Wednesday 24 April 2024


 Happy WOYWW deskers... time to share our crafty creative messes  spaces again . Head to Julia's The Stamping-Ground for all the details.

I didn't get much done this week at all; Sunday started early with the F1 grand prix then the London Marathon, then football, so it was a bit sporty! (best way, all from the sofa!) 

but I used a little of the new Versafine inks (in the background) for a birthday card,

the flowers are die cut from the leftover half of the Distress inked paper from last week!

close up...

i did start another card but only got as far as a background with the inks and painted with the Mattint glazes. 

I forgot to photograph it in daylight and when I used flash it wrecked the colours so this is a very dark non flash-lit version! 

the card blank is cream, not white, in case you wondered.

I tried to make an image for a focal point but didn't like what turned out so that has been put to one side...

Kew at the weekend was colourful, if cold.  when is Spring going to warm (and dry) up....! 
the sun did try and come out for a while, just in time for some tulip shining 

and it was nice to see the laburnum arch coming into flower. 

I may be late getting round to see you this week as it is haircut day (only the cut though) after work,   so I may be a bit late home. 

Till then, happy WOYWW and happy crafting. 

Wednesday 17 April 2024


 We say it every week, but this last week has flown by again. It's Wednesday again, time for WOYWW once more. 

so I stamped out the new inks.... gorgeous gorgeous colours
the I used some on a couple of tags 

laid them side by side and stamped across them, then moved the tags to edge the other side and stamped again... 

was just playing so these aren't a finished "thing"

I also coloured another of the printed pages my friend Lesley sent me, with the Paperartsy Mattints,  (apart from the red, which is a watered down Paperartsy Fresco paint, rather than the glazes.)

Kew on Saturday was lovely as always 

they are starting to install some sculptures for the summer's "event"  which is featuring the work of Marc Quinn.   I can't wait to see what else is to come 

Kim and I can't wait for more reflection play in these!  

the tulips under the cherry trees in Cherry Walk had really come out this week,  I got carried away as I always do.

and loads more bluebells in the woodland walk have come out - it was just a shame there wasn't the promised sunshine!

Thanks for dropping by, I'll catch up soon.

happy WOYWW  

Wednesday 10 April 2024


 Welcome to Wednesday, deskers.  Tis time already for another WOYWW...

Finally, new inks... 

12 new Versafine Clair colours.  Ain't they purdy!!  

my friend Lesley told me about them, and we both put in a pre-order with a company I've  not used before, (and won't again I reckon) called Crafty Flair. 
They were meant to be with them mid March... we waited and waited.
Turned out there is one UK distributor for Versafine Claire inks and when they turned up, Crafty Flair got missed off the distribution... I know it''s not their fault, and it was a good bulk buy price but you know how impatient I  am for new goodies!  then some customers got duplicates or missing colours... luckily, we both got the correct pads!

onto crafting, at the weekend, whilst waiting for inks...

Another collaged page in my small Dina kraft journal.

and a card, using a die cut of that distress oxide coloured page I showed last week.

I die cut 3 of the images, and the one with colours I liked best, I messed up gluing to try and put on the card base...
If I do this again I might stick the paper onto a backing sheet first, it's very flimsy for wet glue!  I would have used a glue stick but know that I'd have torn the flowers!  

Added some splatters too and a much under-used wooden happy birthday stamp! 

Saturday was Kew day of course, and meant to be sunny and warm.. well it was warm... the sun missed....

but there WAS colour!

and the rhododendrons are coming out too

the grass wasn't dry enough to lie down on for my preferred viewpoint of the tulip meadow under the cherry trees!

Thanks for looking, and happy WOYWW, see you soon 

Hope to be able to put the new inks into action at the weekend!

Wednesday 3 April 2024


 Happy April (already!) and time for another WOYWW.  I hope you all had a happy Easter - have you got any chocolate left?  

My new ink pads still haven't arrived (even at the supplier) which is a pain.  

With a long weekend I was determined to have a bit of crafting time...

I followed a Dina supporter "live" with some paint sploshing.. (it's meant to be abstract, a starting point )

before tearing it up and using bits - tiny bits...

on a journal page

then it was back to the Paperartsy Mattints on some printed pages a friend sent me 

the first one was stuck to a journal page
a second one I coloured with Distress Oxides in mainly pastel shades,  and stencilled some white paint (a leafy design - a Stencil Girl stencil )  which I then added some more Oxides over the top..

the plan is to cut this up, or die cut it...  if I can find a die i like and that will be big enough to show the patterns. 

Kew on Saturday of course,  and there was sun again!
the tulips are coming out...
and despite the strong winds and rain during the week, lots of blossom still too..

Thanks for looking, and I'll be round to visit soon.