Saturday, 12 June 2010

I know we're on 6 but I haven't done it yet (EDIT - I have now)

Hi.  Linda will be down to 6 now, but I have only been back from the Craft Barn for an hour and a half - I stayed much longer than I thought I would - sat for ages with Lin and Leandra and stood (standing room only, lol!) at Suze's demos at the Craft Barn, as well as all the others.

Suze - you'll be surprised to hear!! was demo'ing with her Melt Pot - wax and UTEE and is such fun!  I have been lucky enough to see her demo a couple of times before - at least once here at the Craft Barn and at what is now the Ally Pally show - I think before it moved there, when it was still at the Commonwealth Institute! 
She is a scream! If you've never been lucky enough to meet her and get the chance - grab it with both hands.
She was also doing giveaways - this is the UTEE piece I was lucky enough to receive - would have loved one of her wax pieces, but it wasn't to be - and at least I can wear this!

Both Lin and Leandra were doing fantastic things with metal and dies and all sorts.  This is Leandra in action.  It's a double arch piece - hinged so it opens - I got a couple - and it's painted, gooped, stamped on etc
Here it is drying! I can't wait to have a go.

I seem not to have got my camera out when watching Lin - too busy making notes!

This is my stash - quite a small pile, I thought - the shop was heaving and it was SO hard to get to see anything on the shelves! (Still, it's nearly Newbury - 3rd July - ticket ready in my possession!)

Only 1 stamp!!

On the way back to the station I walked through the churchyard - and for the first time ever I had a camera with me - it is SUCH a beautiful church - so old and cobbly (if that's a real word)

I have been having problems with blogger tonight so this is probably going to appear all over the place, but it's too close to kick off for the England game so I'm off - the flag's out, I've got the England top on, I'm ready.
See you later, hopefully with a smile on my face!

Ok, back now - well, a draw is better than losing and there are still 2 group games to go... So I have done a tag for Linda to represent 6 days left.

I smooshed rusty hinge and bundled sage on the craft mat, spritzed with water and dragged the tag through it to colour it. Dried that, sprayed with the new glimmer mist I got today (Key Lime Pie - not a dessert I've ever had but I love the name!) and dried that.  Put the tag through the Timmy texture fade (patchwork) Found a chipboard 6 and L which I covered with Goop - Lin and Leandra's new name for the inka gold paste/paint. I used gold for the L and green with gold over the top.  Added some green buttons and a game spinner to point strategically to the 6.                                                                           I am so tired now I think I will go to bed. See you tomorrow - for 5!


Unknown said...

Glad you had a good time and thanks for the piccies ... I really really wanted to pop in tomorrow ... but I reckon a day of resting is probably what I need!
And I have n't dared look at the TV since the U.S equalised ... so fingers crossed!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time...I really wish I lived closer. I am amazed you only bought 1 stamp!!!
Love all your tags....they are gorgeous.

Take care.xx

Unknown said...

Another gorgeous tag ... fab colours on this one ... do you think we could be extra terrestrial or summink???
Thank you for joining in again and making this fun X

Linda M. Cain said...

Great game!!! I expected England to kick our butts, but the USA boys gave it a good go.

Love your tag, as well as Lin and Suze. What a wonderful day you had.
Thanks for sharing.


Gez Butterworth said...

FAB tag Helen. I love the look of the double arch. Sounds like you've had a fun day.
Shame England didn't win. Enjoy your necklace. Suze was over my way last weekend at Dawn Bibby's but I couldn't get a babysitter!
Have a lovely Sunday. Gez.xx

Lori said...

What a fab day you had! Lovely stash, although it is small for you! lol Well, it's not the quantity as much as the quality, right? Would love to see Suze demo in person, taking a class would be a dream. Love the piece you got from her. Great pics of the old church, talk about vintage....

Julia Dunnit said...

A good day the H!! Am excited tha tyou're planning a trip to Newbury - almost my local...if we aren't away (long story), we must meet up!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh how fab seeing Suze demo and lucky you getting the pendant ;-) Love the hinged arch. Fabulous tag, love the colours :-) Yes Key Lime pie sounds yummy - I'm very much a cake person hehe
Anne xx

Carmen Wing said...

What a fantastic sounding day. That church is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with those arches!

Another fabby tag. I went shopping in Tescoas at the start of the footie. It was deserted. Was actually a pleasure to be in there ;)