Wednesday, 18 October 2017

WOYWW 437 - I made something!

Hello again deskers.  Yet another Wednesday.  Time to report to desk duty for WOYWW 

You did all make me smile with your comments about the boots...
I did nearly include one last week. 
You know (well Jan does) how I love my up to the knee (over the knee) boots!

It was hard to do with me in them; but I wanted you to get the full effect as it were.

Lush, aren't they!
 on to the made something bit of the post!

I have a friend whose birthday is soon

I forced myself to finish the card tonight (I have a raging sore throat and am coming down with a cold)
 started with a brayered background with Fresco paints in blues and white
the image is by Dina Wakley and the sentiment one of Julia's Mama's I bought crop before last.

Will be catching as many of your desks as I can soon.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

WOYWW 436 - more shoppng

Hi, deskers.  It's time for another desk fest.  Link as always at Julia's gaff. ..

Thanks for all your visits last week..
I haven't put ink to the new stamps yet... but as the title suggests, have done more shopping!  I did say last week I was in a 'shopping' phase... I can go ages and then - bam! 
I bought 2 pairs of new boots the other Sunday (see, it's not only crafty shopping I'm in the mood for!) one for walking at Kew as my previous pair were leaking, and one in the most lush burgundy suede (totally impractical but had to have them)
but you don't want to see them, you want to see my desk!

 3 lots of shopping to be precise!

a Tim stencil and die,  (Country View Crafts) some Stampotique wooden stamps (love that they still do wooden mounts)

and a couple of Carabelle studio stamps.  the one on the right, a French text plate, is totally unmounted and designed for printing on the gelli plate with.   (That's Crafty)

Not that I've opened the gelli plate yet!
the Stampotiques came beautifully wrapped - and yes, I saved the tape - well from one parcel, the other one it was stuck fast
(Artist Trading Post, Sue Tucker took over the store after Jamie and Kasia gave it up to concentrate on the Wanderlust online classes. Great service from Sue as always)

I like to do by enabling bit for you all! 

Saturday last week saw me once again visit Kew... taking another 400 plus photos and walking 10k... Julia, you'd be very welcome to join me there one weekend, we don't have to walk that far!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

WOYWW 435 time

eek,  I am entering a craft-shopping mood again... could be costly.
I heard about a friend of a friend who was de-stashing some goodies, mostly Dylusions.  Did my friend know of anyone who wanted them......... what a silly question!

before I share what I got (well obviously I did!) it was great to see some posts already about the crop last weekend.  I was so sad not to have been able to get there, I think it's the first one I've missed.
But, well done Margaret for organising what looks a fantastic day!

OK.  you're here for a desk. .for WOYWW  (link at Julia's)
Originally it looked like this...

an empty hamper basket that I re-purposed from work - courtesy of a grateful client to the team for sorting out her mortgage.

but that's boring, right?

then the goodies arrived..

so now it looks like this!
ooh look; stamps!!

there is also a peak at the journal from last week.
a little adding to it...

bit of a closer look... I have enhanced the original heart (the light one in the middle) by replacing the stencil and adding some paint

then I added another heart hanging off the bottom of the page, and also at the top too

I like the dark one at the bottom.

Not sure where it's going from here, who knows, next week may see it finished!

till then, happy WOYWW - I'm off to see who else has pics to share from the crop!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


well that week went fast again... here we are back to share our crafty workspaces once again. Julia as always, hosts
Amazingly, my floor shows signs of crafting activity - I don't really count the birthday cards because those were "must do"... at least both ladies liked them!

 but my large journal has been calling me... when I made the wedding card a few weeks ago for my work colleague Josh, I had turned the stencil covered in gloss gel paste down onto the empty page to get a reverse impression of the design and to avoid wasting the spare gel.

I took a couple of Lindys Stamp Gang sprays and spritzed over the page, and let it drip and run..

I filled some gaps with some DecoArt crackle paste
I added some distress oxides in toning colours (broken china and twited citron)

the right hand page has some tinted paste that I used for one of the birthday cards, smeared on randomly, (mixed up quite a bit more than I needed, as you can see) and although it doesn't show I added crackle paste to that too.

that's as far as it's got, the journal has been sat there since Sunday...

On Saturday I went to Kew, again.  I was keen to see some more of the temporary Sculpt at Kew exhibits...  just before I left, I saw one that was just perfect for our lovely LLJ -
the full post is here  but in case you can't stop by to see all of them, here is "Jan's"
not a very good picture, as I was in a rush at the time, I'll get some better ones  this weekend - I'll be heading back again this Saturday, it's the last day of their special opening early at 8am for members for the end of the season, so at least after this weekend, I get to have a bit of a lie in on a Saturday - but I'll be heading back lots after then anyway.

