Wednesday, 29 March 2017

WOYWW 408 - still journalling

Here we are again - Wednesday and another desk sharing day... WOYWW, week 408 - I am sure you know the routine by now  - link up over here at the Stamping Ground and visit as many as you can before it's Wednesday again!!  

First up the desk  floor  shot...

last week's journal page, now doodled....think it is finally finished now!

birthday card (above the journal)

everything else is just stuff!  boxes of and piles of, stuff...

the finished journal page... did some doodling and scribbling

oh, and to answer Julia's comment, no I didn't know where I was going at the tissue stage - I just knew I wanted to add stencilling over the top.. the black just happened!
Made a mixed media style card for my friend
Kirsty at work (her birthday today so I can share this here although I doubt she'll see this anyway)

couple of close ups of the details

Hope you all have a good week, I'll stop by your desk soon!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

WOYWW 407 - 22 March

Another week has gone by without me blogging in between Workdesks... (unless you count the Kew post on Saturday)  so it's time again to join Julia for our weekly Wednesday desk hop

 I seem to only be able to work in journals at the moment, and here is another one...

I'm going to do something I don't normally in my Wednesday posts, and take you through it in a couple of photos...

The first picture was going to be my desk shot..(part finished)

this is the first photo -  painted the page with Blood Orange Fresco paint, and a layer of gesso which turns it a kind of pinky colour.

I then tore some  pieces of Tim Holtz tissue wrap and glued it to the page and sealed with matte medium.

Then I stencilled black gesso over a small (left page) and large - well 6x6 (right page)  Seth Apter stencil/mask... so you just get a hint of the original pinky colour under the tissue...

I was in two minds about covering up the large butterfly but as you see, I did, and cut one of the smaller butterflies from the next run of the tissue wrap, and painted it on the back, with pink Frescos (Bubblegum and then Sherbert) and glued it to the bottom of the page.

this was going to be my other desk shot... the journal page from last week, sitting on top of my boxes of Fresco paints,

I've added some more to it, but don't have a close up...I might remember to do that for next week!

I'll leave it at that for today or I'll be in trouble with Queen Julia... thanks for stopping by, catch you later.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Welcome back for another Wednesday (already, really?!)
Stuff got in the way of many visits last week, - will try harder this week, but it won't be today as I'm out after work for a birthday curry for one of the lads from work.

My Country View order did arrive (today - er, Tuesday!) - delay was waiting for Paperartsy to supply the stock...

 4 new sets of Paperartsy stamps...
and some extra goodies - some Scrapinec chipboard pieces (Noor designs, saw them at Stevenage, great prices, if very thin chipboard) and speedy service - ordered these on Sunday!

The pack of cheesecloth was a snap purchase, been watching some You Tube videos and somebody was using it... hope I can find it again now!  but it'll come in handy for mixed media, so not a waste!

close up of the chipboard pieces.
 and under it all, lurks yet another WIP journal page with these fab Tracy Scott (for Paperartsy, of course!) stamps!

Just realised I haven't reminded you why you are here looking at this.   it's WOYWW day.. head to Julia's for the link - and I'll see you when I can!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Hey there, another Wednesday's rolled around... time to meet up at Julia's again for WOYWW..  

I promised you new stuff this week, but it's still not arrived (very unlike Country View Crafts, I guess she's very busy!)  I do have new stuff though, that I forgot to show last week
some butterfly bits and bobs from The Works, nice and cheap and cheerful...
some are chipboard,there are some lace ones and some metal ones... they're now on the pile of other stuff there's nowhere else to store, till I decide what to do with them!

Another layer of gesso and stamping on the journal page too, but not a lot else to see today...
Hopefully next week the new stamps really WILL have arrived!

Have a great week -  happy desk hopping.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

WOYWW 404 when life gives you lemons..

There should be new stuff but it's still on the way, so it will be here next week...
(I did a bit of online ordering after getting home from the work office launch party on Friday!)
the launch went well, quite a few clients turned up, we drank champagne (hence the online shopping!) and ate canapes but stood for 7 hours on the Friday and another 4 on Saturday...poor feet!  poor legs!!

However, one of my crafting Facebook friends alerted us to a good deal on lemons at Morrisons (UK supermarket if you're from out of town)  - £1 for a kilo.... and they come in a fabulously sturdy box... she bought 3, several other of my friends have bought 3, 4 5 or more...look.  of course I don't really want the lemons, just the boxes!!

I was very restrained, only got the 1, (so far) as I don't use many lemons, and aim to do some decorating of them at some stage (was going to say, the weekend, but no doubt that won't happen!)
 and once you take the lid off you can probably tell the size a bit better... (it held 6 lemons to give you more of an idea!)
and in case you were wondering, under the lemon box is another part done journal page (latest Paperartsy challenge topic, is infusions, so that's what I'm playing with here)

used a couple of the new colours that I got at Stevenage a few weeks ago.

thanks for your visits and I'll reciprocate when I can   nearly forgot the linky link