Monday, 15 February 2010

Find Delight..

Well, I should be able to post the birthday cards I was working on, tomorrow - they're in the post!  In the meantime, I had a piece of metal left over that I'd used Lin's "controlled squish" on (have you seen the TSS video from last week starring Lin of LB Crafts?  If not, check it out, it's great) and attached it to an arch chip.  Actually, this was going to be something completely different, but I had the stamp upside down so needed to cover the bottom of the arch.

I couldn't make it scan straight, I have NO idea why!! I promise I'm not drunk (not on a Monday night, lol!)  I have tried 3 times and each time the scanner makes it lean over - even if I lay it on the scanner crooked to start with.  Sorry if you all get a crick in your neck looking at it!

I added some terra which I stamped into (paperartsy) and sprayed with some perfect pearl/DI reinker, ferro (iron) and found this little dragonfly from a box of stash.  I coloured it first with Trad Tan paint (I think I use this nearly as much as Hels... no, that can't be right, I'm still on my first bottle) before sponging on some versamark ink called pumpkin spice and stamping Wendy's splatter stamp in walnut stain DI.   I also sprayed it with the perfect pearls mix as dragonflies are so shimmery.  Then I wrapped some fine copper wire round the body.

I stamped the phrase on a piece of scrap paper and sponged it lightly in the pumpkin spice ink, and added a Prima collage flower that many many months ago I'd covered in distress stickles, and filled the centre with tiny beads (Suze W).

When I was preparing to spray the dragonfly with the perfect pearls mix, I suddenly realised I could hopefully get a great relief print if I didn't just waste the pearls on the craft mat, so I grabbed a tag and this is the result - I need to finish it but I just loved the colour and the clear impression I got. Just not sure what to use it for now!  The reinker I used for this is spiced marmalade (I am sure you all guessed that!) with "perfect copper " perfect pearls powder - luckily I labelled all my mixtures as this one is nearly empty!


Linda Elbourne said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely X

Julia Dunnit said...

Gorgeous. The second one is the most fab colour.

Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeous art it x

Lori said...

Love the arch tag! And I can't wait to try this technique. I'm thinking of substitutes for the Ferro and Terra stuff. I've heard some use modeling paste. There's a possibility that drywall compound from my home improvement efforts might work. Dunno if I'm willing to go that far though. LOL Seriously, I just love your tag, the texture and depth that gives is immeasurable. Your print of the dragonfly? Pure genius I tell you. And what a great print! Hmm, maybe a script stamp lightly over the whole tag, then another stamp to the right of the dragonfly; then a sentiment on a small piece of chip on the right? Just a random thought that crossed my mind. I should be working in my studio, but it's so far AWAY and it's COLD and SNOWING. ugh So I'd rather pick on you. lol Great work, Helen.

Anonymous said...

Just fabulous! Love the texture on your arch Helen, & the tag is beautiful xx