Sunday, 27 September 2009

Kind of a funny day

I have had a strange day craft-wise.  I was so keen to put some of the ideas I'd seen yesterday into effect but kept losing my way - nothing seemed to work!  I spent a while mounting up my new Nut and Meg and Clocks stamps onto EZ mount (I hate this, as I always think I'm going to cut into the stamp by mistake; and when I buy them mail order always go for the ready EZ'd ones!) but that went ok this time. I had to move them into a bigger box though..... lol!

It was when I started trying out some of the new things, that it started to go - not wrong, really, just now how I wanted!  I love what Leandra was doing with the circle chip pieces but my first effort was a bit of a mess, the second is going a bit better, but I have abandoned it for the day - it is very much a work in progress - you should see the other side! Sometimes I think you just have to know when to stop, take a break and go back to it later.

I have started to decorated the wooden pot I got to store my TSS wheels and bits in, obviously I can't show what I've done as it won't go in the scanner....  am using a mixutre of Claudine Helmuth paints, and some Craftwork Cards "lots of dots" paper.
Maybe it will be better tomorrow, just a shame I have to go to work!

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean - I always love other peoples work much more than my own! The pink circle looks lovely to me. My wish at the moment is to be able to create some beautiful art journal pages but I have only got backgrounds so far - just need to plunge in I guess.