Friday, 5 February 2010

Wendy and Tim

Not Janet and John (anyone remember learning to read with Janet and John?  Oh, just me then!!)

I can't believe my last post was Sunday!  I have had a very lazy week - slumped in front of the TV, mainly. Although I did spend yesterday evening stamping and cutting out a whole sheet of grungepaper with Wendy flowers and leaves - some of which I've used here. 

It's another Maya Road chip piece which I painted with Hel's favourite Trad Tan paint yesterday whilst hoping inspiration - or Mojo! would strike.  

I have used Tim's small flourish and the sentiment stamps on the chip itself and then sprayed with glimmer mist in walnut gold and lavender wisp (nearly totally obliterated the tim flourish stamp, oops!).  The large flower has the Wendy splatter background on and coloured with dusty concord and rock candy distress paint, the tiny one in the centre is rock candy-stickled.

I am going to Kew Gardens tomorrow morning - they have a new temporary orchid display opening in one of the glass houses so hope to get some decent picutres.  I'm not really a fan of orchids - but the displays always look stunning (they've done this for several years now, it really brightens up February-March!) I hope to show you som of the photos if they come out ok - my camera lens will steam up in the heat of the hothouse!


Linda Elbourne said...

I remember Janet and John and later ... Jean Pierre and Marie Claude too :0)
I LOVE this flower and I WANT it :0)

Jennie said...

Gorgeous :)

Kay said...

LOL we are showing our age here, I remember Janet & John too. Much prefer Wendy & T!m though and love what you have done here

Lori said...

Don't know about Janet and John, but I do know who Wendy and Tim are, lol. This is fab, Helen. Splatter stamp, seriously? I still call it the fly poop stamp, probably should call it by it's proper name, maybe that's why Wendy doesn't talk to me much, lol. Kidding. Just lovely.