Wednesday 17 July 2024


 Hello, deskers, Happy WOYWW time for another trip round the desks of the world. You can join in at Sarah's Craft Shed. 


I don't have a lot to share this week -  a page in my square Dina kraft journal.

The weekend was a bit sport heavy after Kew on Saturday (and this weekend will be golf filled!) 

it was a shame England couldn't manage to win the Euros but Spain deserved to win.  

Kew was good though, after Kim and I dodged some unexpected early rain! 

the swans by the lake thought we had come to feed them!  they're quite friendly though.  the cygnets are growing fast!  

Hoping for a sunny trip this weekend - so far, the forecast is looking decent!  

Happy WOYWW and I'll be round to see your desk soon. 

Wednesday 10 July 2024


 Hello deskers,  happy WOYWW to you all.  Another week flew by and it is time to meet up at Sarah's for the weekly desk hop. 

I took my birthday cards down at the weekend and thought to photograph the hand-made ones.(not all deskers) 

top left, LLJ, Miriam,
bottom left my cousin Angela (collage of her photographs) Lesley and Cindy. 

in between football, tennis and Formula 1 at the weekend I made a journal page on a linen page in the original Dina Wakley journal.

based on something she did in one of her supporter FB live posts. 

Saturday at Kew was wet - very different to the previous weekend (most of the week has been wet, it's getting boring now)

it was a water drop kind of day! 
though it did stop for about 20 minutes!  

I'll be along to check out your desks soon.  

Wednesday 3 July 2024


 Happy WOYWW deskers, happy July...   Sarah will have the link for you to join in and share your desk too.. 

Thank you all for the birthday wishes last week.  The champagne remains un-drunk, it was too hot for it last week (and I can't drink a whole bottle on my own)  

last week was new release week -  by Dina... 

more transparencies (I photographed the back of the packet so you can see the images included easier), stencils and some stamps...
and Paperartsy (with an ink pad thrown in for the free postage you do) 

on the left, designed by Seth Apter,  and on the right by Alison Bomber (they both had 3 sets in their releases, but I was restrained and only got one  from each of them...)
I had a bit of a play in a square journal using Alison's stamps.

Kirsty from work gave me some flowers... 

the lilies smell fabulous!  

and of course, there was a trip to Kew on Saturday where Kim and I had fun with the reflections in the Marc Quinn sculptures..  

my traditional blog opening shot this week was a glorious blue sky start to the visit .

lean in closer Kim  said...

this one is called  "who dat in der?"  

such big kids!  

am hoping that the forecast rain for this weekend holds off till after our visit..  there may be a gap so fingers crossed.

Happy WOYWW - I'll be along soon. 

Wednesday 26 June 2024

WOYWW 786 - the birthday edition

 Hello deskers,  it's Wednesday again, time for another WOYWW... You can find the link at it's new home of Sarah's Craft Shed  

What's on my desk today?  

not at all posed... some early birthday cards waiting for me to open then (by the time you see this they will probably be open)   and some champagne - help yourselves... although being staged of course it's not chilled...

65 today... not at all sure how that happened... 

I am spending the day at work, of course!  I did think about taking the day off but it wasn't possible due to other absences . 

I did a bit more to the "mop up" page from last week... then it got too hot and there was too much football on so I haven't done any more!

Last Saturday was of course Kew day...   and boy, since than has the way blogger uploads photos changed!!    

the early light on the poppies was amazing...

this is why it's worth getting up at 5 and going out at 6 to be at Kew by 8... especially if the sun comes out!

the scabious were lovely too 

I may be late getting round the desks again this week, but enjoy the champagne!!  it's yours in virtual reality! 

Happy WOYWW 

Tuesday 18 June 2024


 Welcome to another week of desk sharing now with Sarah at Sarah's Craft Shed for WOYWW 

 so the new goodies arrived... on Wednesday of course but too late to make an appearance last time

the art cards are a set of cards of Dina's art work with one-word prompts on them to kick start your creativity.  I wasn't going to get them but then needed to bump up the order for free postage (as you do)  so what the heck!  

so I also took a photo with the cards splayed out too 

the backs all have the same design on them. 

as you can see from the stamps standing up, space is at a premium round here...

I had a play in the large kraft journal with some of the new bits - right page is just mop up over gesso 

the silhouette stencil (mask) with distress oxide ink and then splatters .  The word is a Tim quote chip but I see it's not fully stuck down despite weighting it down to grab to the page!
step by step (in reverse order as I don't know how to put them side by side)

stamping on top
stencilling (the yellow is distress oxide ink the teal colour is Peacock paint 
starting point was strips of collage tissue and then gesso

Saturday's Kew trip is here... rain and sun, but not cold... 

lots of poppies in the wildflower bed

Kim and I were hoping "stinky" (titan arum) would open for us... but no, not on Saturday - it opened Tuesday so we've missed it again! 

I'll be late visiting this week unless I get to drop by before work, as we have a team meeting and then a quick meal... so I'll catch you when I can!  

Happy WOYWW 

Wednesday 12 June 2024


 Welcome deskers,  time to join in our weekly desk-fest with Sarah  for WOYWW

I thought I'd have some new goodies this week but they're not here yet! (teaser for next time)

Don't have a lot to share this week - i made a birthday card for my cousin whose birthday is later this month, the day before mine. 

the stamp is one I have had ages, by Carabelle Studios, and not used for about as long!

I coloured it with Dina neon paints and neon scribble sticks and the background is Sage distress oxide.

I might add some sparkle before it has to go off to her. 

Saturday was of course,  Kew day.. the goose creche was back again but they've all grown so much 

the wildflower bed is growing
and I am still in love with the daisies in the rock garden 

thanks for looking, put the kettle on, I'll be there soon!  

Wednesday 5 June 2024


 Hello deskers, it's time for another WOYWW with  Sarah hosting.  

I bought some new Dina goodies - one of the stencils I wanted was out of stock so will look for that another time and so was the stamp set, that I will probably get another time too! 

I remembered to photograph the atcs from Lyn (Spyder) - top
and BJ - bottom  that came last week.
thank you both of you. 

I was trying to  make a bit more space around the "desk" at the weekend - behind the craft mat used to be my Dina paints but that means I don't really have room to kneel at the mat properly.  So I found a couple of boxes - stacked next to the clear boxes of Fresco paints - one has the Dina paints and one the gloss sprays '

it hasn't noticeably made more room but it's marginally tidier!

I did play too - another journal page in the square kraft journal and one of the new stencils, and the yellow neon scribble stick in the hair on the image. 

the words are from one of the older packs of Dina's collage tissue. 

It wouldn't be the weekend without a trip to Kew - 
the first day of meteorological summer - boy was it chilly!  

I had fun with the globe lens and one of the Marc Quinn sculptures
and some globe-like alliums!
thanks for looking I'll be round to visit when I can.