Wednesday, 30 June 2021


 Welcome back happy desk peeps  - it's another Wednesday desk peek time... WOYWW week 630

Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes - my birthday was of course spent at Kew - it was Saturday, right!!  you can see the pics here 

I had some birthday goodies - some from a friend, and some from me to me!! 

the paints were to add to my Dina collection.

the denim purse was from Jan for my "caption competition" win from her post the week before last which came with a lovely card 

these were from me to me

one or two more Dina stencils
that fell into my basket whilst
ordering the pre-order newest releases
from Dina!   3 new gloss spray paint colours - brand new colours
which will also be in paint form too, once Ranger can get the supplies sorted

and a couple of chipboard shape packs and some heavy duty watercolour paper

then I had some flowers (and a Marks & Spencer gift voucher) from work for my birthday..  It's a good job the buses are still quite empty, there was plenty of room on a seat for them and for me!  

which I had to spread between 2 vases!

I didn't arrange them very well,  I must go back and do that!  

I did do  a bit of crafting - well some I stamped out some images ready to grab for a journal page 
when the mood takes me

not sure if it shows (it certainly doesn't as I am typing this in the evening gloom) but some of the multi-faces are in different colour ink - the only one I can tell for sure that isn't black, is the pink set of faces!  

and then last week's Dina Wakley supporter group session saw her doing some abstract art in her journal... so I had a go at that too(it's not very abstract, it's too regimented I think)  

which is how you find my floorspace/desk today... the new goodies not yet put away!  

sorry this has been quite a photo-heavy post...  

just one more  for you,  to tempt you to the Kew post linked above..

it was poppy heaven at Kew last week!
see you soon - but probably not till this evening after work

Wednesday, 23 June 2021


 Morning deskers, it's Wednesday again...   Time to meet with Julia again for WOYWW  

my gorgeous Shaz tribute from Debbie arrived 

Thank you so much Debbie, it is truly beautiful.  

Now to find somewhere fitting to display it!  

I made some more journal pages

I may have inadvertently misled you last week
the $5 monthly cost for the Dina Wakley group isn't classes as such but a facebook supporters group - you pay your sub and get free facebook "live" sessions/demonstrations

which you are then free to have your own go - 
whichever way, it seems a bargain to me.

I also made a birthday card for one of my cousins, her birthday is Friday, the day before mine (she's a year older!)
I am running low on this size card blank in white (6x6 inch)  so used cream

She won't see this here so am safe to post it 

 which brings us to Kew last weekend - all pics here 

but a couple to tempt you

love these daisy types
and you know I love alliums!

I will be there again on Saturday of course, can't not have a trip to Kew for my birthday- hoping for sunshine but currently the forecast is drizzle and not exactly warm.... hey ho!!  

Thanks for looking .see you soon - work is mega busy, with the mortgage stamp duty holiday coming to an end on the 30th so we are flat out trying to make sure everyone completes their purchases in time where possible.. so I may not get time at lunchtime to do my usual desk visiting  .  

Wednesday, 16 June 2021


 Happy desk day WOYWWers - again!  It's Wednesday again which can only mean one thing.  Dare to share your craft space with Julia and the gang.  

the pic of my floor is a bit dark, despite at the time I took this, it was still quite light outside!   It's all the piles of craft supplies between the window and my workspace that is to blame! 

I was playing in my kraft journal at the weekend and doing  some mark making in that and my original sized journal.

Not at all sure where the black page with the pink scribbles will go - maybe it will stay like that!
these were the pages I did as a result of a FB session Dina Wakley did for her supporters - I just signed up for this, at a massive $5 pm (works out at £3.49 sterling... can't go wrong with that!)

from that I got carried away with the scribbling circle marks (not part of the session just where my head took me)

That's about it for me this week - other than to link the Kew pics from Saturday - twas a lovely day!

this has become my 'lock screen' pic on my phone, (which does change regularly)  I adore this pic

I'll be round to visit you soon.  

Wednesday, 9 June 2021


 Another week has flown by and once more we are getting ready to share our crafty spaces with Julia and the gang for WOYWW.  All the deets here.  

I haven't got a lot to share this week -  was a busy weekend with my morning at Kew (here)  

has to be alliums, love them so much
and Valerian

but the highlight of the weekend was... jab no 2

which of course had to make it into my journal

some of you saw this on Facebook already, sorry.

no side effects other than a bit of a sore arm at the injection site, but no tiredness like last time (just as well, the next day was a work day)  

so that's me this week - short and sweet.

Off to Kew again this weekend,  in fact I now have 8am time slots booked right through to the end of September (apart from one Saturday where there is a late opening for another fun run)  

thanks for looking and I'll be round to see your desk soon.  

Wednesday, 2 June 2021


 Welcome back deskers -  time for another WOYWW  Queen of the Desks Julia has the details should you be new to the planet and not know what this is all about!  

My atc from my swap partner Elizabeth (and Bleubeard) arrived last Wednesday, taking only one of the 3 weeks she feared it may take to arrive - with 2 postcards!

Thanks Elizabeth!

The weekend just gone was a Bank Holiday here in the UK and - surprise surprise - we had good weather! Saturday of course was Kew -check the Kew post here

I thought I'd missed the laburnum arch as I kept forgetting to go and check it out!

but I did also managed to have some crafty play time too

another spread in the Kraft journal - hopefully Neet, you can make it out better this time - yes, all the pages are Kraft cardstock, nice and thick, and take a lot of mixed media punishment
"desk" shot of the floor taken from the sofa on Monday - not much has changed since then  

So that's me for this week.  I'll be round to see your desks either at lunchtime (if we're not too busy)  or after work!