Friday, 14 May 2010

SS 102 - gold - with candy

I've been trying to think of something to do for this week's Sunday Stamper's challenge and as you saw on my workdesk on Wednesday, had a couple of roses made. 

(I had completely forgotten until I came to link this that Hels had done a little box too, but mine is very different.)

I've had this little papier mache style box for ages and not know what to do with it.  I gesso'd it and then covered it with inka-gold paint/paste in gold, (using a bit of cut and dry foam)

I've also had a pack of paper napkins that I bought years ago - I was going to do something arty with them following a Suze Weinberg demo at the Craft Barn (must be 5 years at least!) but they were still in the packet...gathering dust.

So I took one and stuck it to the lid of the box - it's a sunflower but quite big, so I had to position it carefully to keep as much of the flower as I could.

I (very badly in honesty) covered the whole lid (I can't wrap presents neatly either!!) with the napkin, applying glue as I went and drying it with my heat gun to stop the glue seeping through too quickly! 

Then I attached the gold metal rose to the lid. I'm not totally happy with it and the photos aren't very good due to the flash bouncing off the metal and the poor light in my room.

Off to watch Ashes to Ashes now. This post has taken longer than I hoped - blogger playing up with the photos! - but at least with my living room being my craft room, I've kind of been watching it at the same time!

Have a good weekend.


Lori said...

Don't you hate it when the light is no good? Looks fabby, love the sunflower on the lid, and your metal flower is gorgeous!

Carmen said...

Plagued with terrible light in this house too. It's either so dark you need the light on during the day or you are dazzled by the sun, no inbetween. I do love your roses!

Gez said...

Gorgeous box Helen & your rose looks stunning. What a great idea with the napkins.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. Gez.xx

flutterbycrafter said...

You're too hard on yourself, it's gorgeous. I've tried using napkins and they're not the easiest things to work with but yours looks really good.

Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeous box Helen, Sunflowers are my faves... loving the metal roses too :O)) thanks for joining in with the sunday Stmaper x

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