Sunday, 27 June 2010

Come On England! Good Luck

Just made a quick tag for the boys in South Africa.

I know it's blue (chipped sapphire) and not red when we're playing in red, but good luck boys.
The flower is the free stamp with the new Craft Stamper mag I got yesterday.

Half hour later - think I should remove this, not going v well to say the least!!
Edit again - end of match - well that worked well!  My allegiance now is Spain - Come on Torres!! (and stay with us next season, lol!)


Glen said...

Awww...shame eh Helen? :( Did you see Mick Jagger's face just after half time?! I think he was singing 'It's All Over Now'! LOL. Glad you enjoyed your relaxing birthday. ~Glen~

Carmen Wing said...

I gave up watching after 15 mins, went into the back room to blog hop (internet was ZOOMING everyone must have been offline *g*) Heard all the shouting from OH and went back in - oh dear indeed.