Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fabric + Frescos = Fun

I had a sudden idea this afternoon about fabric and JoFY's new stamps for Paperartsy....and had to put it immediately into action.

I cut a piece of cotton fabric, and sprayed it with some watered down Fresco paint (about 75% water to paint) I used a mixture of Hey Pesto and Guacamole, and at the top of the fabric, a watered down Sky.

Then came the stamps, stamped in archival black.
 and a paintbrush! I spent quite a while trying to get some shading and depth of colour on the images, with varying degrees of success...

Truth be told, I really only like the leaves.
To finish it, I took a piece of thick cardboard, and spread some Ferro paste (Iron) around the edges, far enough in so that the fabric would hide the cardboard underneath.

Once the Ferro was dried, I fixed the fabric to the cardboard with some spray mount (taking it downstairs by the front door, to avoid the fumes in the living room).  Finally, I used some Treasure Gold to highlight some of the raised parts of the Ferro.  (I only have 3 of these, I used Aquamarine and Spanish Topaz because they kind of blend with the rest of the colours in the piece but ideally I would have used other colours!).

Hope you like it!


Minxy said...

Looks fab Helen, Love the soft colouring and the ferro border

Anonymous said...

How I love that stamp. It looks great on the fabric & I love the Ferro border.

Hettie said...

Great piece Helen. Glad to hear you are spraying OUTSIDE! You would be smelling it for ages if you got it on the carpet!

Carmen Wing said...

Really love that rusty old look (something else for my shopping list!) against the softness of the fabric and paint. Really lovely.

flutterbycrafter said...

Super project Helen I think your painting is very good xx

Virginia said...

the painting is lovely Helen, gorgeous against the border!

sam21ski said...

This is fabulous Helen, great detail and love the colours you've chosen.

Sam xxx