So, when you're all getting together at the crop at Margaret's I'll be at Kew - but with you in spirit - have a fabulous time, and take lots of pictures please!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

WOYWW 433 - post show haul

My week off went in a flash of days out, lots of walking and photograph taking... and back to work now; starting to feel like I was never off!   if you want to see what I got up to there are 4 posts on my "photosbyh" blog - click the fountain picture which will take you to the final one, and work your way back (it may take a while!)

But it's time for WOYWW and our weekly desk share... Julia is in charge here

Saturday saw me at the Ally Pally show.. like so many of these things, it ain't what it used to be, as they say!  Write up here though if you're interested (although I know a lot of you saw it)

But I did manage to do a little shopping...
less than normal, but enough!

I did manage to make a couple of birthday cards last week, for my boss and another girl at work - both used one of the new Dina Wakley stamps I showed you last week  

This one for my boss was using Fresco paint brayered over a piece of patterned paper and some texture paste mixed with Caribbean Sea Fresco to stencil the numbers
 Oxides on tissue paper

 I decided at the weekend my brayers were disgustingly filthy - I managed to chip away at the paint and got one back to the red rubber, the other one is a bit more damaged and still has paint stuck fast... I'm just going to call it a texture brayer

So, that's me this week...
Hoping that getting these cards done will finally kick start me back to getting some more crafting done... I'll probably start a new journal to celebrate!!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Crafting at Ally Pally show

Hi, one and all.  Rounded my week off with another long day on my feet!! The Crafting at Ally Pally show is on this weekend.
Got there early,and the skies were cloudy but it was clear enough so took some views from the top of the hill outside Ally Pally.

 good view of the city Canary Wharf tower blocks between the trees
 Alexandra Palace in all her glory..

 signs of autumn
 stopped to chat to a stall holder on a cigarette break (him not me!) from the final setting up, tried to answer his questions about what all the tall buildings we could see were!
 Had time for a coffee and cake to fortify myself, then to the queue to get in at 10...

 obviously first port of call - Paperartsy...
 Leandra was demoing Oxides over embossed stamping
 the make and takes underway - this table by Courtney, Leandra and Mark's daughter, and the second by Raquel
 settled in to watch demos - Leandra
 and Lauren - let's see how long her tidy workspace lasts...
WOYWWer Cindy doing a make and take with her mum
 Lauren demoing for Jo V and me
 watching Leandra as well!!
 still tidy Lauren;  it's no good protesting, I will keep taking photos!
 after a good long time I pulled myself away to see what else was happening and if there was anything else I "needed"
Visible Image stand.. (not so fond of polymer stamps but the designs are gorgeous)
 Button Moon (nearly bought a bag of ribbon)
 bit of a crowd for the dies and stuff here...

 though some of the stands had quite a crowd round them, there definitely seemed lots fewer people here than normal
 lunchtime.  look how empty it is! (those of you who've been will appreciate this)
fab samples on the Card-io stand

 Carabelle Studio were here from France for the first time... love their stamps but they're very pricey...
 Alison and Hazel were having a rummage in a box of loose stamps...

 and there was a make and take using Oxides with their stamps

this was as I sat and had my lunch... about 1pm probably.   very empty.  also fewer stalls I think than normal.

 when I got back to Paperartsy, I had a lovely surprise as Alison Bomber was there

She didn't want me to take this but I bribed her by showing her I'd bought some of her stamps...
 having a quick play - Leandra is watching on
 Leandra then made Alison have her picture taken in front of her own stamps - so I got one of them both - love this!
 Leandra demoing Oxides over a crackle Fresco paint background
 more make and takes at Paperartsy

 love the Infusion storage box - get them made Mark!!
 Leandra doing vintage grungy with the Zinski monsters
over a background from Infusions over Frescos
 then moving onto JoFY stamps
 HA!!  caught Lauren with a messy table... not very messy to be fair! 5 hours - a record!
 Leandra adding white pen scribbles...
 to her finished masterpiece
 tidy again!

I had a really smooth journey home, connections at tube and mainline train worked perfectly, and got home just before it rained

my purchases fitted into one of the small Paperartsy bags (if you know your bag sizes!!)  This will probably surprise some of you.....

and here it is.   Some stencils - the ones standing are Kim Dellow's (Paperartsy) one Carabelle stamp (standing) some packs of paper flowers and some double sided tape

3 large stencils by Imagination Crafts, and a few (ok, 6) new Paperartsy stamp sets...

now I need to eat and put my feet up!
I've not been home an hour yet - hope you're impressed at my speed getting this out there.