Wednesday, 22 February 2023


 Welcome deskers, Wednesday again, and time for WOYWW.  

This week I have my new goodies to share...

Dina's new release - 6 neon paints, some stencils and some collage tissue.
I took advantage of ordering these, to get the new Distress inks a very pale grey - in fact so pale it doesn't seem to show up much - but I've not really played with it yet.
and some new ink foam pads the domed ones.

I did enjoy playing with the neon paints briefly though..

I used the paints through one of the stencils,  layering all 6 over one another and then on some cardstock before stamping and cutting out a Dina figure.

as I say, a very pale grey, on white card... 
looking forward to playing more though.

and so to  Kew on Saturday.  

a dull day, Saturday - typically Sunday was lovely and sunny!

lots of funghi in the woodland
and colour in the Temperate house.

Thanks for dropping by, I will catch your workspaces soon. Have a happy WOYWW

Wednesday, 15 February 2023


 Welcome, deskers!  I hope this week finds you all well.  It's another Wednesday, so time for WOYWW and our desk sharing day.

this is the sum total of my crafty endeavours this week!  

One stencilled piece of paper!  I am quite impressed with my stencil matching skills though, as the stencil only fills about 2/3 of the paper but lines up really well.

Monday saw the release date for some new Dina Wakley products which (ahem) I ordered immediately, along with the new Distress ink pads,  such a beautiful soft looking grey.

In the absence of anything more exciting, I'll add a few photos from Kew on Saturday as well as the link to the full post (it's another long one!) 

if you read the Kew post last week, this is the bit we missed!!  
it's massive, how can you miss this gorilla!!  

Hopefully next week there'll be a bit more crafting (with new goodies!)  

thanks for dropping by, and I'll be round to see your desk soon.  
Happy WOYWW   

Wednesday, 8 February 2023


 We have zoomed or way to another Wednesday's WOYWW.. 

hmmm..  new stencils!  
came across these on Stampers Grove when looking to see if he had the new TH distress inks in yet..

added some more layers-  stamping this time -  to the purple page I started a couple of weeks ago

here's the "desk" shot.... the only other thing I've done is to stencil a couple of faces on some card - I think it was my raffle prize from the Crop -  white with a hint of gold -  the gold really shows up in the bad electric light in my living room!!   (not so much in the photo)  

Saturday was Kew, of course and a mega long post showing the Orchid display....

just a hint of the many on the post!

I'm going back again this week for seconds!  

Thanks for looking, Happy WOYWW, see you at a desk near here soon.  Kyla had trouble visiting my desk last week, and was told it was a  dangerous phishing site so I hope no-one else gets the same.  

Wednesday, 1 February 2023


 Wednesday again!  welcome to another WOYWW    My productivity didn't continue this week -  I got some new stamps and stencils (and no, there was NOT a second order - the rest of the release didn't grab me.. )

so these are the ones I was waiting for last week. 

stamps designed by Seth Apter for Paperartsy and the two small stencils from the Paperartsy range. 

just realised you can't really see the stencil designs very well as the packet background comes through strongly... but little dots and little squares...

I did have a play with some of the stamps and made up a birthday card

I used moulding paste through the dotty stencil and added sprays (Distress sprays)  and inks

I did watch the release of the new Tim Holtz ink colour and like it,  but not ordered yet (waiting for some more Dina stuff the week after next)  but whilst checking if the Stampers Grove had them in yet I came across some more "must have" Stencil Girl stencils that will probably be here tomorrow!

Kew on Saturday was grey after the gorgeous sunshine of the week before, but still lots to see.  post is here 

this weekend sees the start of this year's Orchid Festival so should be colourful!!  

you have to book time slots (to prevent over crowding) and I've got one for each of the first 2 Saturdays.  

Thanks for looking, happy WOYWW and I'll be round when I can.