Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Thursday's July - so today's WOYWW

I am saying nothing about it being 1st July tomorrow. Nothing like "it can't be", or "where did the first 6 months of the year go" cos that would be boring and show my age!!!  So we'll gloss over that.

Thank you all for your warm wishes for my birthday last Saturday.  In the end what with the heat 'n all, I just chilled (not a good choice of word in the circumstances!) in front of the TV - Wimbledon tennis and World Cup football, - although the less said about THAT the better!  I'm still glued to it now... Apart from some fab cards (Hels, Julia, Lynne, I'm talking about you) one of the best things was that I had an email from "SUZE melt-pot Weinberg" in response to a comment I'd left on her blog, wishing me Happy Birthday - how cool is that!!

Ok, on to what you're here for (probably!) What is on my workdesk this Wednesday?  Strictly speaking, not a lot at the moment (due to my early starts for work I'm prepping this on Tuesday, (yes with the footie on next to me) but by the time I get to the end I may have got something going on!

I mentioned on Saturday that I bought this beautiful set of drawers half price which is now adorned with Hels' card (still loving it!) and I was teasing you about what I may have decided to put inside by hinting it was "something dear to my heart".  There were a couple of good guesses, but Carmen got it right - sorry, there's no prize, Carmen!! so without further ado - the reveal!

Yes, it's my Timmy Idea-ology collection!  Still in their packets for the time being as I haven't found any little containers to transfer them to - and if I do, they may come out of these drawers!  There are too many to have them single layer so some of the gorgeousness is hidden - under more gorgeousness!  But at least I found (cleared) a space on the computer table that was meant to be my craft table for them so they are perched right about my craft mat-on-the-floor where I craft.  It's made a bit of space in the box where they used to be - so can go shopping, correct?  Isn't that how it works?!  Make some space, fill it back up!!
What else is going on chez H?  Well, I got (thanks again to Carmen for the web link) some samples of fabric to try in the tattered florals die - they arrived this week - haven't done anything with them yet.  The white looking one has an embroidered flower pattern on it.   I ordered 5 (the maximum) but there's only 4 here - I may be going mad but I am sure there were all 5 when I looked originally - but maybe not, cos the "missing" one isn't hanging around.  I can't find the web address at the moment but if anyone wants it let me know and I'll hunt it out.
I've ordered some Eco Green acrylic paints from The Craft Barn that Lin and Leandra were using at the demo day a couple of weeks ago, but which I missed out on at the time, that are just back in stock -hopefully they'll come soon!! I know I'm going to Newbury on Saturday and will be spending..... "some" money.... (yeh, and the rest, you should see the shopping list!) but they may not be there, so.....

Finally, I was messing about after I had my hair cut and highlighted yesterday (I thought if I could get a semi-decent pic I could put it on my blog but .....!!)  I NEVER look good in photos (nose is too big, big bags under my eyes,etc etc and I know that no-one ever likes pics of themselves, but you haven't seen some of mine!!) but I do like the skirt I'm wearing - it's my fave-est ever (Per Una at M&S from at least 2 years ago - I'd wear it every day in summer if I could)  This was taken in the mess that is my bedroom after I finally worked out how to turn off the flash - despite it being quite light still at the time, the first few were rather obliterated by the flash in the mirror, lol. Those are all books behind me,yes - they won't fit in the shelves in the dining room (and where the table is covered in books too!)

Anyhow I've burbled on far too long as usual, so head over here to our beloved leader Julia's gaff, to find out what all the other W'ers (shorthand now!) are doing this week! 

Hopefully next week will have lots of new stash to share with you (in picture form only, of course!)

Monday, 28 June 2010

CCC 3 - Alcohol Ink Monoprints

It's Monday so it must be time for another Compendium challenge - see here at Linda's Studio L3 where today we are on page 51 of the Compendium.

