Wednesday, 25 June 2014

WOYWW 264 - the one before my birthday..

Well, here we are again, another Wednesday.. another What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday - Julia will let you know what's occurring here  where we all meet up to nose/snoop/rummage through everyone's workspaces...

Mine this week is looking - well see for yourselves..
a bit of a jumble, to be honest!  Some new crafting goodies (an early birthday present to myself) (more on the way..) and some souvenirs from Monday... (more of that in a sec) and a little pile of early birthday cards (it's Thursday, or tomorrow by the time you read this!)
 I had a day out at Wimbledon on the opening day of the tennis championship... see my other blog for all the info - and a gazillion photos - sorry if you click the link, there are lots and could be some time!
 close up of the menu... it's my first experience of a "corporate " experience and one I really enjoyed!!
some of this will be appearing in a journal page soon!!

In case you don't have time to read the full story, we had tickets on Centre Court - Andy Murray v David Goffin and later Novak Djokavic v Andrey Golubev. Very very good!!

it was my boss who was hosting the day, and she took me and one of the other girls from the office, plus 3 guests. (she also has ladies semi final tickets when she'll take the other girl from work) We are so lucky!!


Julie Lee said...

Just got up after going to bed once already! Happy WOYWW and a Happy Birthday for Thursday too! Your Wimbledon day sounds fabulous! Must go back to bed now! Julie Ann xxx

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday To you (little Early)
Sounds like you had a BLAST at Wimbleton and the champagne bottle says it all :)
Have a great day hugs
My Desk

RosA said...

Hi Helen,
Lots of interesting stuff on your desk ... oh, wait a minute, that's all on your floor, isn't it? I've probably mentioned it before ... neither of us uses a conventional chair for making art :) I never sit down, hmm, unless I'm knitting, I suppose.
Have a good week,
RosA # 2

Unknown said...

Hi Helen
Wow lucky you going to Wimbledon! Somewhere I've always wanted to go. Your pictures are fab! Have a happy week!
Lynda B 11

Belinda Basson said...

What a treat. At least you will do something with all the souvenirs you got. What special memories. Happy Birthday for Tomorrow. #13

Anonymous said...

Looks (and sounds) like you had a great day out. Did you have strawberries and cream too? I'd take that over champagne any day! And typical - the week before the Newbury stamp show, when I need shopping tips, I am not seeing stash on your blog. You dickens, you. Next week, just for me, you can do a lovely WOYWW post n your top 10 must have new stamps....


Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Unknown said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. That is so cool that you were able to go to a Wimbledon tennis match. I've been wanting to attend one for years. #4

Neet said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Helen. Sounds like you had a real birthday treat already - did you have strawberries when there?
Hugs, Neet 27 xx

Virginia said...

Now that's my kind of boss - what a fab day and not surprised it'll be appearing on a journal page soon!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I read your Wimbledon post so glad you had a wonderful day. You looked really lovely in your outfit...very glam!!
Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

Claire said...

You lucky thing seeing AM on the first day!! It was a great game, wasn't it?
Lots of fun busyness on your desk :)
Happy WOYWW x
no. 19

Annie said...

I'm just doing a quick visit round my favourite Wednesday blogs before I plough into my huge work load for today.
How lucky are you to get to see the tennis :-) Happy Birthday for the morning :-)
Annie x # 33

okienurse said...

Great desk Helen! Love all the stuff to snoop about in. Sounds like a world of fun at Wimbledon. I went there many years ago with a scout troop just to look around (no matches that day) and it was impressive even then. Have a great week. Vickie #40

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah so you enjoy Wimbledon.. lots of folk do ... but I like it in little doses :D happy birthday. thanks for popping over happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #14

glitterandglue said...

Did indeed click the link, Helen - and was indeed there some time... Great day out was had by you all - what a fantastic experience. But - only 1 journal page??? - I should think you have enough for there at least three or four!! So glad you had such a good day. Your photos are great.
Thanks for visiting already - and for your comments on my sunrise photo. I love being out and about with the camera - not had much opportunity lately with John being so ill - but maybe soon....?
Margaret #20

Unknown said...

I say !! You must have a pocket full of everything? - I love the photos of your Desk, wow that is brilliant. Thank you for sharing

Kind Regards
PS: My contribution is here:

Sue McDonald said...

