Wednesday 29 March 2023


 Well, another week flew by... time to hang out with Julia for WOYWW  

I did something with the circles from last week - kind of along the lines I was thinking last week (although that was going to be on a card)  

this was how it started... a double page in the large Kraft journal (Dina Wakley) on a white gesso layer and more of the Sedona spray that I used through the stencil

stuck to a simple colour palette, of Sedona and some black and white

it was time to add the circles - cutting some of them into pieces and using the offcuts from round the circles .   i used a small (2 inch) punch to cut some smaller circles. 

this is the final stage it's reached so far -  need to find a quote to add to it to finish it.

(sorry, having trouble getting the pictures and text in the right places)

Had a great morning at Kew on Saturday  - lots of photos here as always 

it was a get down on the ground kind of day (well at one place out of the mud!)

I got Kim to record it for posterity!

there was lots of blossom coming on the trees too  

this tree is a big favourite, by the pond near the Palm House
and more blossom deep in the gardens.

Thanks for looking, I will catch your workspaces soon!

Wednesday 22 March 2023


 What?  Wednesday again!  already?  Welcome back to another week's What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday.  head to Julia's for the details.    

you'll be surprised to learn I've done nothing about atcs for the anniversary swap...good thing there's a few weeks left! 

I have managed to make a birthday card for a friend from work, debating whether to add some numbers (it's a 50th)  but I quite like it as is...
my Kew magazine arrived at the end of last week and the cover is a picture of some really pretty blossom...

so I had to save it for a journal page of some kind... 

I wrecked the spraying I did last week, by cutting a circle out (badly)  and then mojo deserted ...

I made some  more - just for the want of trying!  

so let's go to Kew instead!  

as the blog title says, it was a mixed bag weather-wise and Kim and I beat a retreat as this cloud descended at lunchtime...

it was very dramatic!  I do love a good sky!  

but before that, some Spring colour! 

the magnolias were flowering amongst others. 

thanks for looking and I will drop round your desks soon!  Happy WOYWW  

Wednesday 15 March 2023


 Another week has flown by and it's time to share our crafty workspaces again. with Julia at the Stamping-Ground 

I haven't done anything this week... most of this is leftover paint on a page in the small white Dina journal

I threw (almost literally) some sprays on top... the gloss doesn't show up (except for a bit of the silvery colour) due to the surface of the journal.  

I should have been making a birthday card for a friend at work,  but I have a bit of time so can ignore that for a while.

this is a gloss spray too, but on watercolour paper so it soaked in rather than shows as gloss.  
this is a lovely colour, called Sedona, it's a kind of reddy orange colour.  I sprayed it through one of the round Dina circles, just playing.

so that's the extent of my crafting.  I am sure you'll have done loads more, I'll be round to check soon.

Leaving you with Kew from Saturday - in the sunshine! 
I did some lying down on the (slightly damp muddy grass) for this... had to be done
look, blue sky!  

Not sure this week coming will be blue sky, but we can hope the rain holds off!

See yo soon and happy WOYWW   

Wednesday 8 March 2023


 We find ourselves at Wednesday again, time to join Julia for WOYWW once more.

I managed to finish the neon journal page I shared last week

I also assembled a birthday card with one of the stencilled backgrounds from several weeks ago

this will be for my mate Kim at Kew who's birthday is later in March.

Of course I did go to Kew last Saturday, photos are here.   
I didn't post much whilst walking round though.  I was too busy chatting...
to Kyla!!    

she messaged me on Friday to say she and Lee were hoping to make Kew on Saturday and could we meet up....

they did make it, and we did meet up!  

Kim took this one  (which I didn't know about till she sent it to me when I got home) 
and Kyla's hubby Lee took this one

as we knew we'd not be forgiven if we didn't take photos!  

it was great to catch up - and thanks to Lee too for spending part of his birthday with a total stranger!

I didn't include these in the Kew post at the time to save the surprise for today (will go and edit it now)

Happy WOYWW!  see you soon 

Wednesday 1 March 2023


 Here we are at another Wednesday for WOYWW - and March too!  

I've had a very lazy week (craft-wise,  work has been busy!) 

i took a "desk" shot at some time during the weekend from the sofa... 

I'd been playing in the small white Dina journal with the neon paints

I layered them up, to reduce the translucency and wow does it intensify the colour!

I added some scribble stamps over this

but didn't like it at all so stencilled some paint over to hide it

it's not black, but Night, a very dark blue (Dina Wakley paint)  

that was the sum total of my crafting!

I will add something to the page as a focal image at some stage..

I'll be heading to Kew of course of Saturday coming for a last visit to the orchids (it closes on Sunday) - last week was cold! 

but there were plenty of signs of Spring (at last! ) 

I do love blossom on trees at the end of winter!

thanks for looking,  happy WOYWW