Wednesday, 15 January 2020


Well that week flew by... again!  Once more we find ourselves joining the Wednesday gang for WOYWW  with Julia
I had good intentions to do some crafting this week... well, I did a teeny, tiny little bit at the weekend

 I added a bit more to the latest journal pages that I have on the go

I blocked out a bit of the background with one of the new Fresco paints so my images would stand out a bit

stamps on this page are all by Dina Wakley and I've kept all the colours similar to the background to avoid too much
 then to this page I've just added some washi tape (Jane Davenport)

then I got stuck!
but seeing as it's been sat with just the first layer since before Christmas, what harm is a few more days (weeks)....

I'd say come back and check it out  next week... well we'll see!  I've got a couple of birthday cards to make so need to get a crack on!

Last week's Kew's visit is here  and there were lots of
but I am hoping for some sunshine next weekend!  (I've seen the forecast, so I might be lucky!) 

Wednesday, 8 January 2020


Christmas has been packed away for another year, and I would say that all is clean and tidy... but that would be a big fat fib!  I don't make New Year Resolutions but once again I will ..just possibly... do a bit of sorting/clearing/tidying at some stage

But -  it's Happy Desk Day - time to share craft workspaces for WOYWW; linking at Julia's as always
I have no crafting to show for my week - but have some enabling for you (obviously!)
a few more Paperartsy goodies from their week of releases.

Really looking forward to playing with these - they only arrived Tuesday - just in time for a starring role - and it's just as well they did or my post would have been very sparse.

I had a fabulous visit to Kew last Saturday - the weather was perfect and I got some great photos 

 the sun came out and really highlighted the grasses

and I can't resist the grevillea in the Princess of Wales glasshouse

Looking forward to visiting your desks where I am sure you'll have been much more productive!

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

WOYWW 552 - Happy New Year

There's something quite special about being able to wish you all a Happy New Year and WOYWW at the same time; although it doesn't seem quite possible that we are entering 2020.   It only seems five minutes since we were all worried about the turn of the century and the possible mayhem with computer glitches etc. 

in case you didn't get to see the gifts I got for Christmas (post about my Christmas day here)

I'm showing them again here

I also remembered to photograph the tag/wallets I made for the cash gifts for my niece and nephew, when they had opened them

Paperartsy are launching new products again this week and some shopping has been done - and even delivered!

I also bought a tub of modelling paste in clear (they didn't have white)  which I needed.
There is another order in progress too....

Of course I paid another visit to Kew on Saturday  but also had a day with my cousin on Monday (as I don't go back to work till 2nd, Thursday)  and visited the woods she likes so much (here) 

I've also managed some crafting - it's my brother's birthday on Monday (he won't see  this) so have made him a card

I'm writing this on Tuesday evening ahead of the New Year fireworks although they're going off already round here.

Happy New Year and I'll catch your desk soon - join in here

Hoping that everyone in Australia stays safe from the appalling fires that we've seen so much of on our news. 

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

WOYWW 551 - it's Christmaaaassssss!!!!

Well Happy Wednesday deskers and a very Merry Christmas to you all - there may be fewer of us gathering today but before we all get on with our Christmas duties, I'm sharing a quick desk for may be Christmas but it is WOYWW too..


a Christmas greeting for all of you, may the day be filled with sparkle and fun! I used a bit of the background I made for my brother's card - it can go in the box for next year !

some "almost" crafting got done when I was making a kind of tag/wallet thing for some money for my niece and nephew...(they are of an age when they appreciate hard cash for gifts from their auntie!   I stencilled one tag with distress oxide spray and used the leftover in the (very nearly full) journal.... Forgot to photograph the finished tag/wallets though... doh!

I am spending the day at my brother's with his wife and two (grown up) children and my sister in law's parents;  so will be having a busy old time. 
their gifts were wrapped at the weekend and are now packed ready to take when my brother collects me later (depending on what time you read this)   I had to use the hallway as there wasn't enough space in the living room so it was a bit dark

I know lots of you will be too busy to join Julia and the gang today, but for those that do, I hope you enjoy your Christmas!

Wednesday, 18 December 2019


What a lovely round number - welcome along for another WOYWW - time to share our crafty spaces once again; Julia has the link as always .   Bit weird to think this time next week it will be Christmas...

There has been some more enabling (although I seem to have double clicked on one of the stamps and got two ...
 sent in a nice festive sparkly envelope (Country View's advent of course) 

the "special" cards got made and posted without being photographed for posterity... it's only now that I realised that!

I do have one though, that hasn't been sent in the post  as it's for my brother and his family and I'll be passing it over in person, at some stage.

Not sure yet if I'll be seeing them on Christmas Day itself or before to hand over presents,

background is distress oxide sprays, with JoFY stamps and glitter...

I tried hard to capture a picture of my Christmas decorations without too many reflections in the window of the room, but it has proved impossible.

it's just not the same without the lights on in daytime!  It is also remarkably similar (i.e the same) as last year!

Of course I toddled off to Kew last Saturday - it was a gorgeous day!

I will be late visiting today as I am unlikely to get time at work (during my lunch break of course) as we are having our Secret Santa distribution with food and drink! 

See you soon! 

Wednesday, 11 December 2019


Morning deskers!  Here we are again - time for WOYWW again...

 desk on Sunday morning  -  a pile of cards written and ready for posting (done)

a pile of final cards (found some left from last year, can you imagine!   spares!)   ready to write - these are the ones for hand delivering

still not finished the "special" ones..
 the promised goodies from the Country View advent day - and they had a second Paperartsy day too since, so one or two more may have fallen into my basket....
last Thursday was office party night... not too many photos (and none of me, sorry Neet) 

but this was the fab suspended Christmas tree in the restaurant we ate at.

 at one stage I had a few drinks lined up... the fizz on the left isn't mine, that's James' sitting opposite me..

we had pre-dinner drinks wrapped up on the roof terrace  - the wind was cold but as with so many of these places they had heaters and blankets for use. 

Finally, there was an even more stunning sunrise yesterday (Tuesday)   than the one I shared last week (you know how I love my sky pics!)

 just stunning, what!!
and here it is in the reflection on the building again!

Kew pics from last weekend here 

Thanks for looking  and I'll visit your desks soon 

Wednesday, 4 December 2019


Well here we are again Wednesday  - December (yikes)  so it must be What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday... again!  Queen Julia has all the details..
I still haven't written out my Christmas cards - will have to wait for the weekend now as Thursday is our office party (half the office are struggling with colds/flu/sickness so it'll be a fun night........)  and I still don't know exactly what I'm wearing; so tonight I'll be getting ready!

Anyhow,  has there been arting here?  Sort of...
I started to get some ideas ready for my "special" Christmas cards..

not sure if this masterboard/background will make the grade yet.

Distress Oxide sprays of course...

Watch, as they say, this space!

There was a beautiful sky as I was walking to the bus stop on Tuesday morning
 glimpsed between buildings.

and a great reflection in the finished,  mostly glass, building, of the sky and the new building still going up

Last Saturday at Kew was equally beautiful,  the weather was gorgeous - pics here 

Hopefully next week I'll have something more interesting to share (not least because Susan at Country View Crafts is once again, doing her Christmas Advent specials.... oops!