Friday, 27 June 2014

Thank you - my beautiful birthday cards!

So, yesterday was my birthday, and I received so many gorgeous, stunning birthday cards - with each one I opened I was more and more amazed... as promised here they are for you all to see!

I tried to get one of all of them together this morning, laid out on the hall carpet!
 so now let's seem them in more detail!
 (left) Zo - she knows my love of Liverpool!
(right) Gabrielle
 this stunner is from Lesley
(left) Linda, (right) Sam - she knows my love of Dina Wakley, lol!
 Hazel. Paperartsy - nuff said!
 (left) Lin - Lynne Perrella in black and white sophistication
(right) Jo - scribbly birds - can't go wrong!
 Kirsten - the flower is gorgeous - shiny, love it
 and the inside was as beautiful as the outside
 I'am sure you all recognise this as the work of Julie Ann.... wow wow wow  - more Lynne Perrella loveliness

can't decide if it shows it off better standing or lying down...

and it folds and ties up
once I photographed them all I put them back on the window sill - the sunflowers were from Kirsty at work, they are so gorgeous!

The only trouble with having them on the window sill (and leaving the fanlight open during the day..) is that they tend to fall off.. and down behind the radiator... took me 10 minutes to find the "missing" one!! got there in the end though...

 and then when I got in tonight, there were two more, this is from my brother and sister-in-law, Lynne, (host of the former craft club I used to go to)

and lastly but by no means last, Lesley of Paperlicious Delicious

I think you'll agree I was very very lucky to receive so many stunning hand made cards (and several more from my non-crafting friends and relations) - thank you everyone, they are amazing. 


Hazel Agnew said...

What a collection to treasure. Fabulous, and we had a good party too! Xx

Anonymous said...

That's an impressive array of cards! So pleased you got so many & they're all gorgeous.

Gabrielle said...

What aart fabulous haul!!! Happy birthday all over again!

Unknown said...

So happy you liked mine. Hope you had a fabulous day xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

And just think. All you got from ME was a wish for a very happy BELATED birthday. Not much consolation, but I had NO idea. Happy, happy, happy, dear friend.

BTW, you deserved each and every one of these beauties.

craftimamma said...

Wo glad you liked my card to you Helen and all of the others are gorgeous. Having had my birthday last month I know exactly how you felt opening each envelope. Each one totally unique, such an array of styles & talent and all a joy to keep going back to to delight in the details.

I agree with Hazel, your Twitter party was great fun,

Lesley Xx

Virginia said...

Wow some gorgeous cards belated birthday wishes

butterfly said...

They all look fabulous, Helen - beautiful work from everyone - how lovely they look all lined up on the windowsill. I'm afraid mine's only an e-version - but it should be with you by now...
Alison xx

Julie Lee said...

How lovely your window sill looks, Helen, especially with the lovely sunflowers too! What beautiful cards you had from everyone. Thank you for your kind words. So glad you liked mine. Hope you have a happy and creative year, Helen. Julie Ann xxx

Carmen Wing said...

I'm so annoyed I forgot again - I even set up an email reminder this year and STILL forgot. Watch out for an un-birthday card instead ;)

Such beautiful cards you did get, you have a very talented bunch of friends :)

Lin said...

what a gorgeous bunch of cards you got!! all so beautiful..happy birthday all over again xx

Dianne said...

Your window sill looks glorious, all those beautiful cards with the sun shinning on them, thanks for sharing them..

Clare K Baker said...

Absolutely stunning cards, lucky you Helen x

sam21ski said...

Fantastic array of cards and they all look lovely on the window sill with your gorgeous sun flowers

Hope you had a lovely day xxx