Wednesday 26 April 2023


 Hey there deskers, it's Wednesday - again!  The last one of April - another month just about gone - already! The day we meet at Julia's to share crafty spaces.  

I've done even less this week than previous weeks..

what was intended to be the background for another birthday card

various pinks/purples and some stamps by Seth Apter for Paperartsy... 

Haven't decided what to do with it yet... Will probably get a stamp in contrasting grey or black and then cut up...

BT sorted the work IT issues around 5.45 last Wednesday  just as I was packing up to go home...fingers crossed been ok since.

Saturday was of course, happy place Kew...

captured on the job (!) by my mate Kim...

thanks for stopping by, I'll see you soon.  

Wednesday 19 April 2023


 The weeks are flying by and it's Wednesday again!  Time for another WOYWW and one closer to the latest anniversary..  Check the info at Julia's  

i made some more atcs for swapping but I should probably keep them a bit secret... 

I abandoned the cards I'd started last time (or possibly the time before)  (one is torn up and in the bin from my attempts to finish it!)

i did get one made from start to.... well nearly finish, it needs a greeting yet)  

it was time to dig out a very old wooden stamp for the focal image.and is by Stampington 
then I took some Paperartsy stamps by Seth Apter that I hadn't used since I bought them a few weeks ago and covered a sheet of paper in a pink Versafine Clair ink... next stage is still in my head!!

Saturday was of course, Kew day.. and as you may have seen the "colour matching Helen's new haircut to blossom" game 

is't this a beautiful colour!!  

we've had a stressful couple of days at work with IT issues following an unknown-to-us move by BT to switch us from one server to another.... cue no phones, internet.... yikes!  
Spent Tuesday hotspotting off my mobile data to get access to the systems.... does nothing for my data allowance

I was late leaving the office on Tuesday as our IT support firm were attempting to log in remotely to do something or other to get my mobile to recognise the work phone system... as the office phones (and internet) burst back into life!

So hopefully I will be able to visit you at lunchtime to check out your desks!

Happy WOYWW  and down with technology problems.  

Wednesday 12 April 2023


 Happy WOYWW peeps -  2 extra days at the weekend for Easter and zero crafting! well, twenty minutes maybe..

a pile of assembled atcs ready (I think)  for the swap  I may have time to make some more.

I had a couple of birthday cards I wanted to get made for some May birthdays but neither so far has turned out how I envisaged. 

I took 2 trips to Kew, on Friday and Saturday - Friday was beautiful weather-wise and Saturday almost as good.  It stayed good enough to get my lawn mowed on Sunday before the rain came back...

Photos  here   and here    and some sneak peaks

thank you for dropping by,  I'll catch up with you soon 

Wednesday 5 April 2023


 Not sure how it's Wednesday again already, but it is, so it's time for WOYWW .. and April too!  

I knuckled down at the weekend and started some work on anniversary atcs..

not sure I'm happy with them so they may get binned (or put in the scraps box) 

i thought I'd taken more in progress shots but it seems not..
some "bits" for layering onto the atcs should they survive ..... 

and some new goodies that arrived last week...

after so many dull and wet days, there was actually sun on my walk to work on Tuesday and I could play Julia shadows...

Saturday at Kew last week did stay dry but was too muddy for any lying on the ground shots...

but lots more colour.. check  here if you have time..

So that's me for this week - wishing you a happy WOYWW and a happy Easter (looking forward to a couple of extra days off!)