I haven't used my alcohol inks for ages, so it was nice to get them out an play.  All directions are in the book on page 51, so I won't repeat them here.
I did 2, as I wasn't convinced about the colours on number 1.
I meant to keep the inks out so I could tell you what colours I used. Ha!! sunset orange, lemonade, aqua and gold metallic.

I prefer number 2 which is wild plum, juniper, pearl metallic and pink sherbert.

Happy Monday.

(p.s. all stamps are Tim's - but I'm not giving them back, hahahaha) 
When I got home from work I found a birthday present on the mat - my card from Hels, which she did show on her blog on Saturday, but I want to show it here too, in case you didn't see it,  cos tis Bootiful in the extreme!
She has used some scrummy colours of DI's and some fabby flowers and stuff.

(sorry about the background I photographed it against, I was in too much of a hurry!)

Thanks, so much Hels, I LOVE IT.
I shan't be taking this one down!!

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Well, that wasn't good, was it!  Now all the analysis and whingeing that I can't stand starts!

I was turning out some papers this morning (when we were still going to win lol!) and found some great blue card that I knew I could use.

After the match I cut a couple of pieces with one of Tim's die cuts, and coloured it with chipped sapphire - I'm in a BLUE phase, now, blame whoever you like!

Stamped with Tim's small flourish and sentiment and some flowers that I decorated with ink and a Paperartsy text stamp and some blue gem things.

Come On England! Good Luck

Just made a quick tag for the boys in South Africa.

I know it's blue (chipped sapphire) and not red when we're playing in red, but good luck boys.
The flower is the free stamp with the new Craft Stamper mag I got yesterday.

Half hour later - think I should remove this, not going v well to say the least!!
Edit again - end of match - well that worked well!  My allegiance now is Spain - Come on Torres!! (and stay with us next season, lol!)

Sunday Stamper - Pearls

Hels' SundayStamper challenge this week is to use pearls. I have taken a liberty with this - but made a Thank You tag for everyone who sent me messages for my birthday.

The tag is coloured with shabby shutters (LHS) and crushed olive (RHS) and overstamped with a Wendy background.  I used a square tag that didn't turn out right in the tattered florals die, (never throw anything away!) and stamped on it with a stamp from a new set (another birthday treat to myself) by Inkadinkado.

And the pearls- liquid peals...... well, they're called pearls!!

The other stamps are Paperartsy.

In the end, I did nothing apart from some shopping - I'd done the first (food) trip by 8.30 and went back out to finish off - the drawback of not having a car is you can't carry everything on one trip - fortunately I live close enough to the shops in Sutton to be within walking distance!

I found a bit of a bargain though - this gorgeously turquoise box was half price in WH Smith!
I'm not showing you what's in it yet though.  I had to move a few things around to find a surface for it - but now it's right above my craft mat within easy reach when I'm crafting-on-the-floor!! (Bit of a hint there, something lives in it now that is dear to my heart!)  It's already become a bit of a dumping ground.

By the time I struggled back up the high street and home, it was nearly 11 so I decided just to "veg out" for the rest of the day - sport on TV - heaven.  Stayed well out of the sun - I don't like the heat - bit like today is going to be! Grand Prix, football, more football..... lovely jubbly!!

Friday, 25 June 2010

A fine line between success and failure

Been watching the footie again tonight (Spain v Chile) and trying to complete a tag. 

Had 2 attempts - one a complete disaster - and NO, I am not going to show you!! and the second one - the one I will show you! - which is OK, although not what I started out to do.

I started by trying to do a dabber resist tag from Tim's book but I don't know if I didn't have enough paint on the stamp, or scrubbed the ink off too hard or what - but it's going in the bin.

So whilst I was trying to rescue said disaster I remembered this stamp and started all over again!
I used crushed olive and wild honey inks on the tag then sprayed key lime pie glimmermist and quince craftynotions sprays and dried them, then stamped the image (it's a Magenta stamp - every time I use one, I remember how much I love them!) in black archival.    I've used a white Inkessentials pen to hightlight the flowers in the midde. A couple of Wendy sentiments, a couple of flowers sprayed with key lime pie and some bling, matching ribbons and - kind of - success.

