Wednesday 27 June 2018


Well I had a lovely birthday yesterday, even if it started at work... and now it's time for WOYWW
 I left the pile of early post on my workspace to wake to on Tuesday morning.

I had intended to keep it till after work  to open
but woke early and by 6 had opened the lot.

crafty presents from Lin Lesley and Emma, love you girls!

some very beautiful cards too..

 and some gifts from work too...

plus some beautiful flowers which I seem not to have photographed on the camera...
 some of my gorgeous handmade cards

sorry the photos aren't better, the light is so bright I was really struggling.

 yay! found where google stores my backed up
phone photos...

Work may have been interrupted on Tuesday afternoon for a piece of cake (Colin the Caterpillar, but no photos exist)
and er....

obviously I didn't drink all of both bottles...

you do believe me don't you!

because of the heat, Monica (my boss) decided it was too hot to keep working so some of us decamped to her garden... for ....err...  more drinks...
 it was lovely sitting in the shade of the house under a huge parasol...

 Lisa (a friend of the company) and Natasha
 James and Monica soaking up the rays
"George"  - I love him!
and Kirsty's puppy Coco played shadow selfies with me!

All in all, a fabulous birthday...

Happy WOYWW!

Wednesday 20 June 2018


Well I think it's 472... there was a bit of confusion at Head Desker's last week... anyway link this week's desk here   Link?  What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday.... I'll show you mine if you.....

Recently I had the chance to buy a journal kit from France Papillon - it came in super quick time - based on her Journal on Monday videos she does for Facebook/YouTube  - I will keep it nice somewhere until I pluck up the courage to use it! 
the little airmail envelope (which I'll be saving to use on a project, obviously!) contains the needle and some thread to fix the pages together.. 

I've had a somewhat tricky birthday card to make for one of my cousin's, who's birthday is next Monday, the day before mine; she's been going through a tough time mentally recently.
There is no chance of her seeing this so I can share what I came up with..
Wasn't appropriate to use a "happy" birthday sentiment; luckily my friend Lesley suggested this alternative (could I find one?  no,  but I did unearth a gorgeous alphabet set I'd forgotten about!) (Penny Black if you're interested; probably long discontinued)
Can't quite believe that next Tuesday I'll be entering the last year of my 50's.... where did that time go??? 

Anyway, I promised you Kew photos from last Saturday - only took 500 this time... so if you have a while (ahem) there are some on the post here  

Wednesday 13 June 2018

WOYWW 471 - not a lot..

Well, yet again, it's Wednesday... time for WOYWW  again! 
I've not been doing much lately, desks come and go and there is very little new crafting...
I am trying to keep up with the Facebook group challenge with France Papillon... week 24 nearly half way through the year; nearly half way through June - flip!! 

 I am determined to keep going, though

this week's prompt is "what is holding you back"

I find it hard to interpret some of the prompts, I'd much rather be told to use blue or green or die cuts or something but it does make you think a bit...

thought you might like a bit of a close up too, I haven't been doing that for you with the ALAD/ASAW challenges

trying to get lots of texture on this week's spread.

we've had some nice skies the last few days - this was Monday night, but I've not been taking them on the camera and can't transfer them from the phone easily; but I took this one to see how different the colour is on phone to camera - much more realistic on the camera!

I missed the one tonight (writing this Tuesday as always)

Will be heading back to Kew on Saturday - I miss the weekends I don't go, but don't miss the very early waking to get there for 8, so last week was a nice treat! 
Have a great day! 

Wednesday 6 June 2018


Wednesday again!  time for another round of desk sharing.. it's WOYWW time .
I have an apology to make to Jo and Annie because I posted their atcs to Jo's old address... she assures me they will get forwarded eventually!  I really hope so..and have updated my address book!  What a complete numpty... 

I was surprised and delighted to receive another atc during the week, from Christine (Bishopsmate)
 isn't it wonderful?!

It's sitting on my latest ALAD spread for France Papillon's challenge (A Layer A Day)  which this week is "practice" 
I haven't progressed it because I can't decide what I'm practicing!
this is last week's spread.

"Beautiful Memory"

flowers... colour....

could only be one place really!

Talking of which, my last visit (resulting in another 440 photos...) can be seen here  
You - and my feet - and the camera  - get a break this weekend as I have a hair appointment.
Have a great week and happy desking!