Wednesday 30 March 2022


Welcome deskers, it is Wednesday again already,  so must be time for WOYWW   
I think I made a rash comment last week about there may be more crafting on show this week....I might have exaggerated 

However,  there is a birthday card for my friend Kirsty at work

I used some of the Tracy Scott pattern building stamps 
and coloured them with the Prismacolour pencils  -  

it looked good at this stage

the greeting ended up a bit wonky because I didn't want to hide the words on the  horizontal strip with the vertical and then dropped it on the card 

however Kirsty liked it which was the main thing (and I even decorated the envelope!) 

so that's the extent of the crafting!

lets go to Kew instead!

where the blossom was a-ma-zing  

Here's looking to your desks!  

Wednesday 23 March 2022


 Another Wednesday has rolled around and it's time for WOYWW again.  

I've done even less crafting than last week

a birthday card for a girl at work using the Dina birds 

so I took a shot of the "desk"  as well

Last weekend's trip to Kew was beautiful,  the sun shone and Spring had sprung.  Check out the magnolias here!  

the sunshine and my new hair colour brought out the selfies too!  (well it's the same red I always have but it was newly done)  

the fountain in the pond is one of my favourite spots at Kew

Looking forward to seeing some more creative desks very soon!  Happy WOYWW  

Wednesday 16 March 2022


 Can't quite believe it's Wednesday again already,  time for WOYWW once more.  

I had a great time at Ally Pally last Saturday - not because the show was good, because it was a mere shadow of it's former glory and the number of stands was very poor (unless you're into peel offs)  but it was great to meet up with my friend Lin for the first time since Covid and probably a year before that too.

This was what I bought...

a pack of A4 white card, which was what I needed to get.

the square plate I snaffled from the cafe as Lin's daughter persuaded us we'd be able to "do something with those"  

I've not even opened an ink pad this week so nothing crafty to actually share today
because Lin had a hospital appointment in the morning we didn't get there till 1 - this was the hall...  very different to the craft shows I remember
you do always (weather permitting) get such a great view across London 

So that meant my Kew trip was Sunday - shame, because the weather was much more drizzly and cool but I was determined to go.

the orchids have been removed but the centrepiece was still in place - and the reflection made it look like a ferris wheel!  
and the magnolias were awesome

Thanks for visiting, I'll pop round later but work is manically busy so it may not be till later.  

Wednesday 9 March 2022


 wow, that's a number and a half!  the beast that is WOYWW!   The day we share our crafty spaces with Julia 

thank you for your thoughts for the funeral last week, it went really well - my aunt was 97, still living independently in the house she was born in, on her own since my uncle died 30 years ago,  still cooking, attending the church she'd been part of all her life where she was a force behind the weekly computer club!  Not a bad life!  It was also wonderful to catch up with members of my family I'd not seen since... the previous funeral; and especially grateful that we were able to gather together in numbers since COVID deprived so many families of the ability to do so.  

I've only done a little crafting this week. 

the white Dina journal this week, and some of the new Dina paint colours and stencils and images stamped on collage tissue.

Last weekend saw the final weekend of the Orchid Festival at Kew  and I made sure I saw my favourite parts of the display (that means the monkeys!) 

outside, there was a real feel of spring (apart from the chilly weather!)  with the magnolias bursting into bloom being one of the highlights.

This weekend I may not be going until Sunday as I am planning to go to the Crafterama show at Alexandra Palace and meeting my friend Lin for the first time in 3 years, on Saturday.
She's got to come up to London for a hospital appointment and the plan is to do Ally Pally afterwards.  

The continuing news from Ukraine can't pass unmentioned, it is dreadful, scary and heartbreaking to watch unfold. 

Till next week, stay safe, and happy crafting. Embrace the freedom.   

Wednesday 2 March 2022


Morning deskers, here we are in meteorological spring  - not that the weather knows, we've had a couple of days of rain again.   Still, it's Wednesday which means WOYWW  and time to meet up at Julia's to share our crafty spaces.

I thought about writing and linking this "live" in the morning as I am off work, I will be going to my aunt's funeral later,  but old habits die hard and I am writing on Tuesday evening and scheduling as usual!

I was looking in my photos for the new stuff - there must be new stuff, right?  well there, is only I'd forgotten to snap a photo -    

taken from the sofa with a bit of a wide angle of the "desk" floor space... bit of a mess!
close up of the new stamps (Seth Apter for Paperartsy)

I did a bit of crafting this last week,  I splodged the new Dina paints that came last week, on the small kraft journal and added some stencilling and a tissue collage face and some mark making with a posca paint pen.

I also had a bit of a play with the new Prismacolour pencils, but can't share that as it was a card for our lovely Julia who so sadly lost her beloved Mama last week.  Dementia is such a cruel disease that robs us of the person long before the actual parting.  Sending huge hugs, Julia and all my love.

If you'll allow me,  on a brighter note,  Kew last Saturday, was - bright!  So I leave you with some springtime flowers!

the magnolia trees - well the pink ones - are in flower

I'll be round to visit those of you I can before I leave for the funeral and the rest of you, as usual, in the evening.

Take care and happy WOYWW