Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Welcome back to Wednesday... we had a Bank Holiday on Monday here in England & Wales, so I am out of sync with the days... but it is Wednesday (well will be by the time you read this) and time for another WOYWW....   where we lay bare our desks and crafty spaces and what we've been up to since last week....

I somewhat rashly mentioned having time to do some crafting over the Bank Holiday... so of course Saturday was spent at Kew (see pics here)  and Sunday it rained and I should have spent the day crafting...(what happened??)   and Monday I went to London in search of rhinos  (see pics here )  and then it was time for work.

well ok so I did finish one of the facebook challenges for France Papillon (must check that I've uploaded the picture to facebook...)  with some of the new Distress Oxides... which you can see I have unwrapped but not yet found anyway to put them..

I did have them to the right of the earlier two sets (you can just see them in the corner of the photo) but I kept kicking them over coming into the room...)

I did have time to do some crafty shopping but haven't yet had the goods, so they'll be here for next week!  Till then, it's time for some more desk sharing and no doubt lot's more productivity.

In case you want to know more about the rhinos; it's a series of 21 rhinos to raise awareness of the plight of the black rhino - website here (sorry for all the links)

all painted by different artists including Ronnie Wood (yes, that Ronnie Wood) 

this was one of my favourites
it really portrays the sadness of the species.

The rhinos will be on show for a month and then in early October, auctioned off to raise money for the Tusk save the rhino charity.

I rather think they will be out of the pocket of "normal" people but I hope they raise lots of money. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

WOYWW 481 - happy mail

Another week of no crafting... but lots of happy mail!
First let me introduce you, should you need it, to the link for WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday) 

the first lot of happy mail came last Wednesday, of course, couldn't have arrived in time for last week's desk share!

 some stencils.... cos a girl can never have too many stencils.  (France Papillon designs)

the next happy mail came  on Thursday, I think it was, the Paperartsy stamps.. prettily wrapped in an old sewing pattern and tied with ribbon
(edit -  I got the stamps from The Artistic Stamper.  not direct from Paperartsy)
oh look I took a pic before I unwrapped!

but the best was yet to come.... yes, finally!!


the third and fourth sets of Distress Oxides..

just yesterday (at time of writing)  - Monday - to work so no messing about collecting from the sorting office - 

somewhat carelessly slung in a large jiffy bag, but luckily they come individually sealed!

Looking forward to getting them unwrapped and played with..   watch this space!

Hopefully with this coming weekend being a Bank Holiday, playtime will be found.

Last weekend's Kew trip as ever is here 

final photo - tonight's sunset (we've been blessed with some beauties this summer, even if I don't get to sit on a beach under a parasol to watch it)

Looking forward to visiting your desks soon.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Well that week went as fast as all the others... so it's time for WOYWW  again..
still haven't heard from Oyster Stamps about  my Oxides so they are still missing in action...
Couple of other orders are on the way... so also missing in action!

 couple of first layers on some more spreads for the France Papillon ALAD/ASAW challenge..

this one is from about 4 weeks ago...

theme "self talk....  they way you talk to yourself"    bit deep for me so may just play on this one!
and this is from the next week.
theme " a bright idea"  should be a bit easier..

but right now,
not a clue where either of them are going

the trouble with August galloping away as it is, and with me prepping my post on a Tuesday evening, means that already the light is going earlier than I like, luckily I took these the other day when I was uploading them to the facebook group.
Hopefully (here we go again) next week I'll have some more crafting to share and new goodies too!
For now, I'll point you at Julia's for the link to the best blog hop there is.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Hello and happy Wednesday again!!  Can't quite believe it's time for another desk share... not a lot has changed since last week.

It is finally meant to be becoming less intensely hot... a little more bearable this evening (although I still have a fan on wafting the hot air about and it is warm and muggy this Tuesday evening as I write this )   and we are meant to get heavy rain here overnight...    It was so hot at Kew again on Saturday I only stayed a couple of hours (pics here again!)

so last week I shared this journal page for France's ALAD/ASAW challenge - the splatters did make an appearance eventually

 the following spread for the next week's prompt "what makes your heart bounce"
also got finished.

Kew, of course...  I have used Kew as inspiration before for a prompt I think, but heck, so what!!

and week 29 theme - still in progress- is geometry and numbers.

no idea at all where this page is going.

It has about another 3 layers to go (given that it's a layer a day, a spread a week, in case you weren't sure of the ALAD/ASAW thing ...)

plenty of texture here so far - crackle paste, thick gesso (the white circles) and clear gel (you may not be able to see those circles!)
I am now only (only!) 3 weeks behind after this one...

I am still waiting for my new Oxide inks (the third and fourth sets, ordered all together) and I really hope they come soon! 
Hoping that you are enjoying some cooler weather too... can't wait for it personally... till then - go visit some desks at Julia's The Stamping-Ground for WOYWW...

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Happy Wednesday once again.   time to re-group for desks with Julia at WOYWW   -    Since we last met, we've had some rain and some blissfully cooler, more normal summer temperatures... and I've been trying to catch up with a few of my layers for ALAD/ASAW for France Papillon's facebook group... I am about 5 weeks behind oops...
this one is more or less finished, I might add one final layer (splatters, can't beat splatters!) and then I'll share it with the group. 
the theme for this week was "message to the world" - part of the reason I fell so far behind (apart from the awful heat) was not knowing what to do .... I was rummaging through my stencils when i came across this one by Stencil Girl that I've had ages and not used.   so my message to the world, is Art is Good For You!  It was good to get painty again, shame the forecast here is set to hot up again into the low 30s by the weekend..

to save this being the shortest ever desk post, here's a couple of my favourite pics from last weekend's trip to Kew!    more here
 yes, those are rain drops! 

thanks for stopping by, have a great week.