Wednesday, 20 January 2021


 Hello deskers, welcome - it's Wednesday again (you knew that, right?!)  time for another desk-share - WOYWW with Julia. 

As several of you wanted to know a bit more about the gloss sprays, this is just for you... 

I am not really used to them yet... I watch a lot of You Tube videos though.. (Dina Wakley's own channel, and Niamh Baily are good for gloss spray inspiration...) 

Anyhow,  they are gloss paint sprays 

they come in these colours, and some more, pastels that I don't have yet - they match the Dina Wakley heavy body paints (which I love!) so you can mix and match with them 

So at the weekend, well Sunday (Saturday disappeared in You Tube..)....

I had a bit of a play.

this was about ten minutes' worth.

taking instruction from one of Dina's videos, spray and flip...

(spray through the stencil, then flip the stencil onto another surface...and spray again)

on the left, a sheet of mixed media paper (Cass Art)  on the right a piece of plain white card stock

in my big A4 Seawhites journal, pages also gesso'd

I like these pages!

You can't really see the gloss in the photos, but they are glossy!  
white cardstock
the white tag is one of Dina's white tags (Ranger)

this was on one of the heavy watercolour pages in the new Dina journal - gesso'd first as recommended
The flourish would have worked better if I'd held it down on the page as I sprayed. Hindsight, wonderful eh?! 

It is best to clean your stencils immediately you've finished with the gloss sprays as being acrylic paint they stick and dry fast to the stencils... but I've never been one for excess cleaning!  

this was using paint, and again stems from a Dina video - using big brushes, although this was only a 1 inch brush (I don't have her bigger one)   you put 3 drips of paint on your worksheet and dip the tip of a very watery brush in the paint and make patterns.

first go, so not entirely satisfactory but I have plans for the page

I might have a go on one of the other surfaces in the book next week (got it wrong,the linen type pages are in one of her other journals! this one has the watercolour paper, denim and white burlap.and yes, there will be bleed through on the fabric pages)  

I hope this helps you - messy, (very messy) but fun!  

I have more goodies on the way (oops)  hopefully will be here for net week.  Till then, happy desking and stay safe everyone.  Don't forget your mask!  

Wednesday, 13 January 2021


 Happy Wednesday again... time for WOYWW already again. 

I have no crafting to share this week, but I do have enabling... 

I gave in and ordered the "blue" Dina Wakley journal (and some other bits) from Art from the Heart whilst they were closed for Christmas/New Year and they came on Monday - would have been Saturday but I had them sent to work so delivery Monday!

they have the best Dina range!   
 I had to stop myself getting more....  

it's called the blue edition because it is blue (!) and  it has denim pages in as well as linen and very thick watercolour paper and burlap (hessian) too.

I can't wait to play, especially with the gloss sprays in it.

last week Julia asked if the box in view on my "desk" was a new box of goodies she would need to be inspired by --  it's the one with the gloss sprays in that I just moved!  

So that is me for today.... stay safe everyone.  

Wednesday, 6 January 2021


 Welcome deskers to another WOYWW (What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday) - new year, new lockdown.... hey ho!   Time to meet up with Julia and the gang for our weekly desk-sharing-baring day... 

So after a solo-Christmas I had a few more days off work until Monday, and whilst I didn't do half the crafty things I intended, I did get a stack of birthday cards made to see me ahead a bit - I always seem to be making them last minute!  

artfully staged but no close ups!

Before I spread them out a bit, took  my "desk" shot!  Obviously didn't spend any time sorting or clearing or tidying either!

Did complete another journal page 
mixture of stencilling, stamping, and writing

it's my brother's birthday today, he and my sister were twins, (she was the one who got me into rubber stamps, so it's all her fault!)  
He won't see this, and I hope his card arrives on time, I had it ready good and early and then forgot to write and post it!!

the scruffy bird stamp I call Harry, I love him!  
He was feeling unused and unloved as he'd been languishing in a box of stamps for months...

So, lockdown again... No working from home this time though (despite the rules), it just didn't work effectively (too many computer programmes and systems didn't run properly at home; and trying to make phone calls through the tiny work laptop was a nightmare -  and so I am still going to be going into work.) Don't worry, all Covid-secure as far as we can (as we have been for the last few months) ,back to  single room occupancy, and no mixing without masks. I do feel guilty about that, but it just wasn't practical.  

I really wish I hadn't missed my haircut though, it is going to be WILD by the time we are allowed to go to a hairdresser!  

anyway, enough of that, it's WOYWW so a happy day!  off to visit some desks!  

Wednesday, 30 December 2020


 Good morning and welcome to the final WOYWW of 2020 (thank goodness 2020 is over!)  WOYWW is the brainchild of Julia at the Stamping-Ground    I can't say I will be sorry to see 2020 come to an end, although it doesn't look as if 2021 is going to start off much better with COVID numbers shooting up again here.  

I hope you all had a happy Christmas and were able to spend it - if not exactly how you wanted - doing what you wanted!  For me, that was a lovely roast dinner (for one)  and lots of tv. 

