy) might recognise new shapes in the blue page..

....Happy mail has arrived! 

a selection of new stamps, new stencils,  and Seth's new Baked Texture and Baked Velvet embossing powders.

The large flower stencil (by JoFY) is what I used in the blue page above.

The smaller flower is a JoFY stamp from an earlier stamp set that more or less matches the stencil shape (there is a new stamp to go with the new stencil but I had to stop adding things to my basket so that's for another day!)

I have also had an email to say that my Distress Oxide sprays have been dispatched too. 
(at last!) 

I had a 500 photo strong visit to Kew last Saturday - quite a few of which found there way onto the blog here  if you have (quite a bit of) time to look! 
As you may now, I love taking close ups.. this is one of my faves from last week. I will be making a final visit to this year's orchid display this coming Saturday  - that month went quick!

I'll leave you here as you'll need to get on with more desks!  happy WOYWW   Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

WOWW? 508 - WIP, that's what!

Amazingly, at the weekend after Kew on Saturday (glorious - check here - )   I, (much like Julia it seems)  spent some time on Sunday  morning pruning a couple of large shrubs in my garden (it is at the front of the maisonette, so meant to be kept neat... ahem!) and then I played...

So, for the first time in ages, for my WOYWW desk share, there is actual proper crafting!!

It is still only a WIP... needs lots doing to it but I'll share a couple of the in progress pics - that amazingly, I remembered to take as I went along...
 I started by sticking some pieces of cheesecloth to a canvas board with heavy gesso
 and then got out my Dylusions sprays that hadn't seen the light of day for a fair while...
 added more texture... torn book pages, and scraps of paper (using scraps, whatever next,  from the leftovers of diecuts cos you just can't throw them away can you...)

then added glass bead gel and some art stones

starting adding metal embellishments and some wooden flowers too...

added some more sprays - Lindy's this time... in the gorgeous colour that is Tibetan Poppy Teal and Bells of Ireland Green (way too much) 

and thought oh s&*t I've ruined it... but they dried lighter and some dry brushing with white acrylic paint helped

and there it sits... waiting the next layers..

needs more metal.. and some more stamping and text of some kind... but that is for another day and I have kept you far too long, Julia will be putting me on the naughty step!

Do try and check the Kew photos - there are some beauties.. let me tease you!

not bad for a phone pic, eh! 

sadly after a fabulous few days we are forecast rain on Saturday so the droplets may be rain rather than from a watering system!   

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

WOYWW 507...

It's time to welcome you to my crafty space for another Wednesday's WOYWW  only there isn't very much going on... so this is a bit of a staged post today.

I was wondering what to share with you today (and if I am brave enough in a minute I will share something really scary)

I've had a  new stencil sat on top of some new stamps waiting to be inked (I don't usually put my new Paperartsy stamps away in the boxes until I've used them)

Whilst I summon up the courage to share the picture of shame..   I took the stencil out and tested it out
I started on the piece of patterned paper under the journal to start with, but it was too patterned to show off the stencil

so I grabbed a matte spray (by That's Crafty) in aqua, and opened the journal.  If I had been thinking I'd have used a double page so I could have 'reverse printed' the image rather than wipe off the stencil.

I quite like the aqua spray though!

ok  am I brave enough..   You've seen pictures of my craft space (living room, don't forget) which is - er... full...

here is the "overflow"  (dining room or second bedroom depending on your needs... don't even go there!)

it's become a bit of a dumping ground (I wonder what the window cleaners think when they come..  I only think this on the day - today-  when they do come - they've just collected their money) (writing this Tuesday night as usual)

the table - that IS a table there, top centre... is full of books that won't fit in bookcases - apart from the front edge which has piles of craft stuff...   bear in mind all that craft stuff on the floor was once in the living room .... I do intend to go through the stuff in here... I might even read the pile of magazines (bottom centre) - they are craft magazines, mostly Stampington ones - I don't buy normal magazines.
So, the overflow room of shame... my shame..   Do you dare show yours?  Head to Julia's for the details

Shall we finish with something pretty to make us feel happy?
from Kew (here) on Saturday
there was a huge display of crocuses, they were stunning.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019


Hi deskers, here we are again! thanks for all your comments last week; and it was especially good to be able to comment on the Sarah and Zsuzsa's sites after they've been de-google +'d!  

This weekend (after Kew - gorgeous orchid pics )  I had some birthday cards to make,  and although my SIL does sometimes read my blog I don't think she stops by these posts so can share the cards I made

I used distress oxides for the background (bundled sage, twisted citron and picked raspberry)  and the stamp in picked raspberry is an old old favourite by Stampington. 

I used some of my new dies for the accents

this is for my SIL  -

and this for my niece - they have birthdays one day apart  so I always get them made and sent at the same time.

the large flower here is by JoFY for Paperartsy and I painted it with spritzed distress oxides in yellows and oranges.
I also played in my journal page with some mop up ink (the purple version of the first card didn't quite work so has been demoted to the scraps box) 

the stamps are new, from Paperartsy (Sara Nauman designs)

so quite a productive weekend, after a glorious morning at Kew (will be going back again this weekend obviously!) 

Oops, haven't told you why we're here... it's WOYWW of course, where we meet each Wednesday to share our creative spaces... see you there

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

WOYWW 505 - enabler alert (again)

Er... sorry!  been spending pennies again.  But before I share, let me welcome you back for another Wednesday desk hop... time to share all with Julia here 

  this time I bought the new thinlet wildflower dies, 5 to a set this time, and a friend wanted to know the difference in size to the others - the ones on the right are the original smaller ones (7 to  a set) and the ones on the left are the Bigz dies.

 then I thought you'd need to see them all in their packaging for a bit more of an idea.

sorry about the glare on the pic.  and the smaller pack has some spares inside kept safe for use on a project!

Seems the best place to store die cuts...
 I had a couple of friends who had birthdays recently, so I used the original smallest thinlets (as the others hadn't come and the bigz didn't fit the card blank I was using!)

both ended up being very similar

I have more goodies on pre-order but it'll be a while till they come (the Distress Oxide sprays, I couldn't resist in the end, even though I swore I didn't need more sprays... but having seen them in demos I caved.....
I am also very tempted (to the extend that they are sat in a virtual shopping basket) with the new Seth Apter Baked Velvet  embossing powders.. also a pre-order... by the time you read this they may have been purchased too!    Till next week,  happy desking! 

In case you missed it, last Saturday was SUNNY and Kew was beautiful... lots of pics on the other blog (here)  but here's my favourite to tempt you over...

I love the duck that sped through my shot!