Wednesday, 25 November 2020


 you know what they say,  blink! and it's Wednesday... time for WOYWW week 599  nearly time for our 600th celebration.

Don't know what WOYWW is?  where have you been!  Julia will tell you all about it here  

So, desk sharing day.  A bit of a cobble together today...

Sunday I set to and made another batch of Christmas cards - quick and simple,  several of each to make them quicker still... and got 20 done in total so there is a reasonably satisfying pile...

(there were a few left over from last year, which helps!)

After all that industry it was time for play!
I added some more layers to the loose journal page I'd been playing with last week
which I managed to forget to photograph before I cut it to fit the journal!

the white circles are a Stencil Girl stencil I've had ages but never used before.
I added it to the journal with strong double sided tape and added some stamped images (Dina Wakley) stamped on tissue so they'd glue well to the pages

Obviously (or it wouldn't be me) it's not finished - needs some words of wisdom still

and finally - some enabling!  

I liked the look of the new Distress ink colour so bought it in Oxide and Distress spray and yay!  crackle paint (would have got crackle paste too/instead of  but it was sold out)

and I couldn't resist a couple more of the Dina Wakley paints.

So, that's me this week... can't wait to see what you've all been up to, will come visit soon.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020


 I can't believe we're here again for another week's WOYWW  - week 598 .  Nearly time for the week 600 virtual crop.  (note to self... download Zoom and check you can use it...)  

Had a bit of a weird weekend, had something on my mind and Saturday I couldn't settle to anything - would have loved a walk at Kew!  But Sunday I pulled myself together and -   shock!  started some Christmas cards!!

Of course it's only the fronts done, no insides stamped (and some of them may need inserts this year (I never ever do inserts) as the base layers are a bit dark for writing on)

however, it's a start

I also dug out some embossing powder, which I haven't used for years, to find it not working - although it turned out it was largely the cardstock I was using that was to blame
I did find my Paperartsy smoothy card worked fine though

Needless to say I soon got bored and had to swap to journalling... I'd watched a lot of You Tube on Saturday and had a play on a loose piece of mixed media paper (from Cass Art, I love this paper it takes all sorts of wet media.  

the actual page is a little darker in reality and will probably need a little bit of gesso or something to lighten it back up a tad.  I've used my  Dina Wakley paints, which I  haven't had long and love already and want more colours, although of course I have hundreds of different paints.... but hey ho!
Anyhow, this is just a start and I will probably add some more stencilling and some of Dina's figure stamps.  Watch this space!  
Happy Wednesday and I'll come visiting later.  
Hope you are all staying safe and surviving whatever level of lockdown or restrictions you're subject to.  

Wednesday, 11 November 2020


 Morning deskers, we find ourselves at Wednesday once again  and time for another WOYWW  - check the details  here 

I still haven't ordered the crackle paste so there is no enabling this week and precious little else either...

A journal page with some of the new Dina Wakley stamps but nothing to write home about.

No Kew last week (as you probably knew from the lack of facebook posts!)  I decided that as we are meant to be staying at home and not taking unessential travel (even the relatively short journey to Kew)  I would play by the rules.  So let's hope it really is only for 4 weeks till the beginning of December and I can visit again.  (although of course the first Saturday in December is our zoom crop - still have to download the app and test it!)  

So, there we are,  short and sweet !  Happy WOYWW  and I'll come visit your desks soon 

Wednesday, 4 November 2020


 Welcome to November... Desk day....  WOYWW  head for the Stamping-Ground and Julia will dish the dirt explain all.

No enabling today as I still haven't ordered my crackle paste I forgot to buy last week..

I did have a chance to have a bit of a play with a couple of the stencils though

I added some more of the flourish stencil to the journal page
and some stamping in the background

I took my ideas from a You-Tube video from Niamh Baly who uses a lot of Dina Wakley products and I love her work.

then I stencilled the "pretty as a peacock" girl on a sheet of Dina Wakley collage tissue (the one with the white words - this is from an old pack)

I used wilted violet and peacock feathers (obviously!) distress oxides

I absolutely LOVE they way this stencil comes out (Imay have to buy the bigger size too)

I very carefully stuck it to the journal page so as not to smudge the inks

quite fortuitously the tissue shows the word "perfect" in the middle of the girl's neck... not that it is a perfect page, but not bad for random placement of the stencil!  
I have some finishing off to do, but am really pleased with this page so far.

I'll be late visiting this week as I have a Dr's appointment at lunchtime so have to get back to Sutton from work and then back to work after the appointment so won't have time to do any visits then.  

Nearly forgot -  last week's Kew pics -   where I met an old friend.. 

and got quite wet!

Kew will be staying open during the new lockdown, but as we are only meant to be using transport for essential travel, not sure I will be able to keep going (though it is essential to my mental wellbeing to visit Kew so...)