You cannot believe the mess on the other tag!  I cannot believe it isn't ALREADY in the bin!!

Well, as I mentioned on Wednesday, tomorrow I hit the ripe old age of 51 and I don't know what I'm going to do to "celebrate".  I thought of going to Kew Gardens (yes, again!) or maybe up to London, but I can't decide - and I have lots of shopping to do (boring stuff, mostly but I might have to do a bit of "treat me" shopping) which I kind of want to get done before it gets too hot and then there is the prospect of LOTS of sport I need to watch on TV all weekend.... so watch this space. I may just do the shopping and then craft.... which sounds kind of nice too!
Hope you all have a great time too.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Compendium of Curiosities - week 2

There's a challenge going on over at Studio L3, where each week they give you a page from Tim's book to interpret and create a piece of art based on that page.  I didn't get time to try last week's but wanted to have a go this week.

This week it's to use fragments, and this is the tag (for a change!) I did.

I used spun sugar and victorian velvet distress inks, some Tim stamps and the fragment - I stuck a piece of paper - Tim's paper stack - also coloured with vic velv - to the fragment and used the leftover at the top of the tag.  I also sprayed with some reinker/perfect pearl for some shimmer.

I coloured a petaloo flower with vic velv ink and overstamped a Hero "Art" dictionary stamp on the flower.  I used an idea-ology pin to secure the flower through the hole of the fragment and it's just about stuck to the back of the fragment and clinging on to the tag!!

I tried to get a close up of the fragment but couldn't turn the flash off and this is the best I could get without bleaching everything out!    There is a prize on offer too, so if you have the book, give it a go.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Shades of Blue - Gingersnap Colour Challenge.

There is a new Colour Challenge over at Gingersnap Creations - shades of blue and as blue is one of may favourite colours I had to make sure I tried this one out (I've been missing a lot of deadlines for challenges I really meant to do, lately!)

I had started the tag without knowing about the challenge, so it's just fortunate!

The paint on the tag is faded jeans distress crackle paint (not new, but never used it before) and I've used some florals die cuts (metal, blue paper from the tim stack (I'm being ruthless about using it now...) , some paperartsy stamps the the stamp on the paper, is crafty individuals.

Just about in the background you can see the TV - Wimbledon is on (now the footie is over till later tonight) and there is a marathon of a match going on - the 5th and final set is stuck, they can't get passed one another - it's currently 39 games each!!  To be honest, I've never heard of either player  and in all they've been playing over 7 hours (they started yesterday apparently!)

I have used my WOYWW present from Julia now that they've "gone live" - thanks again Julia and Mr D for your craftiness!

This version is just a bit closer in - scanned rather than with the camera -the crackle paint shows up better here.

Well, England won the football - much better performance all round, now it looks like it will be Germany up next - fingers crossed again then!!

WOYWW today? My Sunday Stamper challenge!

The last week has flown by in a flurry of World Cup games and now Wimbledon tennis too!! Needless to say, I have done very little else than sit in front of the TV.

On my workdesk this week is another pre-birthday present to myself (it's this coming Saturday, and like Kay last week I will be 51.... not sure where the years go, I really can't explain; it only seems like yesterday that I was 40).

Anyhow, ever since I discovered Cuttingedgecrafts where I got my Big Shot, I have been sooooo impressed with their service - next day delivery - free postage - usually less than RRP prices - that I have gone a bit mad (and the credit card bill arrived today, oops!!  Good job I live on my own and there's no-one to moan at it).  This lot, I ordered at 7.30 in the morning (Monday) and they arrived at work on Tuesday.

