Wednesday, 27 December 2017

WOYWW 447 - and it was over!

Happy two days after Christmas deskers!  Blink and you missed it - Christmas, that is...
time to re-group for WOYWW with Julia and the gang - link and info (should you need it) is here

So I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas- that your day was filled with fun, family and food... not necessarily in that order! 

It was quiet here, but I had a good time, in sole control of the remote and plenty of Christmas dinner!  (I cooked my favourite, roast beef, of course and there is plenty left for the rest of the week.

 I cleared a (small) space on my craft space (i.e. I picked up the craft mat - hoovered up all the dust and fluff) and created a little bit more leg room....
 I had stocked up in Waitrose (UK supermarket for non UK readers) on half price boxed chocolates a few weeks before Christmas... I think I have enough to survive a seige....
 I had a small bundle of gifts to open on Christmas Day...
a Gardens calendar, Jamie Oliver cook book, M&S gift voucher (all from my boss) a canvas design to colour, a lino cutting knife and some lino blocks (the round red thing is a finger guard)  and chocolates from my brother and SIL; some bath goodies and a new purse from two of the girls at work, and some licquer chocolates and a pretty tea light from my cousin; and some really pretty Nottingham lace and a little lace scented sachet from my friend Lesley who had a day at the Chatsworth Christmas fayre. 

I am hoping to get some crafting in this week before I go back to work, so the space on the floor may be back to normal very soon! 
In the meantime I wish you a very happy Rest of Christmas and New Year... hoping that 2018 is happy and healthy and creative for us all!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

WOYWW 446 - the one before Christmas...

Welcome back - ready or not, it's nearly Christmas!     Time for another WOYWW where we share our crafty spaces at the Stamping-Ground
My "desk" this week is an early one, as Tuesday evening sees the annual office Christmas party (dinner at the Trafalgar Hotel this year) and I am not sure what time I will wake up on Wednesday morning... (early, probably, I always do; but you never know) - so I couldn't leave it to chance that I'd have time to write up a post when I got home from London!!

anyway, my "desk"  -  not crafting as such, although there was a bit...
Christmas present wrapping... Secret Santa gift had to be ready to take in for Tuesday, so I decided I may as well do the rest as well, seeing as how I finished buying them on Sunday!

 a pile of prettily wrapped gifts ready for delivering...

the crafting included finishing my brother and sister-in-law's card ( and I am really really hoping she won't have time to see this before Christmas!!)

I put into action the new Timmy dies I bought last week along with the Timmy Tree Line stamp set (bought specifically with this in mind)

The other crafting was for some gift envelopes for my niece and nephew only I haven't photographed them on my camera - only on my repaired phone!!

but I have managed to download it!
Used a different Timmy die for them (I was a bit bored of wrapping by then so rushed them a bit!)

Ah yes, the phone... got a message to say it was ready, went to pick it up first thing Saturday morning.  Finished my Christmas shopping, came home, set up the phone.... phone told me it had detected a new sd card.... didn't really think anything of it... happened to see I had some photos on the phone..... but they told me I'd have lost them, and I knew they hadn't backed themselves up... Looked a bit closer.... Don't know who these people are I thought..... obviously somebody else's SD card got put in my phone at the repair place.... unless of course, it's not my phone (it is) so had to trek back down to the Carphone Warehouse to moan, and get them to take the sd card out..... good job it's only a 15 minute walk to the high street!

but at least I have a working phone!!

Let me finish by wishing you a very Happy Christmas and healthy and happy New Year - see you at a desk near here very soon!    Before then, there will be photos in a separate post from the office night out!!

edit.  I wrote the party post when I got home so it's here if you're interested/nosy

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

WOYWW 445 - it's the chilly one!

Wednesday again!  Time for WOYWW again!    it's been so cold here (though at least the brief snow we had on Sunday didn't last, unlike some parts of the country) 

The cards are written - the cards are posted- yay me!   Don't ask about the presents shopping though...
Here was the pile of cards awaiting stamps earlier this week
 obviously I've turned the top ones over to hide addresses.. the pile on the right is the one for posting.   They should hopefully be arriving at their destinations any time soon. 
 As usual Susan who owns Country View Crafts is doing her Advent special offers... different one every day..  I've shopped a couple of times (though the reindeer die I got before the offer came up sadly!)

Am hoping now my cards are sorted I can have some me-playtime!
 Regulars know just how crowded my rooms are with all my craft stash here there and everywhere. so there isn't much space for Christmas - no tree - but I do clear the window cills and display some bits and pieces.

Living room...

hall at the top of the stairs..

and as my cards arrive they are pinned up - the hearts are tree decorations for my non tree and show scenes of London, plus there is one from Kew too.  I will try and remember to take some closeups of them as they are fab!

sorry about all the photos - taken on the camera obviously - thanks to those of you who responded on FB or my Kew post from Saturday about my bad luck Saturday - have replaced the watch and sent the phone for repair - just hope it's back for Christmas, I can't stand not being able to sit on the sofa and message or tweet in comfort!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

WOYWW 444 - a finished task (sort of)

I can't remember the last time I wrote a post apart from on a Wednesday...hopefully soon!  However, Wednesday it is (or will be soon) and WOYWW again  - time to share workspaces... As ever, our lovely Julia (who has been off drinking gin in Wales if pictures on FB are to be believed!) has the link here at the Stamping-Ground

But I have had some time off work this week to get my Christmas cards finished (tick, if you don't count the writing and addressing!!)  and my Christmas present shopping started (today hopefully, just hope inspiration strikes overnight or it'll be another aimless wander round the shops...)

But, floor time...
 the stencil duly arrived last week (still too big for what I had intended, but did get used)
 Sunday I made 11 and Monday/Tuesday another 13....
have laid them out a bit so sneak some designs for you...

but this was Tuesday night's task... stamping the middles because as I said last week, like a twerp I didn't do them as I was going along... only one or two smudges or touch ups required with a pen! 

so now the writing... probably leave that for another night, but soon so they can be posted nice and early.

I really do think next year I'll give them a miss and either send bought ones or do what lots of people do and make a charity donation instead!

Wish me luck with the presents!  I'll catch your desks as soon as I can (or when I give up in despair and come home!)