Sunday, 29 March 2020

A journal page - Freedom Is a State of Mind

So we're on our second weekend of lockdown in the UK and after a week working from home and no-one much to talk to,  and the clocks going forward last night, it seemed a very "down" day today.

I forced myself to play in my journal though,  the square one again

 I didn't prep the page with gesso or anything, just took some of Courtney's new stamps from Paperartsy. and Versafine Clair inks in Monarch and Warm Breeze
 I stencilled some circles (a Finnabair stencil for Prima) in Cloud Fresco  and outlined them with black pen (no photo)

Sat and listened to "The Archers" omnibus on the radio before just going back to it again a few minutes ago...
Took a sillhouette stencil (Donna Downey)  and sponged with the Monarch ink over the background.

Rummaged for a sentiment - found a perfect one (Finnabair cling stamps, set is called Don't forget to fly)

outlined the pages with the same ink and a touch of black.

Thanks for looking - I do feel less miserable now!

Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Welcome to our weekly desk sharing - WOYWW.... and what a difference a week makes!

My desk today is a little different....

like so many others, working from home.   Far from ideal - need to do something about this if it is going on as long as feared... but at least it's a good job I held onto those two big boot boxes (you know how I love my boots!)  they make a reasonable surface to rest the work computer on...

The height is still not right though but we'll see...  I also did something weird to the camera setting on my phone and it now looks a little weird..

The weekend saw me finally clearing the old computer of the table (only been 2 years) and .... dusting..  and I cleared away a towering box of "scraps"  from in front of the tv... in doing so I uncovered something I knew I had kept ....recognise this LLJ and Julia?

the sign from the first WOYWW crop I attended.... (format of this photo is still how it should be!) 

I also got my childhood panda out for a cuddle, figured he'd been in the drawer under the bed long enough!   some of you saw him on FB on my mother's day post. (he's on the floor in the bedroom now, social distancing!!) 

I also stamped the giraffe stamp onto the green stripes I'd laid down in my journal... that being the sum total of the crafting since last week - just not in the mood!

all this spare time at the weekend (no Kew,  no football)  and I can't get into crafting...

Anyway, stay safe, stay home, and happy WOYWW .. I'll be round to visit when I "finish work"  (at least I'm home quick!)

try and have a good week and see you soon!

Wednesday, 18 March 2020


Welcome to a little spot of normality in a seemingly fast disintegrating world.... I'm not in isolation yet or working from home (but plans are being made so we can if need be)  but I am banging my head against a brick wall at the selfishness of some (lots of) people hoarding and clearing the shelves in the supermarkets.... I get we are all worried but really!! 

Anyhow, as I say, a spot of normality... it's Wednesday so it's time for WOYWW (what's on your workdesk? Wednesday)  head to Julia's for the link up (hopefully her internet issues are resolved for this week) 
No enabling this week but I did try out my new green Fresco paints... in my square journal (not broken open the new A5 sized one yet, suddenly not in the mood lol) 

I had intended to do something on top of this tonight (writing Tuesday evening as usual)  but here it is, plain and unadorned! 

I paid what will probably be my last visit for a fair while to Kew on Saturday... pics here - make the most of them!  For the time being they are staying open apart from buildings and structures but I guess that may change too if things get as bad as predicted. 

I'll leave you with some blossom to  brighten your day

happy WOYWW! 

Wednesday, 11 March 2020


I am aiming for Shaz's Enabling Crown today.... welcome to another instalment of WOYWW with Julia and the Gang

I gave you the head's up last week ...

enabling  1

then there was

enabling 2

some lovely new green paint colours

that would be enough for anyone, you might think.

but this is me,  so

there was also

enabling 3

I think this is better stockpiling than some of the appalling reports we've seen of supermarket shelves bare of some essentials.

If we all get to self isolate from coronavirus, maybe I'll have time to play!

Whilst I was able to I went to Kew on Saturday (and intend to again this weekend)  there was beauty all around
Happy WOYWW !

Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Well what do you know, it's Wednesday again... time for another WOYWW with Julia and the deskers.
I haven't finished either of last week's pages but have filled the remaining couple in the journal... not finished of course!

Here's the first one, the last double spread
 there is more colour on the page than the photo will allow me to share, it's not so gappy!

I used some yellow shades of distress oxide and a green too (the nice bright twisted citron)

I stamped some images in yellow and green archival ink and then disaster!
I was going to add some darker (watering can archival)  script stamping over the yellow as a kind of shadow but the stamp fell off the acrylic block and landed wonky on the page,

so wonky stamping in grey it had to be!

I used the end of one of the masterboards I had a few weeks ago and some Dina Wakley figures

so I abandoned that page for now...

however I was restless with the last page not filled...

I used a large stencil (Carabelle studio) and some modelling paste

then added some oxide sprays... some of which (another schoolboy error, I hadn't gesso'd the page first)  bled through back to the yellow page... luckily  not too bad - it's the violet colour bottom left that is most to blame)

haven't quite decided how to carry on with this page

but this is my thinking thus far...
 I do like the Dina Wakley figures!
and, as it IS What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday, here is the "desk" shot from above...

there will be new stamps to show you next week, they are being despatched as we speak!

Thanks for looking - I'll catch your desk very soon!