I had a small pile of gifts to open...
which I meant to re-photograph in daylight but forgot

the box just off shot to the left is a bath/shower set (part of the gift from my boss Monica, with the pashmina/scarf  and a gift voucher ) and the box on right  holds a stencil and some mixed media "souffle" texture paste; from my sister in law and brother

I've intended to do lots of crafting over the holidays - I am off work until next Monday - but not got a lot of it done yet..

but I've added some stencilling over the A4 journal page I shared a couple of weeks ago when I played with some of the gloss paint sprays

the stencil is Dina's too...
and my smaller, normal journal - a mix of Dina stamps and stencils and some added Paperartsy leafy stamps (in the dark green) 

I may not get to link quite as early this week as I've been enjoying lying in and not waking as early as normal but will have plenty of time to visit your desks during the day. (I'm writing this and scheduling as normal on Tuesday night)

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

WOYWW 603 - it's Chriiiiiisssssstmaaaaaasssssss

 Well, nearly!  A very unusual Christmas for everyone this year, obviously, and those of us in Tier 4 means no mixing except for people in your "bubble"  but I don't really have a bubble (apart from socially distanced covid safe work colleagues)  so it will be Christmas at home for me.  Not that that is all that unusual, I often do it after all.  

but before we get on to that, time for our final WOYWW before the big day!  

I don't have any crafting to share this week - unless you count some wrapped Christmas presents!  Luckily, I decided to get out early on Saturday morning to buy the few gifts I needed - thank goodness I didn't leave it till Sunday or I'd have been reduced to wrapping vegetables from the supermarket after the announcement of tier 4 and the shutting of non essential shops.

so Sunday morning saw me wrapping said presents...

you can see what a small space I had - good thing the gifts were small in size and number!  (my space I kneel to craft in...)  

I hope to be able to at least swap gifts with my brother before Friday even if it means just a brief chat on the doorstep! 

I have said before that I don't have room for a Christmas tree - well I sort of do, a tiny tree with lights on the tips of the branches, on my hall window cill overlooking the street (that's the lights further back, outside lights from along the road.)

I finish work today (Wednesday) until 4th January, a nice long break - would be better if I could go to Kew as I had intended, a couple of times, but whilst they remain open I will forego my time slots and follow the rules to stay home where possible.
I hope that most people will also follow the rules and not mix in larger numbers than allowed, or travel too far, or we'll never get out of this mess!

Wishing you all as happy a Christmas as you can this year - and hopefully next year we will be better placed to celebrate .  Happy WOYWW!  

Wednesday, 16 December 2020


 Time is flying, and it is  Wednesday again - time for WOYWW  when we share our crafty spaces.... not that there is much happening here.  

I finally got my list written for this year's cards and on Sunday morning I got them written...

in bed!  laid out on the duvet  (them, not me)

I really must put a cover on the second half of the duvet (it's one of those dual weight ones so you can mix and match and the lightweight summer bit is now pulled up too... but it should be in a cover really.

I went out on Sunday to post them so hopefully they're well on their way now.   The cards may be sent but there hasn't been a lot of present buying yet - running a wee bit late on that front... good job there aren't many, but I can't say I'm really in the mood this year.  

I spent a little while on Sunday testing out some of the gloss paint sprays I got last week - they take a bit of shaking to mix and there is at least one that doesn't seem to have a mixing ball, I've tried stirring it with a stick to loosen it,  but with no luck yet.

I'll give it another go soon (been too tired after work this week)

the colours are good though,  and the on the smaller journal is one of my new stencils (firework bursts) which I like.
(distress oxides for that)

I had a great morning at Kew last Saturday - was lovely to be back again, although now London has gone into tier 3 restrictions I don't know if I'll take up my time slot this week - although as I come under tier 3 here anyway, I am allowed to travel there... will see  how it goes.  The photos are here  

what a colour these callicarpa berries are!

Happy WOYWW to you - I'll catch up with your crafty spaces soon.  

Wednesday, 9 December 2020


 Well Saturday was a lot of fun hanging out on Zoom with fellow WIYWWers,  Good to see so many of you there!  

Unlike a normal crop though I didn't just eat cake and had to make my own coffee!  I know, shocking!

my set up for the morning made my  knees ache even more than normal when working on the floor

as i had to keep kneeling up to be seen!  

(I'm second in on the top row) 

In the afternoon I did clear a basket of "stuff" and put the computer a bit lower down, but it still wasn't very good - the lead didn't reach any further though

I got quite a few more Christmas cards made and carried on crafting before the afternoon session, when I took to my journal

my pile of cards (teetering on the basket I moved for the afternoon..)  now comes the writing and posting!  
I have started to receive some lovely cards so must get them on the way.

this is the journal page I started in the afternoon

now, enabling... 
the goodies that I had hoped would arrive before Saturday..

these came on Tuesday (today as I am writing)

and these on Monday to work 

hoping to have a play with them this coming weekend..

although I have got a time slot at Kew so will be going there on Saturday morning

Right, had better stop,  taken up too much of your time

head to Julia's for the link for the desk hop - see you soon!