Sorry, where was I?  Oh, yes. Today's goodies - another of the Tim texture fades - this is the checkerboard and cracked set, not used them yet (give me time, give me time) and a couple of distress powders and some ideaology bits - washers. and a refill for the tiny attacher I got last week, because I realised the 100 that come with it probably won't last long and I'm bound to run out when I can least replace them.   (The tag is a WIP with some distress paint.)
Hiding under the texture fades is a silicone rubber mat which I needed to be able to make this -

My Sunday Stamper challenge for Hels.  When I was at the Craft Barn I bought a Kabuka mold that I knew I'd be able to use in the Big Shot (to save all that refining etc) if only I had the silicone rubber - they didn't seem to understand what I wanted when I asked if they had them at the CB) .  Anyhow I used the "time" side of the mold on some metal which I've coloured with alcohol ink, the tag is rusty hinge and the stamps are all Paperartsy.   The challenge is to use metal and stamping, so that's ok then! 
Now to let you in on a secret.  The metal is actually the barn red from TSS but I didn't think it through and put it the wrong way down on the mold so the red side is back to front. Hence the disguise with the alcohol ink on the aluminium side!!! Don't tell anyone how stoooopid I am, will you?
Now, this Wednesday is England's last group game in the World Cup and I've been told I can leave work to come and watch it, so I don't suppose I'll get to visit you all until a lot later - but I will be there! 

And if you've read all this garbage and thinking what the heck is she babbling on about this time?  pop over here and Julia will tell you all about it. I know I am meant to be keeping it brief, sorry!
See you next week - when it will only be 3 days to the Newbury show - my second favourite after Ally Pally!! I can't wait.  Anyone else going?

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Three Hearts... hangy piece

I cut this piece of grungeboard using my Tim die, and the movers and shakers punch (yes, I succumbed to them, mainly cos I know I can't punch two holes in the right places!

I covered it with victorian velvet DI (I didn't like this much when it came out, now I think it's fab!)

I stamped and inked 3 Wendy hearts (barn door and crushed olive) and covered them with glossy accents.  Added butterflies (covered with distress stickles) and finally found a use for this flower I've had made and hanging around for ages - just added some glossy accents to that tool  The ribbon is still loose round the back cos the glue isn't dry enough to turn the chip over and tie it, and at the moment the sentiment is still just perched too!

Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Tag - Just Because!

I think I must be in withdrawal mode, no more countdown tags to do - Linda has safely arrived in the States. But I still found myself doing a tag tonight...

At the weekend I had cut out with my Tim die, the hanging sign in grungepaper, put aside ready for inspiration.  I am not sure that inspiration has actually struck, I think mojo's gone on the plane with Linda...  Anyhow:
I have used pumice stone for the square tag (mainly because Linda said she wasn't sure about it and I realised I hadn't really used it either since buying it, but I think I like it) and thrown some drops of water at it, I used walnut stain and rusty hinge for the hanger bit and rusty hinge for the sign bit, the stamp on that is Wendy V.  Once I stamped that on the sign I couldn't decide what else it needed, but found myself cutting out and colouring grungepaper butterflies, the green ones have been sparkled with glimmer mist (key lime pie, I am  LIKING this colour!).  I then stamped the Tim texts on a scrap of grungepaper.                                                                                   Not convinced about the overall effect but I like the hanging sign die and once I get my head round what to do with it, I am sure it will be fine. As it says, "it's all perspective"!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Linda's countdown - 2, 1, GO

I've cheated with today's tag and combined 2 and 1. See Linda's on her WOYWW desk here

Going to be some quick details here as need to get on and round some WOYWW desks!

Tag - dusty concord, broken china, sprayed with dusty concord/pearl perfect pearl spray, stamped couple of Wendy scripts, BLine hot air balloon, replaced the "paris" with "ranger", made 2 tiny tags, used an alphabet set to create the "up up & away" (sounds like the ad for Nimble slimming bread, do you remember that?!!!)

