Friday, 21 May 2010

String - take 2

I've had another go at the string background technique today (I went back to find the tutorial for it - you can see it here - from the incredibly talented Jo Capper-Sandon)

This time I've used an Adirondak colour wash - this is stream - and it worked much better - mainly I think because the colour is so much darker.
I have 4 or 5 of these washes but haven't used them much - if at all - and certainly not for ages - I had a real struggle to get the pump primed to spray (in fact the first colour I was going to use, wouldn't spray at all)

I've added the paperartsy flower which I stamped in silver metal, added a green button to tone with the background, and a Wendy sentiment.  Taking Lori's comment yesterday as a serious suggestion, I used the string that made the background, for the tie at the top.  (I did rescue yesterday's from the bin, Lori, but the shimmer I'd used didn't show up much becase it was quite pale!)

Ok, nearly time to watch the last Ashes to Ashes now so have to go!


Cath Wilson said...

Looks good. Try decanting some of the Color Washes into smaller sprays and dilute until you get the shades you want. They're a bit strong, which put a lot of people off but have to be that way for fabrics. I even have a chart somewhere giving you all the different shades you can get. Works great. They work well with mica powders, too if you want to create your own glimmer mists?

flutterbycrafter said...

This looks good H, I've used this technique many times I think it gives a good result. Good tip from Cath re diluting them down, because the colours are very strong, thanks Cath.

Lesley said...

This looks amazing Helen. Bet it's even better IRL! Stunning!
Lesley x

Wendy said...

I love that tag....amazing effect. I use the Adirondacks a lot as they are easy to use with stencils. I am making stencils using Tim's new Dies, cracking combination.
nice touch using the string as the tie too.

Lori said...

I think the string is a great topper, now aren't you glad you rescued it from the bin? lol. This is an awesome technique, will definitely have to try that! Your tag looks just fab, and those colorwashes do leave a vibrant color, don't they?

Gez said...

Wow that looks clever! Your tag is FAB. Great technique looks lots of fun. :)