Wednesday, 29 July 2020


Morning happy deskers, tis already Wednesday again and desk sharing day with Julia at the Stamping-Ground...
I had hoped to have new goodies to show but they aren't here yet as they aren't yet in stock, but maybe next week!

So what crafting have I done you ask... yeah right.... well I added another layer to the journal page from last week
I used the stamps I bought a few weeks ago (using new stuff, yay me!) in Thistle, which is a gorgeous archival ink in a deep purply/plum colour. I didn't want black over those pretty stencilled flowers, it would be too harsh. 

and that is it. the sum of my crafting this week!  I need a birthday card and a wedding anniversary card like yesterday but have I done them... have I heck! 
I should be making them instead of prepping this post (Tuesday night) but am watching the final of Bake Off the Professionals.... chocolate hat anyone? (yes, really!) 

so instead of crafting I'll give you the link for last week's trip to Kew 

I forgot to tell you last week that I had a letter from the hospital to give me a date for a telephone consultation for a cardiology follow up for my "after care"  - on 3 September... so presumably the MRI and heart monitor I had last month didn't flag up anything dangerous or in need of urgent attention (much as I suspected) or I am sure it would be happening a lot sooner! 

Happy desk day.   head to Julia's for the desks. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2020


Morning happy deskers, it's Wednesday again and time for another WOYWW   

Once again I don't have much in the way of anything to show you... I added some more of the stencilled flowers to the second page I shared last week, but kind of ran out of ideas to do anything with either... but I was just playing with the stencil so that's ok!
so that the flowers would fit the flipped images, I flipped the stencil again and added some colour

I had another lovely time at Kew last weekend, getting there for 8am - full post here 
I know several of you already saw them (thank you!)

I've booked a slot for this week again, although the forecast isn't as encouraging as last week was! 

Wednesday, 15 July 2020


whizz !  Wednesday again so time to share our crafty spaces with Julia at the Stamping-Ground  

Not a lot has happened - apart from my hair cut!

I took this one on Saturday on the way to Kew

modelling Annie's mask (from the train journey) 

I did have a play with the new stencil - just to try it out and it's not been added to since

I think I am going to like this stencil though

I hadn't wanted to get paints out so used Distress Oxides

there was a lot of ink left on the stencil so I spritzed it with water and turned the stencil over to transfer the reverse image to another journal  page

Last Saturday at Kew felt much more normal, more like the Kew of old... despite the social distancing in place and I had a really enjoyable few hours
the post about it with photos is here     and a couple of pics to tempt you to have a look!
 a nearly empty Temperate House
 one of my favourite views at the Lake
looking across the new Evolution garden

I haven'[t booked a slot (yet) for this week so may give it a miss

Looking forward to seeing your crafty spaces - happy WOYWW

Wednesday, 8 July 2020


Here we are again - ready to meet up with Julia who hosts WOYWW (What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday)  for week 579. 
This week I am enabling again - I had a birthday voucher for the Stampers Grove from my friend Lesley and as always it came very quickly

my Art Journalling magazine subscription came too,

I decided that I would buy myself something to bump up the order and make it worth while ordering (as you do!)  so I added another stamp set and a stencil (you know I can never have too many stencils)

I actually got some journalling done at the weekend - two pages!

I used some patterned paper from my limited (ahem) supplies and a couple of stencils I've never used before...

this one needs words still

 I then used the same stencil in my other journal

 added some centres to the flowers with a dotty stamp

it was looking a bit empty.....

added a script stamp in white spaces, 

still a bit empty...
so I  gesso'd over the whole page  to push the first images into the background and put some more on top, both stgencilling and the script again.

Paints are Paperartsy Frescos

sentiment is from a JoFY set 

Had a busy week, had the 48 hour heart monitor Wednesday and Thursday,  which was very inconvenient for sleeping and washing!    Then on Monday I had the cardio-MRI so we'll see if either throw up any ideas of why I had the original dizzy spell or whether I can just get on (as I have been doing anyway!) 
I'll be round to see what you've all been up to soon. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2020


Morning fellow deskers, it's whizzday again  - WOYWW where we meet at Julia's to share our creative spaces.
Well my space isn't creative at all... but I am sharing the birthday cards I received - other people's crafting!

it was hard photographing them on the window sill as the light doesn't help, but thank you to everyone who sent one.

I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow to pick up my 48 hour heart monitor so they can see what my heart rate is up to now I am a bit more mobile (as opposed to sitting on a hospital bed)   and then on Monday next week at a different hospital for the heart MRI
Hopefully they will find nothing and I can get back to being normal!

I did go to Kew on Saturday, and the photos are on the other blog here (feels so good to be able to link to that again!)  Hope you enjoy them!

I did link a few pics to FB on Saturday whilst I was there, in the rain including the one of me with big hair

I am thrilled to report that I now have an appointment next week to have it cut and coloured again.  Cannot wait

(you will have to though as it is for next Thursday so after next week's desk reveal!!)

this was one of my favourites from Saturday, Eryngium  (sea holly)  shining in the sun that did make an appearance.

I coped well with walking for nearly 4 hours so I think I am ok! 

I'll catch up with your desks after work as there won't be time for visiting before I head to the hospital first thing

Happy desk day!