Wednesday, 31 March 2021


 Happy desk day time for another WOYWW - the last one in March - already!   Our Shaz would be proud of me today, there is enabling upon enabling today

first up, my Dina Wakley stencils that had been on pre-order - these were from Art From the Heart.

Then some new Paperartsy releases - these were from Stampers Grove.

bit of a mix up - a Stencil Girl stencil was in my basket from previously but the wrong one got sent with the order.

I decided to hang on to it and re-ordered the one I had intended to get

I put in the second order to James at Stampers Grove on Saturday morning  - and received the stencils on Monday!

as a thank you./apology he sent the Carabelle studio one at the bottom as a gift!  totally unnecessary but much appreciated

the one I had originally wanted is the wordy one top left.

whilst I was hopping around the shops, I noticed that That's Crafty had some of Dina's new stamps in stock-  yay!

the Dina small (it's 6 x 6 inches) journal sort of fell into my basket at the same time - on Saturday -  and they arrived today (Tuesday, at time of writing!!)  what service 

so, did I play at the weekend?

well, a little

I played in my Dina blue journal, on a white page.
Used some of the new stencils 

then I turned to my small A5 journal and some of the Paperartsy stamps that came in February that hadn't been inked yet!

oh, sorry, one last thing to show.

Most of you know the lovely Debbie Rock from crops and facebook, and her amazing talent and her giveaways

I was lucky enough to receive one and that came yesterday too!

what a week!!

hope I'll be forgiven for this photo-heavy post!
there might be something different to show next week - no hints though!  

Wednesday, 24 March 2021


 Welcome deskers,  to week one, post vaccination!  time to desk share again - with Julia at the Stamping-Ground

Last Friday was my first virtual funeral,  for Shaz and I have to say Doug got it just right, it was perfect. Sad, but perfect.

Vaccination day was Saturday and I documented the day in my journal afterwards - you can see in the previous post but I'll add it here too

I saved my sticker and colour-co-ordinated the page (what, you don't think these things happen by chance do you?!)

I had Monday off work too, and just chilled - I was so tired on Sunday after the vaccination, but apart from a bit of a headache didn't have any other side effects

I was hoping to do some serious crafting on Monday but for some reason once again couldn't really settle to much.

I did add a few more layers to another page in my Dina journal  - think this one is finished now!

here are some of my journals stacked up on my work mat - there are plenty more part done too but they're hanging out over the other side of the room!

Thanks for looking and I'll be round to snoop at your desk soon. 

My new Dina stencils are on the way to me - no doubt they'll come tomorrow so that's something to look forward to for the weekend and next week's desk to tease you with!! 

Saturday, 20 March 2021

a quick journal page - so grateful

 So I went "out" this morning - for my first dose of the vaccine, ha ha.

It was quick, efficient and the medical staff and volunteers were great, so a huge thanks to the NHS and everyone involved.

I got home and after a snooze put ink to journal page... to be fair most of it was already done, i just put the pieces together

I thought I'd taken a pic of the starting point on the page, but obviously didn't 

it was leftover paint through a stencil (in the blue squares you can barely see now)  

today I added more, in more  blue and fuschia (one of Dina's colours) 

then added some of the leaves onto the journal page and cut out some of the ones I'd prepped a couple of Workdesks ago..

the square is a piece of a gloss spray experiment and the figure is one of Dina's too.

I wanted to record my vaccine sticker somewhere and decided to preserve it in my journal.  

My arm is a little sore but nothing too bad, am hoping none of the other side effects that some report, tomorrow!  

Wednesday, 17 March 2021


What?  Wednesday, already?    So, desk sharing day again then... WOYWW.   


I kept on scribbling more circles to my page from last week - I wished I hadn't added the black ones, so I tried to go over them in blue... 
I really like this background, so much that I don't want to cover it up!

the facing page is finished though

and I added some more layers to a previous double page spread too!

Looking forward to visiting your desks later and seeing what you've been up to

For those of you who'll be attending - virtually - Shaz's funeral on Friday - I'll "see" you there!!  It will be very sad, but from what Doug has shared about the plans for it, it sounds very Shaz and just perfect.

Take care all.  

Wednesday, 10 March 2021


 Hey guys it's time for WOYWW again already!  This week really has flown! 

I haven't got anything much crafty done, but have booked my vaccine, yay for Saturday week!  I managed to book it for a centre in Croydon which is only about 15 minutes on the train, much better than halfway across London! 

I stamped out a load of images on some copy paper

I cut a few out but decided I'd leave most of them in strips for when I need them

I did have a little play with my scribble sticks in my small A5 journal that I've been neglecting since I got into my "Dina" habit lol

I drew a page full of circles and will add a focal point at some stage one I've decided what to use!!

I probably won't get time to visit at lunchtime this week as I've got a training session during the morning and will be playing catch up so see you later!!  

Wednesday, 3 March 2021


 Here we are again  -  another WOYWW  - time to share crafty spaces once again with Julia 

I managed to finish the page I was stuck on last week...

I found a stencil in my stash that just about fitted on the top of the page  I don't know who the stencil is by,it is one of a few I bought at Ally Pally a few years ago - craft shows, now there's a thing!!  

(I stencilled the "d" and then moved the stencil over just a smidge and finished the word)

I wrote the words using a Posca paint pen and stamped the heart (also a Dina stamp) 

I stencilled it again down the side of the burlap page

I also added to one of the other pages I'd started....

mainly added collage tissue pieces  

on the denim page I used some figures I'd stamped previously  using scribble sticks 

then there is enabling.... 

the trade shows obviously can't take place at present so companies are just releasing new goodies...

I have some new Dina goodies on pre-order but whilst I am waiting tracked down some existing designs I hadn't yet succumbed to...

these arrived at work Tuesday

the pink ink pad I got just for fun...mainly because the pad I got a few weeks ago that looked pink on screen is quite purpley so I've tried again!  

the pre-order items won't be here till the end of the month

and the new Paperartsy stamps and stencils are from the new releases - I only fell for these - they had a week of new releases from some of their signature designers, but I only shopped once!!

these came on Monday!

I also arrived home from work on Tuesday (today as I am writing)  to find a letter from the NHS saying I can now book my Covid vaccine - hurrah!  

That's about it for me this week,  happy desk day - see you soon!