Wednesday, 26 December 2018


Well good day to you all and Happy Boxing Day!    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday,  whether you were with family or loved ones, or celebrating by yourselves.

I am scheduling this because I am going to be at my brother's for Christmas Day and today so not sure what time I'll be home to link up...   and I am assuming there will be a WOYWW today anyway!

my pile of gifts all wrapped and ready to go to Richard's...

I forgot to point you last desk day to the post about our office Christmas party (which was here)

but I also (of course) had another morning at Kew last Saturday (avoiding the madness in the shops with last minute shoppers)  and that is here 

 I leave you with my sunny kitchen window sill and a couple of festive Poinsettias, one I bought and one I brought home from the office Christmas window display.

Not sure how long I'll be able to keep them alive as they are notoriously picky but I've given them a drink to hopefully see them over my Christmas break at least!

I'd just like to thank Julia for hosting this amazing desk sharing each week, and hopefully next year I will have "proper" things on the floor to share with you (not holding out any hopes for a proper desk, yet, although my knees would appreciate it)
See you next week for the big 5-0-0.  Happy WOYWW

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

WOYWW 498 it's the final countdown...

things seem to be getting pretty organised, dare I say it...
my floor desk is ready for gift wrapping duties...

the hamper was donated to me (we received a thank you gift from a client and along with some of the contents, they all knew I'd be able to use the container!!  They don't even ask now!)

however not sure my knees will let me get down there this evening.  it was pouring with rain on the way home tonight (always prep this post on a Tuesday night) and I took a tumble in the rain on a bumpy pavement because my blasted umbrella kept blowing inside out and I was wrestling with that and two bags (including the hamper) and fell flat.... ouch!  so it may get put off till tomorrow night after the hairdressers!   (not badly hurt, bit bruised but felt a right wally!)

 I was watching the Liverpool v Man Utd game on Sunday and when we got our two goal cushion I relaxed and started to play in a journal... been so long!

 I also got out some Christmas decorations on Sunday, there is no room for a Christmas tree, (you've seen why, every Wednesday!)

but the living room and hall window sills get decorated..

this is the day time shot (ignore the dirty window)

 looks much nicer at night!

and the hall..  seem not to have got a night shot!

so that's me.... Christmassed, and journalled!!

will be round to see your desks later - as many as I can before work, then what I can after the hairdresser after work.  I'll be there eventually!

Oh, I forgot... my stats show a huge surge in visitor numbers recently on the WOYWW posts... not sure if it's only me or any of you have noticed... coming from some very dodgy websites!  No idea how or even if I can block them, there doesn't seem to be a way.... Anyone else had that?  It is only on WOYWW posts....  talking of which, here's the link to join in....

It has just occurred to me that I should wish you all  a very Happy Christmas as this is our last gathering before the big day!  So thank you for your visits over the year, and eat, drink and be merry!  

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

WOYWW 497 or, it's beginning to look a lot like....

Well that week went fast didn't it!  Here we are again, grouping for roll call at Julia's  time to share desks once more.

 I can't share any more of the final version of these cards, as the recipients may happen to see...

I managed to do my Christmas shopping at the weekend, I think I have got everything... even put a couple of gifts in the post...

The Christmas card-writing fairy failed me whilst I was out shopping, so I had to write them myself...

This was the pile ready for posting on Monday morning....  they should be well on their way by now.

but I'd run out so there is another little pile in progress for the last few needed (I hope!)

and, the true sign that Christmas is just around the corner - the double issue of Radio Times, Christmas tv guide...

Am marking off what I want to watch and/or record.... had a surprise phone call from my brother on Sunday whilst I was out shopping, and am invited for Christmas day (and to stay overnight)  so anything I really want to watch I will set to record
Visiting my brother  will be great, for the last few years I've been here, cooking solo Christmas dinner (nothing wrong with that, no-one to fight for the remote control) but company at Christmas is always better and even though my niece and nephew are now quite grown up, it will be good fun. 

Looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to - I would love to think there will be some non-Christmas crafting to share by this time next week; I am quite ready for something other than Christmas cards!  I can feel a journal calling me....

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


So it's December... not entirely sure how that happened!  I am still working on Christmas cards, think I just have a few special ones to make now.. but I am so not in the mood any more!   But we're here for WOYWW - meeting like minded desk-sharers at Julia's

these were a few I finished at the weekend that I'd shared last week - used some of the new JoFY words as I planned.  . 

Last Friday saw me at the Christmas at Kew event which I told you about, and it was magical!  We were lucky that the rain of the previous few nights went away and it was mild too, I can't resist adding a link to my post about it -  Christmas at Kew 

In case you don't have time to follow the link, and as there really isn't a lot happening here, I'll add a couple of photos here too.

 this tree was spectacular
but the laser light show over the Palm House was magical.

Happy WOYWW and see you (and your much more crafty desks)  soon!