Wednesday 26 February 2020


well the weeks are flying by and it's week 560 of this fun Wednesday desk share... Julia is our host as always- at the Stamping-Ground 

I've been playing in the journal again - only a couple of pages left then I can break out a new one..
scraped some paint with an old credit card, stencilled a pattern and doodled round the shapes then layered one of the Lynne Perella stamps I had stamped out a couple of weeks ago. 

Once again (recurring theme!) I haven't found the words yet... I always like words on my pages - but pausing for thought!

My old friend was back at Kew (but in a different place) on Saturday
you can see more photos here 
Hoping you all have a fun-filled Wednesday. Happy desk day!

Wednesday 19 February 2020


So, once again it's time  to share What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday... (WOYWW)  head to Julia's for the link and all the goss. 
When I was making the birthday card I showed you last week I scraped the spare paint onto my journal page (only a couple of pages left, now)
I wanted to use some of my new stamps from last week too,

I used the grid stencil and stamped the Zini running man (girl?)  twice and cut it out...

I had meant to find some fun quote or words to go with it, but not done so yet...

so as ever, it's not finished! 

I didn't got to the stamp show in  Stevenage on Sunday, the forecast put me off, although in hindsight it wouldn't have been too bad - hopefully you've all survived undamaged.
Lots of our desk family live in the affected areas, so I hope you're all safe and sound

I did go to Kew on Saturday, and was home before the weather really turned - it did rain on me a bit, but nothing too bad - pics here 
 but a couple to pique your interest

I'm off now to find some desks with much more interesting things to see! 

Tuesday 11 February 2020


It's enabling time again - head to the Stamping-Ground where Julia has the link for the desks to visit.

so, the enabling -  some new releases from Paperartsy that arrived in a little over 24 hours from  Stampers Grove in Scotland.
First time I've used them, very impressive!

stamped the images out - then noticed some of the sheets of card have creases in them (they're from the middle of a pack so must have been a fault somewhere in production)

I need to buy some more card, I'm running out - I am thinking (weather and trains permitting) of going to the Stamperama craft show on Sunday in Stevenage.

(edit.  have seen the weather forecast, Storm Dennis on the way... and trains...  don't talk about trains.. may revise that plan to go!)

In the meantime I should be turning some of these images into 2 birthday cards I need for my SIL and niece at the weekend....stand by for live-crafting!

I did have time to do some stencilling before I went to work this morning (Tuesday, prepping this post as usual )

used Fresco paints..

next step for the live crafting at time of writing is some JoFY stamps from an earlier release (not sure when exactly but they haven't made it into the JoFY  box yet...)

Now, what colour shall we use.

yellow and orange to go with the paint in the background

(stabilo felt tipped pens)

one down, one to go... that will be tomorrow now

Happy WOYWW !

(Julia is up and running early, so linking tonight)

forgot the link to Kew from last weekend - orchid time!

Wednesday 5 February 2020


Welcome back for another Wednesday Workdesk fun, with Julia at the Stamping-Ground and the gang

as promised last week I did use part of one of the masterboards for a friend's birthday card

Eagle eyed viewers will spot new stuff!

I have my eyes on some new Paperartsy stamps too, just waiting for them to hit the stores...

but those bunny dies are the best... well, they're called bunnies but I would have said due to the length of the ears, they should probably be hares... what say you LLJ?

anyhow, as you see from the card, I put them straight to use.

Kew last Saturday was fab - my cousin joined me and sent me these couple of photos that didn't make it to the blog review (here)  
 at the gate waiting to go in, under "my" crown...

properly laden down - it's hot in there so I gave in and took my coat off

the floor was wet, otherwise I'd have put my bag and coat down....
getting close ups!

off there again this weekend of course, the orchid display opens properly - they've learnt from their mistakes of previous years when it was badly overcrowded and you now need to book a timeslot before going, to control numbers inside the glass house.

I'll be along to see what you've been creating soon.  Happy Desk Day!

I was writing this listening to the replay of the cup match between Liverpool and Shrewsbury.  Annie and Jo's men-folk won't be happy at the result, but I am! sorry girls!!