Hmm lots of interesting things to play with, Happy birthday

Sue #51

sandra de said...

Lucky you it sounds like you had a great time. I particularly like the little pink bottle cooler.
Sandra @57

Glenda said...

Love your space! Thanks for sharing!
Glenda #56

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow. Bet that was good being at wimbeldon, I imagine the atmosphere is great.
Happy crafting, Angela x #44

Carmen Wing said...

What a treat indeed - am heading straight over to see all about your day :D

Bridget Larsen said...

Happy Birthday, wimbledon must have been exciting to be right there to experience-lucky you
Bridget #35

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Helen!
Sounds like you had a lovely day at Wimbledon. What a treat.
Your desk looks really inviting. Lots of scrummy things to play around with.
Love Gillian #66

Stacy Sheldon said...

Happy Happy Birthday :) That Champagne bottle is so pretty! :) That sounds like a very cool thing to have been a part of. and some very cool loot has followed you home too. thanks for the visit, ~Stacy #15

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Helen,

Happy early birthday! I wondered how a few deskers knew my birthday was coming up and see that Nikki spilled the beans! It's fun to share a birthday with a fellow desker!

How fun to go to Wimbledon! You have some nice mementos that will make a great scrapbook page.

Thank you for visiting me already.
Peace, Kay (17)

Unknown said...

Lucky you going to Wimbledon! What fun! I like your birthday goodies too--I hope you have a wonderful, fab birthday. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #50

Artyjen said...

Wimbledon? Oh WOW!!! How fabulous.
Happy birthday for tomorrow if I'm not around ;)
xoxo Sioux

Unknown said...

Wow I would love to go to Wimbledon, you are very lucky!!! At least this year I get to watch as much as I want!!

Emma x

Julia Dunnit said...

You were perfectly dressed for a day at centre court - loved the whole post. And yes, luck comes into it, but so does deserving! I've never been to a corporate thing like that - it looks about access all areas!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! So much going on on your work desk! Congratulations on attending Wimbledon! Such a great bday memory.

Robyn said...

middle son is a professional tennis coach and Novak trains at his club when he is in the states!
I had pix of MS kissing the center court from when he was a junior on tour!
Happy almost - do visit the PJ blog, and thanks for visiting
Robyn 10

Caro said...

Wow! You lucky thing...that sounds like an amazing experience and definitely one to be scrapbooked/journalled in some way. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#48)

butterfly said...

Wow - look at that, Centre Court tickets - what a treat. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Looking forward to seeing what arrives in the journal!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Fab WOYWW post. The Wimbledon lunch menu looks delicious, I would have had a hard time choosing.

Mrs.D said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow Helen, hope it is a very special one.
What a wonderful day you must have had at Winbledon, what a lucky girl to have such a super boss who will treat you like this. Any jobs going there?
Bless you
Chris #26

fairy thoughts said...

Wow..... it certainly looks like you had a fab time ... so many goodies I will check out the earlier post. perfect timing for your birthday too.
Wimbledon is the only sporty occasion I follow and every year I say I'm going to apply for the ballot but never do.... maybe next year.

VonnyK said...

Happy birthday. You must have the best boss in the world. Centre court at Wimbledon, now that's really something.
I'll keep an eye out for your journal page.
Have a great week,
Von #27

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Helen, happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting my desk. Oh wow so lucky to go to the tennis...we watch on the TV but of course are barracking for the Aussie...but that appears to be nearly over for us but GO!! Murray. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#29

Jackie said...

Well Helen how lucky are you!!!! Birthday stuff and Wimbledon ... Lucky girl!
Jackie 47

shazsilverwolf said...

What a lovely week you've had-birthday and Wimbledon. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #35 xx

Kyla said...

I have loved reading about your Birthday and Wimbledon shenanigins, sounds like a fabulous time.

kyla #8

Andrea said...

belated birthday wishes I hope you had a wonderful day and have fun with your purchases can't beat crafty pressies to self ;-)I say . Wimbledon sounded like a great day out,what wonderful treat I must check out your phoots and look forward to the scrap pages sorry its so late it's taken me a full week to visit everyone! Andrea #28 x