Linda, have a GREAT time. We are not jealous - none of us - MUCH!!!  Can't wait to see what you do.  Will be following via twitter with Tim and Mario.

Wednesday - it can only mean one thing

Happy Wednesday to you all.  I still think they come round quicker than any other day of the week. Catch up with all the other nosey curious likeminded folk here
My patch on the floor looks like this today. Some more new stuff!!   and a part done tag.  After I did the tag for Linda's countdown to Ranger U yesterday, I had a long piece of string covered in spray and I wondered whether I could make another background with it.  Here I've used the craftynotions sprays - I left the string on the craft sheet, sprayed Quince and Luscious Green over it and pressed the tag onto it.  It didn't come out quite like I thought so I added some more spray direct to the tag.  Not sure what the next step is yet!!

If you've been by recently you'll have seen I've been "gradually" adding to my Tim Alterations die collection and I found this plastic box under the dining room table (don't ask!!) that I thought would do as a (probably temporary) storage for them. Just wish I had somewhere to store this box though! Right now it's just inside the living room door where I almost trip over it each time I come in or out...

To finish, I've got a shot of the cramped space I have to work at my computer....  that cushion is atop a plastic footstool that used to be in the kitchen and is what I crouch at the computer on.... until I regularly joined in WOYWW I used to kneel at the computer as well as when I craft on the floor but it got too much! You can make out all the crap sorry, magazine storage, drawer units (full of embossing powders, glitter glues etc) under the table.    One day, I will sort this room out....
Ok, I will be round to visit you all as soon as I can - it may take longer than normal cos a) I am very busy at work at the moment and don't think I'll be able to get round any desks even at lunchtime, and b) there's the last couple of Linda's countdown tags to make  (she's off to Ranger U - I am sure you hadn't heard, lol!!! and c) most importantly - there's football on!! I know lots of you hate it, but I don't, so my evenings are quite packed at present!  See you around.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Linda's Countdown -3

Here is my tag for today - only 3 sleeps to go, Linda.  Are you still sleeping? Linda's day 3 tag is here

I've used the Jo C-S inspired string technique again here, with a couple of perfect pearl/DI reinker combi's.  The eagle-eyed among you may spot I've been online shopping again (Tim's tiny attacher and the stencil type 3 idea-ology, ooops. couldn't help it!)

I quite liked the tag without anything on it, too, but decided it was a bit mean not to decorate it at all!  (the picture doesn't really do it justice, trust me it looked quite good "naked")

Also, because I know she's received it, I can show you the card I made for Hels to celebrate her birthday (I didn't put any large numbers on it cos I thought that would be mean, even though she seems to quite like being 40.  Some of us wish we were STILL 40...)

It's an 8x8 inch square card, with Tim and Wendy stamps and victorian velvet DI on the card, then a square of Tim's vintage shabby paper (see how much I think of her, to use that, lol!) and some metal tattered floral die cut flowers (that was the sneak peak from my workdesk last week) and some prima flowers.

Off to watch the footie now, and to think about tomorrow's tag... see you soon.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Linda's countdown - 4

Linda's trip to Ranger U is getting very close!!  I think I'm almost as excited as she is (no, that's not possible, you're right!)

Anyhow, here is today's tag - using Tim's city skyline and a Stampendous sun. Hope the sun shines on your trip, Linda!!

Tag is coloured with tumbled glass DI and the buildings are embossed with mustard seed embossing powder - you may not believe it, but this is the very FIRST time I have used distress embossing powder!!!!! And its the only one I've got (so far...... guess what's going on my Newbury shopping list!) I thought being yellow, it might give the buildings a sort of sun-kissed look! (I planned this tag last night)
I used mustard seed (and a splash of wild honey) DI's as a paint to colour the sun. The 4 is painted with Claudine Helmuth paints.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Two for the price of one

I don't very often combine a piece I do for two separate challenges - but as one is unofficial, and they are friends, I didn't think they'd mind!

