Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Yo, deskers!  It'll be a quick trip today, there isn't much going on!
Head Desker Julia will be delighted at how short and sweet it will be today

I have realised as I am typing this up that you can't see what the stamps are!
they were designed by a lovely friend of mine Debs who won a competition to design some stamps and got given a few sets to give away, I was lucky enough to get a set, which arrived today (Tuesday) - I am hoping to have time to play soon, they are small doodly-flowers and will be great on journals and atcs etc.  I'll be sure to show you what I do.
So I am getting mega-excited about the weekend and my trip to Port Sunlight for Happy Stampers, with some good friends and hoping to meet up lots of deskers as well as Paperartsy 'PAtwits' too.  - see you there!
Not only that, I have next week off work too!  I'll leave you (not so short and sweet after all!) in Julia's care at Stamping Ground

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

WOYWW 381 - no new stuff.....

Hello again and happy Wednesday to you all... we re-group at Julia's for another desk hop at What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday...
So, nothing new on my desk then? let's look...

a part done journal page and a piece of stencilled painted background I was going to use for a birthday card.... I'm going to use it to collage on the journal now

But, you cry, you were going to Ally Pally last week, where is the new stuff, what happened?

ok, so I maybe misled you a little... had you popped by on Saturday night, this is what you would have seen this ......

not as much as normal... no stamps (there were new ones, but I didn't get them....)  but a "few" stencils.... just can't resist...
some glue (the green and white things) and a sponge roller...
and a few bits and pieces..

sorry to tease you!

and of course, I met up with the lovely Chris of Pearshapedchris fame...
it was great to see her again and have a lovely chat... I think I enabled her to buy a few bits at Paperartsy, so my work was done...

Have a great week, all.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Crafting at Ally Pally - always a good day out

Just got home from a fab day stalking the Paperartsy stand at Ally Pally - a great day out as always and wonderful to catch up with people- though sadly not as many as normal..
straight to Paperartsy of course...
Leanda and Emma on demo duty

 Leandra using some fabulous Donna Downey stencils
 the water extraction technique from Seth's workshop, between us we remembered what we were doing!
 Leandra adding watered down paint to her background
 had a quick wander, Alison (Craftytrog) doing a make and take for That's Crafty
 Kim Dellow doing make and takes for Paperartsy..
 Lucy came to do some infusion demos for Paperartsy while Leandra had a break

 Emma was rocking the backgrounds, she made loads!
 then moved into her journal
 some great infusion work here too
 Lauren on make and take duty at That's Crafty

 Met Chris (Pearshapedchris) a WOYWWer who was down in London for a few days and popped along.  Will be meeting her again at Port Sunny in another couple of weeks!
 a trio of Franich's!!

 Leandra back demoing, the new Fresco's over a crazing gel (Tim's)
 Alison came over and was persuaded to get painty again with a gelli plate demo
so much so that I bought a small one!
 these action shots are really to remind me what to do....
 a quick all round shot, it was nearly closing time so getting empty!
not quite sure what was happening here...
 some of Alison's gelli tags

 and Leandra did a rusting powder demo - we had to search high and low for some vinegar to get this going.. the light doesn't help but it was working by the time we fiished!

 and of course, we decamped to the bar for a swift drink after the show!
Mark, Emma and Leandra, and I've cut off  the other Emma..
 here she is, with Kim and Lauren
 and Alison and Courtney.
and some shopping... not much today, I was very good - you didn't believe I could do it!
Mainly stencils

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


It's Wednesday again, time to gather at Julia's for WOYWW - week 380

After the flurry of Seth inspired activity of the last week, it's gone a bit quieter here. but Seth is still in my head (as it were) - and made it onto a birthday card
 I may have to cover up the 50 (it's for my boss) as an early card arrived at work the other day with a big 50 on and it wasn't a huge hit... so we'll see (it's stuck too well to get them off without ruining the card)  - although I did tell her that numbers will be appearing on my card for her!
this is my floor space today, another journal mop up in progress, with some of Seth's Impression Obsession stamps getting an inking...

no close ups yet as I am not sure where it's heading right now..

I am off to Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace) to the stamp show on Saturday - perhaps there will be some deskers there?  You can guess which stand I'll be at mostly, I am sure!
and the week after that, it's Port Sunlight and Happy Stampers... we'll see if I manage to resist temptation at either or both of those shows!
(edit.. as Chris has rightly reminded me, there is a gap of an extra week before Port Sunny, time to get paid again though!)

Friday, 9 September 2016

Seth style journal pages

Been playing in my journal (A5,soft cover) since the class with Seth Apter on Saturday ( have I told you, yet, how much I LOVED it?!! lol)

 so as with all things in my journal, this started with the mop up from a birthday card I made earlier this week
Frescos in some bright translucents (I was colouring the new Tracy Scott stamps) - not sure exactly what colours I used now

 started with the stencilling, and decided to add some paint to the opposite side too, in a different colourway.

used the mask/stencils I got on Saturday - on the left, I used a mash up of 'now is the time' and 'you got this' as I didn't want the same thing on both sides,
i used Little Black Dress to stencil with here, for some impact
 nice, but time for the pen work!

I nearly took the journal and my pens to work on Thursday but resisted (I'd have got carried away and been too long at lunch!)
Instead, carried on after dinner at home, the nice thing about this stage is I can do it on my lap on the sofa, not sitting on the floor like normal!
 lots of pen work... the white is my white sharpie, and the gelly roll white , the black is mainly a micron pen

love how this turned out - and loved putting into practice some of the things Seth taught us.

just realised I wrote this in such a rush yesterday morning I forgot to link it to the Paperartsy "making marks" challenge which is currently running,

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

WOYWW 379 - what a great weekend I had

Happy Wednesday again... time for another WOYWW 

several of you have seen the posts I wrote about the absolutely WONDERFUL  day at the Seth Apter workshop, run by Paperartsy on Saturday.. in case you missed them, start with this one   and then read this one     I know a few of you have done workshops or classes with Seth - what a lovely lovely person he is, and what an absolutely fabulous day it was.  If you haven't, I urge you to do so. 

this is the finished canvas (finished at home -well, titivated, as it was finished in class, but you can always add a bit more penwork and mark making...) 
 different view of the floor to start with...
taken from the stool I sit at the computer on, pointing left.

 a large pile of stamps (not all bought on Saturday)  sitting on the top of one of my Paperartsy Fresco boxes
I'm in the middle of a birthday card with the new designer range (Tracy Scott) released on Saturday by Paperartsy.
 this is the pile of stuff I did buy though (as shown in the first post I linked to)

and I know several of you have seen this already, so apologies for repeating myself.

when I was painting the circles in the birthday card I used the excess paint on the start of a mop up journal page... looking forward to
 "Seth-yfying" this soon!