Wednesday 24 February 2021


 Welcome deskers, it's Wednesday again so time for WOYWW once more.  As always, sign up at Julia's Stamping-Ground 

Not a lot to show this week,  have been very unproductive - one of those weekends when I couldn't get started on anything. 

It was so heartwarming to read all of your comments and stories of Shaz and how much everyone loved her. I took on board the suggestion from Morti to use the quote Julia ended her tribute to Shaz, and did finish the page I showed you last week

I decorated the border with hearts (a Dina stamp) and wrote the quote on a scrap of white card in a silver paint pen (apt, I thought, for Shaz Silverwolf)  
I added some dots of glitter to the middle points of the hearts, and a tear drop... 

I tried to finish some of the other journal pages too, but as I said, my heart wasn't really in it.

I got this far with one though
It needs a big quote or some more stamping or stencilling or something.

maybe by next week's desk day I'll have succeeded

Take care, stay safe and happy WOYWW  
- there is it seems, an end in sight to lockdown, albeit a slow one (very sensible!)  and I may even get a hair cut before summer!!  

Wednesday 17 February 2021

WOYWW 611 - Farewell, chief enabler!

 It is with heavy heart that we report for WOYWW duty this week, as our lovely, kind, enabling, friend, Shaz, lost her fight at the weekend and joined the crafty desks in the sky.... it goes without saying that we will all miss her immensely.   

There have been many heartwarming tributes on Doug's Facebook pages from which I hope he will take comfort in time to come, and both Julia and Jan have written beautifully. Everyone who met her, or knew her through WOYWW loved her., and her lovely Hublet, Doug, who cared for her so valiantly, as well.  

I tried to create something to honour Shaz's memory at the weekend but it wasn't happening. So I have bits and pieces...

I was trying to capture Shaz's fabulously coloured hair with this stencil..... 
and couldn't work out what to do next.

still thinking, 4 days later.  

then I started playing with new toys!  

which arrived at the end of last week!  


maybe this is how I can honour Shaz best, after all!!  my fellow Enabler.  

I'm just showing off now, how many journals on the go?!!!  

so, Shaz, farewell, rest in peace.  

I hope, when we can meet again at a crop some time in the not too distant future, we can celebrate your life as it should be celebrated.  Till then,  "happy" WOYWW.  

Wednesday 10 February 2021


 Welcome to another Wednesday, another WOYWW .  We are a close knit group and some of you  have seen Doug's latest update on Facebook about poor Shaz's deterioration.  Our hearts go out to them and I know we all wish them the very best and for Shaz to pull through.  The worst thing to read is that Doug can't be with her in hospital due to this blasted Covid.....  (edit.  They've let Doug in to see her.  I should think so too....)  

But, it's Wednesday, so it is time to share our desks.  

the goodies I was waiting for last week duly arrived,  mostly Paperartsy stuff this time!

but at the weekend I had to play in the new (tome) Dina

Kraft page - drips of gloss spray paint - white, and marine - they mix to make the most beautiful teal colour..

and the new funny peeps stamps...

(those were stamped using scribble sticks, you wet the stamp and then scribble the colour on)  gorgeous water colour effect...
then I finished (possibly) off a page I'd started with some mop up,  on the heavy cotton  paper in the blue journal 
and another denim page in the blue journal, paints stencilled and the tag is gloss spray overstamped in archival ink

I put in another order from Art From the Heart too...... 
look out next week for that I hope. 

I don't really feel like writing more today,  so I'll leave you and come visit when I can .  

Wednesday 3 February 2021


 Back to what I do best for WOYWW today... (What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday) especially as Shaz is not here (we wish you well Shaz and hope you are back with us soon)  - ENABLING.  

I gave in and bought the original Dina Wakley journal,  which has kraft pages,  burlap (heavy duty stuff this, thicker than in the blue journal)  cotton rag watercolour paper and canvas. 
I have tried to artfully present the journal so you can see several of the surfaces!!

I have been waiting for the stamp set to be back in stock (it's called Funny Peeps)   it's really grown on me seeing it in you tube videos!  

the paint is a pretty shade called Heather.

I had some play time at the weekend too and finished off some of the part done journal pages in the blue journal 
this is on one of the denim pages (yes, Jan, real denim fabric)

Julia, the fabric will soak up paint/ink  but I will probably use a layer of gesso first when I get to use the thinner fabrics in the new journal!  

this is on the lightweight burlap in the blue journal 
and this is covering over something I didn't like on the heavyweight cotton paper

There is another parcel on the way - well, ordered,  I am waiting to hear about despatch -  was kind of hoping it might arrive in time for this week's desk but I only ordered it on Saturday night or maybe Sunday, so not surprising.  

Happy desk sharing day.  I'll be round to see you soon!