Sunday, 7 February 2010

Kew Gardens

Well, went out to collect to collect the photos I took at Kew yesterday - some of them are quite good - some of them a bit out of focus (I think I got too close for the close up function to work!) but here are a few of my favourites.

I can't get the placing of the photos right, sorry.  The above 4 shots are from the Princess of Wales glasshouse.  There is a large display built within the waterlily pond, in the main tropic part of the glasshouse, 3 of them are of this, and the one on the bottom of the 4 is from the upper level - there are several of these huge arches covered in all sorts of air plants, orchids and bromeliads and this is part of one of them.

The next shot was taken in the waterlily house and although I didn't think this year's display was as good as previous year's I took this shot beause I love the way the roof is reflecting in the pool - which they've dyed black to show off the colours.

These last two are another pair of arches on the upper level of the Princess Of Wales glasshouse and a close up of some of the flowers that make it up.
The display is on for a month (till 7th March) so if you're close enough do try and get along. (Although long gone are the days when you could get in for 1d (that's pre-decimel, to show my age further).

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Lori said...

Beautiful pics of beautiful flowers! What an awesome thing to see this time of year! I'm a flower gardener myself, always love pics of flowers!