Wednesday 25 May 2022


 Hello lovely deskers hope you are all well after our 13th birthday last week? So we start another year of desk hopping...with Julia and the gang. Check it out at the Stamping-Ground   Also news of a crop  in October  - hurrah!!  

As promised I'll share the atcs I made to swap -  I used 2 of the chickens from one of the Paperartsy sets by Elena Zinski 

I must apologise for not completing the backs in true atc style- I sent some off without numbering them at all

My letter box hasn't been so busy in such a long time with all the envelopes of atcs landing on the mat in return - 

and I love the pretty envelopes so many of you sent too (I may have muddled some of them up, sorry) 
Ali , Catriona, Annie and Jo (and of course a poem too from Annie) my drunk chickens, Angela R, Caro and Jan

I am so sorry I ran out of atcs to swap back with Catriona -next time!!  
Mary Anne, Christine, Julia
Lyn (Spyder) and Cindy

You are a clever bunch of crafters!  Thank you all.

Finally and briefly, Kew last Saturday - something a bit different to enjoy - check them out if you have time

I'll be there again this Saturday and then off to a wedding reception in the evening so there may not be quite as many photos of alliums next week  

Thanks for looking and as ever, Happy WOYWW  

Wednesday 18 May 2022

WOYWW 676 - the birthday edition

 well deskers, here we are - week 676, 13 years old! What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday (a birthday deserves the full name I think)  Huge thanks as always to Julia for starting and keeping this going for so long and to all of you for your friendship over the years, be it real or virtual. You are a cracking bunch of ladies! 

I got a batch of 12 atcs made for swapping, I have 11 to swap (I remembered I need one to keep for myself)  so that's my partner,  Julia, Jan, plus Annie and Jo who have already offered to swap -  so by my reckoning another 6 so if you'd like to swap leave me a message (hoping blogger allows them after last week losing some of mine)  

I'll get them off tomorrow as long as I have your address as I don't have email on my phone so won't be able to sort them till I get home from work..  

I'll share a peak of the backgrounds only not the whole thing to keep them a surprise for the recipients and then show the finished atcs next week

they were cut from a masterboard I made months ago and which has been gathering dust ever since!

they -loosely - fulfil the "connections" theme as the images are connected (can you tell I was lacking in ideas?!)  

nothing else to share today so I'll leave you with the link for Kew from last Saturday which was fabulous as always  

In case you missed these from FB -
a huge batch of baby geese - we counted 25 or 26 all with just 2 adults... what a brood to care for

Thanks for looking,  
will be round to visit soon as I can 
Happy WOYWW and here's to year 14.  

Wednesday 11 May 2022


 Welcome one and all to another weekly desk share -  join in at the Stamping-Ground for WOYWW a week to go before our 13th anniversary!  I've been having a bit of a play at some atcs to swap and hope to have a few ready in time!

semi-aerial view of the workspace 

I had a birthday card to make for my cousin (who won't see this post so am ok to share)

I used one of Tracy Scott's new stencils (Dina Wakley paint) and cut it out,  and one of her new flowers (Prismacolours)  

the early start for Kew was good - despite waking at 4.30 instead of 5.30 and not being able to get back to sleep!

it's getting to allium time at Kew, and I do love my alliums!

As usual I will try and visit as many of you as I can either before work or at lunchtime and the rest later on! 

Happy WOYWW  

I seem to have caught the "comments won't show" bug as I have left a comment twice now on Julia's blog and it's disappeared ... so if  you don't see a comment from me I have left one!  

Wednesday 4 May 2022


 Happy May - Happy WOYWW  

 Last week I promised you new goodies - yes, Neet, of course it was Paperartsy!  

I splurged on the whole of the new release from Tracy Scott,  more pattern making stamps, some fab stencils and some new Fresco paints

Tracy created some great patterns in her sketch book that she shared as part of the FB live on launch night and I had a play too at the weekend
some more successful than others  (but that is the point of the sketchbook, try them out, see how they work, before using them in a proper project)
to keep this post relatively short I'm just  sharing the ones I quite like
this is my favourite of the ones I've tried so far 

Of course on Saturday I went to Kew -  

pics  here 

 and of course, a teaser  - I'm addicted to the Strelitzia (bird of paradise)

and, I met an old friend.....

the Chinese Water Dragon,  not seen them around for a long time

thanks for looking,  happy WOYWW  and happy crafting.  

This coming Saturday I'll be up at the craft of a sparrow's f*$5  at leaving for Kew at 6.15 as their member early 8am openings have started again.  Yay!!  it is so worth not enough sleep!