Wednesday, 29 June 2022


 Happy Wednesday to you all - another WOYWW has arrived and we'll all meet up at Julia's again

Thank you for your birthday wishes for Sunday,  I had a quiet day mostly watching the Test match (cricket)  after of course spending time at Kew on Saturday

my "tea party"  well coffee morning I guess lol

Lynda and Kim, two of the weekly regulars and I had cake and coffee (they had tea)  

I didn't do a whole lot of crafting this week

I added some more layers to my masterboard from last week
circles are stencilled, the rest are stamps
started another journal page too

finally I just remembered to take a pic of the new distress colour inks and sprays that arrived on Monday

the light is bad under the electric light so the colour test underneath isn't very accurate

I am now watching tennis most evenings so there won;t be much crafting done this week either!

Happy WOYWW,  see you soon!  

Wednesday, 22 June 2022


 Here we are again, Wednesday- WOYWW day. 

I had a slightly  more productive week - 2 things instead of 1...  First up a birthday card for my cousin Bridget who's birthday is Saturday, the day before mine.  No chance she'll see this so I am safe to share it here now

I used distress oxides in Villainous Potion and Peacock Feathers (I'd just ordered the new colour that was announced on Saturday and thought it about time I actually used some Distress again!!)

stamps are by Dina Wakley and Paperartsy (Seth Apter)

Hopefully, if the new colour arrives in time I'll be able to play with it before next week

then, because I liked the combination of the two colours I used them again 
I did add a little pink (Kitsch flamingo)  as well
I'm going to add some more layers to this before I use it, some script stamping at least and looking at the photo, possibly more depth of colour (although it's lighter in the photo than real life so maybe not)

the reason I used these 2 colours?  they were on the top of the pile of my distress oxides... what better reason!!  

I almost stayed dry at Kew on Saturday - just a few spots of rain - not enough to get me wet really which was as well, not having taken a cardigan or anything.  It wasn't unbearably hot either which was good! 

there was lots of yellow, especially in the rock garden
the eryngium (sea holly) is always a summer favourite
I was still in love with the poppies and found some more elsewhere

this weekend, I am having  cake and coffee for my birthday with at least one of the regulars (more if they are around)  I'll be spending my birthday itself at home

the forecast though IS for showers this weekend which will be a shame.

In case you missed it Julia has details of the crop in October  on her blog  - can't wait!  

Till next week, happy WOYWW  and I'll be round to catch your desk soon. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2022


 Good morning from a warm Sutton.  It's Wednesday again which can only mean one thing - WOYWW - do head to Julia's for the details and share your workspace.

I decided at the weekend it was high time I used some of the new Seth Apter stamps and paints whilst watching the cricket.  

it's been quite a while since I played in my A5 sized journal and it was fun!

But that is the total of my crafty activity this week 

Saturday's visit to Kew was colourful and sunny - check out the post here   it was poppy-tastic! 

that's all I have for you today -  happy WOYWW  and thanks for visiting.

Looks like this coming Saturday may see the breaking of the mini heatwave the south of the UK will have for the rest of this week, so it might be a wet one again; if I'm lucky it will be dry till I get home! At least it won't be as hot as it will be in southern Europe, for which i am grateful. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2022


 Welcome to another WOYWW  - Wednesday already! Time to head to Julia's the Stamping-Ground to see what everyone's been up to..

not very much here, is the answer, so much for  a 4 day weekend for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and "I'll have time for crafting"  ha ha.   I spent most of the 4 days glued to all the official events on TV,  and loved every minute of it.  Not least seeing the adorable 4 year old Prince Louis being - a 4 year old!  

I did start a page in the new Kraft journal, I love the large size 

tried out a couple of the new gloss paint sprays, and some images I'd stamped (mostly on the collage tissue paper) 

so yes, that is the sum total of my 4 day holiday 

I had a wet trip to Kew on Saturday -  needless to say the sun came out as soon as I decided to head home...

I am hoping for better weather this weekend,  which would be nice.

Thanks for looking,  I will be round to visit soon.  Milk and one sugar, please and thank you   

Happy WOYWW 

Wednesday, 1 June 2022


 Welcome deskers,  we are once again (already!) meeting with Julia for WOYWW -join in here 

All I've done this week craft-wise, is to open new parcels of goodies!

first to arrive were Paperartsy stencils by JoFY (Jo Firth-Young)  on a first of a series of new releases.    

the larger circles were actually from a previous release that somehow or other I'd let pass me by....

I showed restraint here and didn't get any of the new stamp sets!  
next to arrive, although they should have been the last, was a Dina Wakley release, some more gloss paint sprays and a large version of her fabulous kraft journal

sorry about the bad lighting on the photo!

these were delivered to work

Last to arrive, although actually had I not misjudged the size of the parcel and had them sent to work instead of home, and not fit through the letter box, so that I had to go to the sorting office, they would have been here Friday

I also didn't realise the sorting office new opening hours - they used to open about 6.30 in the morning,  but now 8am so were still shut when i tried to collect them on my way to work Monday morning


next time, I will remember that they open later on a Saturday and even Sundays!  However, safely collected Tuesday after work! 

some more Paperartsy goodies, this time from Seth Apter's range (I showed restraint again here and only got 2 of the paint colours and not all of the stamps!

the wedding on Saturday was lovely - here's a photo as Neet requested

I did have a (very thin) wrap thing with me (in my left hand)  but it was very chilly outside but a lovely evening 

I did also fit in a visit to Kew in the morning, which was lovely too -  pics here

one to entice you over, quickly as I've taken up far too much of your time

this is part of the Food Forever summer event that I missed the first weekend it opened

the guide was telling my fellow Kew regular friend Kym (who happened to be in the gallery at the same time as me) that as part of this is made from sugar and candy, they have to evacuate ants each morning...

Ok, thanks for looking, I will be round soon to visit and am very much looking forward to the Jubilee bank holiday long weekend to rest and hopefully play with all the new goodies,  and watch all the festivities planned to celebrate the Jubilee (from the sofa, less crowded and a better view!)...and of course, go to Kew again!