Wednesday 28 June 2023


 Welcome deskers, it's Wednesday again, time for another WOYWW show and tell...

I have nothing much to either tell or show...having had a week off work, plus this Monday for my birthday there hasn't been a lot going on... except with my camera, I was out on the Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday.... I should have turned the pedometer app on my phone on. I wonder how far I walked!  I did take 1659 photos (and that's not counting on the phone) 

I won't add links for each day's separate  blogs on "photosbyh" but if you want to take a look, you are most welcome to have a wander..

I did start to embellish a journal page on Sunday but it didn't get finished ...

you saw the page when it was just the bright stencilled layer a couple of weeks ago.

I added some more stencilling - in white, believe it or not but it looks yellow; and then some torn pieces of collage tissue. 

and there it stopped!  

I will just add one photo from my days out... 
Kew, of course, on Monday for my birthday (well where else to go but my happy place?!)  and of course, birthday cake...
there is almost enough to share with you all.... 

thanks for your birthday wishes and I'll see you soon to catch up with your desks.

Wednesday 21 June 2023


 Hello deskers,  Wednesday has rolled round again, and it's time for WOYWW with Julia and the gang. 

Some of you have seen my post from my first day out of my week's holiday from work (here if not) which started by going to Hampton Court to find it shut!!  and after that Tuesday was a quiet day...watching the Ashes (cricket) once the rain stopped.  Shame about the result, but it was exciting! 

I have managed a bit of journal play - just trying out new stamps/stencils rather than finished pages. 

first, in the Dina blue journal, on a denim page, stencilled with Paperartsy paints in lemon meringue and toffee apple; the Sunshine stencil by Dina 

think its the first time I've used those colours... 
then in my A5 journal, the background is distress oxide in villanous purple and uncharted mariner,  just lightly applied and blended with gesso. 

cut out the Paperartsy numbers I stamped last week and glued them to the page. 
then I used this stencil, and applied 3 colours, just turning the stencil to get a plaid effect.
Oxide inks in lumberjack plaid, villainous purple and mustard seed
and then cut out the Paperartsy mini stamps by Lynne Perella.

I had 4 left but decided 3 was a better number.

used 2 of the others to add to a card that I started months ago, and never added a focal point,  for my cousin who's birthday is Sunday, day before me (she's a year older though)  

last Saturday (seems a long time ago now) was of course Kew,  pics here 

I'll be going out on Wednesday, not quite sure where yet, probably give Hampton Court a go again (ha ha; at least I know they'll be open.) so I may be late visiting.   In the meantime, happy WOYWW  

Wednesday 14 June 2023


Welcome back to WOYWW - where we share our craft spaces with the world.  

It's been another quiet week crafting - the weekend was too hot to do anything much and I never find the energy after work...

all I've done is stamp out the Paperartsy numbers stamps to see what they look like... I used water colour paper so it's a bit textured and the "1" was a bit iffy  but I do like them 

the backdrop is my own "exploding box" Angela!!  a right mess and needs sorting out.   It's meant to be glues and things, but it's turned into a dumping ground!  

I just went back and took a close up 

the top row are in a distress oxide (purple)  and the rest in versafine clair (dark blue)

Saturday was of course Kew, and it was really hot (after weeks complaining about being cold!)  but stunning whilst I could stand the heat... 
this is why I like getting there at 8am... the light is spectacular 

and the poppies  in the wildflower bed weren't half bad either

I've got next week off work (can't wait) and of course the forecast is for showers  and light rain.  typical, I've not had any time off this year and the minute I do the weather changes.. hopefully it will change again and be dry!   I am hoping it won't be so bad as to keep me from going out for days. 

anyhow, thanks for looking, I will be round to see what you've been up to soon.  Happy WOYWW  

Tuesday 6 June 2023

WOYWW 731 (early)

 Ir's been another fast, but chilly week here in Sutton.. and it is time to share crafty spaces again with Julia at the Stamping-Ground. 

I promised you crafting... well....

I bought some more supplies, because of course I don't have enough yet...

Paperartsy new releases last week... I didn't get all of them, that would have been excessive

I stamped out the minis,  (having re-inked my black pad, as I remembered to add a re-inker to the order!) 

and played with one of the new Dina stencils from last week...

I was watching something on telly whilst this was taking shape, so not over happy with the colour stacking at the bottom of the page,  but I can always hide that

Saturday of course took me to Kew, another chilly start (where was the early sun that was forecast?  certainly  not over Kew!)
but the colour made up for it... I am optimistically calling it "summer colour" in my label for the post....  
the geese were enjoying the plants at the Palm House...
and my Kew buddy Kim and I were loving all the poppies!

I see Julia has published early this week, so I'm going to post this "live" on Tuesday evening!!