Wednesday, 5 December 2018


So it's December... not entirely sure how that happened!  I am still working on Christmas cards, think I just have a few special ones to make now.. but I am so not in the mood any more!   But we're here for WOYWW - meeting like minded desk-sharers at Julia's

these were a few I finished at the weekend that I'd shared last week - used some of the new JoFY words as I planned.  . 

Last Friday saw me at the Christmas at Kew event which I told you about, and it was magical!  We were lucky that the rain of the previous few nights went away and it was mild too, I can't resist adding a link to my post about it -  Christmas at Kew 

In case you don't have time to follow the link, and as there really isn't a lot happening here, I'll add a couple of photos here too.

 this tree was spectacular
but the laser light show over the Palm House was magical.

Happy WOYWW and see you (and your much more crafty desks)  soon! 

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

WOYWW(or T) 495

So lovely Julia is away with Jan and scheduled... early!  It really threw me this morning when the blog came up in my reader list ...  however, I am now writing at my usual time and will join the early gang, a live non scheduled post! Hop on over to the Stamping-Ground to find out all about it..

 so this was my "desk" in action on Sunday morning...  Christmas card production line going...

and this was me in action squashed up against the sofa on the floor in my normal crafting position!    Self timer on the phone is a great invention!
 this was my "desk" this morning, aerial shot... the yellow cards were some extra makes from later on at the weekend, a JoFY stamp for Paperartsy, and some yellow spray - an A4 sized sheet of ordinary copy paper (which held up very well to the spray and water) to make some more 4 and some strips left out of that

the pile on the right are the "done" ones - ready to write - 41 of them...   I have some "special" ones left to make for my favourite blog buddies and my brother, and then I think I'm nearly done!
and this is as it looks tonight as I write..

the goodies are a Paperartsy blog prize (long story, won it months ago but they had some production issues with the aprons that were meant to be the prize, so they've reverted to a voucher to buy what you like from their website)

I ordered them on Sunday and they were here waiting for me when I got home from work.  The big (JoFY) Christmas words I'll use for the front of the 4 yellow cards... perfect!

So, an early What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday (Tuesday)  this week- will give me a head start in the morning and I'll find you at your desks very soon!

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Well another week has flown by, it's time to join in our weekly desk sharing day... The Stamping-Ground for all the details
I can't believe how time is flying... not done a thing about Christmas shopping (thank goodness there isn't much to get!) 
I have however, cracked on a bit with the cards...
Sunday morning saw me cutting up my masterboards and sizing them to card blanks, I even got a few made up (see the grumpy penguins which have made a welcome return this year)  I finished mounting the original batch of images to card blanks too....

Still a way to go, but Kew just calls me on a Saturday... the photos from last week were just stunning, the colours... oh wow!  see them all here  but I'll add a couple here to tempt you over!

and this little guy came out in the Princess of Wales glasshouse again too (he's a Chinese Water Dragon, a type of lizard) 

Looking forward to visiting you desks soon!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

WOYWW 493 - not a lot

Oops, here we are at Wednesday and I've done nothing more to my Christmas cards and have nothing to show.  Show?  for WOYWW - desk sharing fun hosted by the lovely Julia at the Stamping-Ground
Apart from some shopping from when I went to the Imperial War Museum last Saturday -

a beautiful poppy scarf, a postcard of the poppy display there, and a leather bound hand-made notebook.

the bag they put it in was quite interesting too.

the photo is a bit bright as I used the flash, and the leather is a little darker than it seems.

it's a dinky little thing!!

 I shared lots of photos from Saturday on t'other blog - here if you want to see all of them (including some other places I visited too)

but here are a few of my favourites

they look so beautiful

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


We're here again!  Gathering for our weekly desk-share desk-bare fun!   What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday
Julia has the linkup here... 
 the supplies I had out last week, have been put to use, I have created 4 sheets of tissue masterboard backgrounds

I abandoned the distress oxides after a couple of layers on the first one, and reverted to Paperartsy Fresco paint (my go-to!)  although one (bottom left) I did use Infusions. 

after that I stamped a layer of Christmas images - words, snowflakes, and some stars. 

Obviously, because that would mean I was far too organised, I haven't done anything else and actually cut them up and put them on card blanks!

but we have a little more progress!

So that's me for this week; I'll catch up with your desks very soon!  If you  missed it, last weekend's trip to Kew is here   Not sure if I'll go this weekend, I want to visit the Imperial War Museum (London) to see the Tower Poppies and some other exhibits in remembrance of the end of WW1; but the weather isn't meant to be great so I may force myself to stay home and make Christmas cards!!  Watch this space, as they say! 

Wednesday, 31 October 2018


welcome to a Halloween WOYWW  week 491..  Not that there's anything remotely Halloweeny here, it's just the end of October already (what the actual heck?)   -  as  I am gathering ingredients and trying to force myself to carry on with Christmas card production...
I'm falling behind so am intending to get some masterboards done, to make big backgrounds to cut up ...  got some distress oxides ready to use and some JoFY Paperartsy stamps ready to use, and 12x12 tissue paper for lightweight adding to card bases.

At the front are some tickets for the Christmas at Kew event that I am going to with some of my work colleagues at the end of November (just need to keep them somewhere safe now) .  I know November is early for Christmas events but the dates we could do in December had already sold out.  You'll have seen photos of the lights in daylight on my blog before, and I can't wait to see the trail at night.
This link tells you more about it

Not that I am actually making Christmas cards as I write this, because it's the Great British Bake Off final on tv... gotta get back to it! 

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Happy WOYWW again - the day we meet at Julia's and share our crafty spaces.

Trouble is, nothing has happened here since last week!  I can't share my untouched Christmas cards again but I couldn't bear not to join in as I haven't missed a week in years.

so, time to 'fess up, a staged desk!  well, a staged floor....

 a journal page I did for the France Papillon challenge (I must be 8 weeks behind at least) and I haven't done any for ages now, not even a single layer .   (and I can't even remember if I already shared this...but it's the last one that is finished!)

this was a week where the prompt was 'my ideal day'  which, you won't be surprised to hear, featured Kew Gardens (for last Saturday's visit see here)  My reference to emergency party shopping the previous week intrigued some of you... accessorising for a dress to wear to a party at my boss's last Saturday - so no, Jan, no thigh high boots!   but I still managed a few hours at Kew in the sunshine in the morning.   

oh, and the party was great - I amazed my work colleagues by dancing (badly, have no sense of rhythm - I'd be rubbish on Strictly!) for most of the evening, 

so, my staged desk.  hopefully next week, something else will have happened to share properly! 

Neet wanted to see a pic of the new party dress... well it's about 20 (at least ) years old  and only a poor selfie as there is no-one to take one of me here...