This piece is for both Hels' Sunday Stampers - "numbers" - it's her birthday today, Happy Birthday Hels, hope you're having a great day. Secondly, it's my tag for Linda's Ranger U countdown - 5 sleeps to go - crikey, it's getting close, Linda!!!! (I'll have to come back and add the link when YOUR 5 tag goes up!)

I have had huge trouble photographing this cos the flash has been bouncing off the metal .  However, I made a metal rose using barn red TSS metal and the Paperartsy grunge flower and die, both of which I love.  I wanted to get a close up of the flower, but it wasn't happening!!
The tag is coloured with barn door DI and stamps are Wendy's. I traced round a large 5 plasma number on the backing of a blending tool pack (only 2 gaps on my craft spinner now!) and painted it white before using stormy sky DI and the Wendy background number stamp, tieing in all themes! The leaves are Paperartsy on grungepaper, in faded jeans and sprayed with a DI reinker/perfect pearls mix. I had originally stamped the sentiment on the tag itself but then the 5 wouldn't fit (it's hiding under the 5!) so stamped it on a scrap and sponged some barn door ink on it.  Sorry, it's a bit blurry.

Hels is also very generously giving away some candy this week - I thought you were supposed to receive pressies on your birthday, lol! So, thanks Hels, Happy Birthday again, and check out her own awesome shadow box she's made this week.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

I know we're on 6 but I haven't done it yet (EDIT - I have now)

Hi.  Linda will be down to 6 now, but I have only been back from the Craft Barn for an hour and a half - I stayed much longer than I thought I would - sat for ages with Lin and Leandra and stood (standing room only, lol!) at Suze's demos at the Craft Barn, as well as all the others.

Suze - you'll be surprised to hear!! was demo'ing with her Melt Pot - wax and UTEE and is such fun!  I have been lucky enough to see her demo a couple of times before - at least once here at the Craft Barn and at what is now the Ally Pally show - I think before it moved there, when it was still at the Commonwealth Institute! 
She is a scream! If you've never been lucky enough to meet her and get the chance - grab it with both hands.
She was also doing giveaways - this is the UTEE piece I was lucky enough to receive - would have loved one of her wax pieces, but it wasn't to be - and at least I can wear this!

Both Lin and Leandra were doing fantastic things with metal and dies and all sorts.  This is Leandra in action.  It's a double arch piece - hinged so it opens - I got a couple - and it's painted, gooped, stamped on etc
Here it is drying! I can't wait to have a go.

I seem not to have got my camera out when watching Lin - too busy making notes!

This is my stash - quite a small pile, I thought - the shop was heaving and it was SO hard to get to see anything on the shelves! (Still, it's nearly Newbury - 3rd July - ticket ready in my possession!)

Only 1 stamp!!

On the way back to the station I walked through the churchyard - and for the first time ever I had a camera with me - it is SUCH a beautiful church - so old and cobbly (if that's a real word)

I have been having problems with blogger tonight so this is probably going to appear all over the place, but it's too close to kick off for the England game so I'm off - the flag's out, I've got the England top on, I'm ready.
See you later, hopefully with a smile on my face!

Ok, back now - well, a draw is better than losing and there are still 2 group games to go... So I have done a tag for Linda to represent 6 days left.

I smooshed rusty hinge and bundled sage on the craft mat, spritzed with water and dragged the tag through it to colour it. Dried that, sprayed with the new glimmer mist I got today (Key Lime Pie - not a dessert I've ever had but I love the name!) and dried that.  Put the tag through the Timmy texture fade (patchwork) Found a chipboard 6 and L which I covered with Goop - Lin and Leandra's new name for the inka gold paste/paint. I used gold for the L and green with gold over the top.  Added some green buttons and a game spinner to point strategically to the 6.                                                                           I am so tired now I think I will go to bed. See you tomorrow - for 5!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Linda's countdown - 7

So, Linda's down to 7 sleeps left before her trip to Ranger U. Not that we're jealous, or anything. Check out her take on it here (I'm sure she'll upload her 7 soon....)

