Wednesday, 6 May 2015

WOYWW 309 - it's nearly crop time!

No quips about time racing this week, (even though it is) no new stash to show you either (it's on it's way though... lots of it!)

We had a bank holiday here in the UK this last weekend so I had an extra day to play with, and got my atcs finished for the crop - hopefully anyhow!
so here they are on my "desk" - only they're hidden!! sorry, not going to spoil the surprise (not that they're that good!) the canvas I did yesterday is also still there, as are some tags and more atcs for a swap I'm doing (also hidden, lol!) You can see the canvas in the previous post though, if this is all too secretive!!
my new wooden Ikea box is still stood on it's end, waiting for me to sort the stamps that will go in it, and I then need to hoist it onto the top of the others..(against the wall, the other side of the room) -  might be an idea to do that before I fill it!

So,as there is no new stuff for you to drool over this week I'll stop here and let you get over to Julia's for the other crafty space - I'm sure they'll be much more interesting!


Nikki C said...

Ohh Pinks and blues :) I'm sure they are fantastic too
do you know how many of you will be at the crop and I'm sure you will all be having a blast and your space has so much to drool over now who needs new stuff lol
hugs Nikki

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I spent BH Monday in the garden... the weather was too nice to be indoors! Oooh, you are keeping the ATC surprise....still, not long now :-)
Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

MrsC.x said...

looking forward to seeing your atc after the crop i hope you post pics :)
thanks for sharing have a great week
Charlie x {Mrs.C} #5

Annie said...

Hi Helen,
I will be sending an ATC for you to the crop and plan to send a large stamped addressed envelope along too for anyone wanting to swap with me to save postage for everyone :-) Hope that's ok with you.
Annie x

Artatag said...

I think it is a good idea, moving the box to its final destination, before you put your stamps in there. Stamps are heavy!
Happy WOYWW!
Gabriele 15 said...

As I get older anything I move better be empty! Love your space!
Glenda #27

sandra de said...

The idea box will be great for stamp storage. Love those stamper mags on the floor.
sandra de @32

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Helen, just been having a virtual mooch through your floorspace, lol. Love all the drawers you have- they are my weakness, I can't resist drawers.So many stamps to see as well. Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #31 xxx

BJ said...

Yay I made it to WOYWW - it's been 9 months since the last time. Just had to have MORE goodies in the post didn't you. Been loving your Kew photos on FB too. - Happy WOYWW - BJ#35

My name is Cindy said...

Oh go away you "I've done all my ATCs" person you. More stash arriving? Well I have to admit I have been a bit naughty too and have some bits on the way and my eye on some prima stamps..... It truly is an addiction. Happy WOYWW Cindy # 38

Christine said...

I've decided I need the encouragement of new stash to help me craft! Here's to your new stuff! long may you createe!

Have a good week

Bishopsmate #42

Angela Radford said...

Hi Helen, I know you have lots of drawers but do you know where everything is? It just drives me mad when I know I have something and can't find it.
Not long now before the ATCs are revealed! Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 23

CraftygasheadZo said...

Looks fab to me, looking forward to seeing you at the crop, though I hope I will have blue hair, if my plans go to plan! Lol Take care Zo xx 53

scrappystickyinkymess said...

Am I the only one that makes zero effort to hide my ATCs?

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Whatever will you be working on this year? Oooh the anticipation is killing me....


Happy late in the day WOYWW!
Mary Anne (9)

sue jones said...

Loved having the extra day off this week and it was sunny too! Looks like a very productive desk :)
Wouldnt it be great if we could swap desks occassionally- I would love to play with some of those pots on yours.

sue jones said...

Opps meant to say - Soojay 3# - Thanks for comment this morn x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Helen, just spotted a chair behind that pile of boxes ... does anyone ever sit on it, I wonder :) Love all your shallow drawers - they look perfect for storing patterned papers. Look forward to seeing your new goodies next week. Have a good week. Elizabeth x #51

Belinda Basson said...

WHAT? No new stuff? Good grief! Can't wait to see what is on its way. You are quite you stack it before you fill it!

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, like the others, I'm liking the colours...and I LOVE the text stamps you've got standing upright at right.
You did that on purpose for me, huh?!!!!
And yes Missus, don't fill the box full of heavy stamps before you go hoisting it!!

Eliza said...

Ah a secretive desk this week, I like it and you are onto the ATC's good for you, it's not much longer now. Mine are all done hopefully Julia has them by now. No time to upload my desk yet, work getting in the way.

I do love the look of your canvas.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

pearshapedcrafting said...

No new stuff!!! That's it - I'm off….. Aah…it's on the way……! Love the stamps I can see here! Well done for having finished your ATC's See you soon! Chrisx

Lea.H said...

looking forward to seeing the surprise ATC's!! Lea number 43

Robyn said...

I'm impressed. My ATCs ares till in the dream phase!
thanks for visiting
Robyn 4

Neet said...

Ooh, wondering what you have done for your atc's. Mine are a WIP.
Hugs and thanks for the visit, Neet xx

Twiglet said...

My spare room looks a bit like yours - lots of lovely crafty stuff but I just need to get it sorted! I have been busy finishing ATCs and would love to swap so I am sending a load to the crop. Have a great day! x Jo

Kyla said...

You've FINISHED your ATC's!!!?

Oh lord, I haven't even started them!!

Looking forward to catching up :-)