And just look what arrived at my office today in the post..... how did that happen?!

So, I thought it would only be fitting to use one for today's countdown tag.

The tag is coloured with tumbled glass and has some water thrown at it for the watermark effect.

The cage is coloured with scattered straw and a top layer of mustard seed (I had intended to write something on the tag about "a bird (i.e Linda) in her gilded cage" but... instead I stamped the two Wendy V sentiments. The bird is brushed corduroy and some glitter glue for a bit of accent on the wing and the eye.

Only a week to go, Linda - how's the packing?!

Got to go know, the football has started and you know me by now, will watch any match that's on.  Good job England don't play till tomorrow evening, that would be a challenge with the Craft Barn during the day!!  Now, do you think I will spend much whilst I'm there????!!!! Ha, you've seen the state of my floor after a stash spree - what do you think?  Besides, it's my birthday in a couple of weeks so I need to buy myself something, right?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Linda's countdown - 8

Today's countdown tag had to be a quickie as I have a birthday card to make for a colleague at work for tomorrow and another one to finish to get in the post.

The tag is coloured with bundled sage and pumice stone, stamping is mostly done with forest moss and bundled sage.  All stamps are Tim's today. The heart is (badly) painted with Picket Fence crackle paint.

We're all counting with you, Linda!

(EDITED) Speedy birthday card done for my work colleague - using my new Banana Frog stamps (I won a set in their May blog hop and chose the "scribble flowers" set)

 I thought that the stamps matched the tattered florals die quite nicely so grabbed some mulberry paper in these rusty/dark yellowy shades with some of the layers I had set by, and distress inks in wild honey and mustard seed.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Linda's countdown - 9

Well, couldn't resist having another go at the countdown. This time I decided to make it personal.

Tag is wild honey and brushed corduroy, the passport is from a previously unused "journey ephemera" book and the suitcase stamp is by Judikins, "memories" is Paperartsy.

Sorry my writing on your ticket isn't very neat, Linda (Julia?!)

Tomorrow's will be better, I promise, Linda!


Well, what a great Wednesday it was last week, so many people made so many beautiful things for the WOYWWAC. I always knew you were all supremely talented. Thank you for those of you who liked my - what I still think - pathetic - effort!  I was amazed at the response.  Well done again, Julia. Check out here for all the fun each Wednesday.

This week, there isn't much happening. I've got a part done card which needs to remain secret for now though this shot hopefully won't give too much away.

And these arrived in the post Tuesday - the new Paperartsy Hot Pick stamps- yummy images, or what - and the grunge flower die (thanks Leandra for confirming so speedily, the combination of plates to use!) Can't wait to use those wonderful stamps.  I feel some tags coming on.  I love the bookmark that's come with it, but I won't be able to use it (except maybe in a book!)

I've also tried the tattered florals with some metal - wow!  This is the Kiss Me Pink from TSS, stamped with one of Wendy's background stamps.
Sorry about the flash on the background!
I've got a bit of a supply ready for use from various papers, but I must get some fabric remnants to try - the fabric ones I've seen done on other blogs look amazing. I'll need to try and find a Saturday morning free to try and find somewhere locally that sells fabric scraps!  it won't be this week as I'm going to the Craft Barn Extravaganza in Lingfield - can't wait!  Am going to treat myself (as it's my birthday later this month) to a couple of bits (ha ha!).

Well, that's about it for me today, I'll try and get round you all later - I don't think I'll have time at work this week, so it will be later on probably. I will try and get this linked if Julia's up and about early!!

(EDIT - Woo hoo!!! I made the top 3 for the Stampotique colour challenge last week!!! See my card here I am so chuffed!)